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Loving Yamada at Lv999 Episode 13 Recap and Ending Explained: Will we witness the long-awaited confession in the finale episode??

Loving Yamada at Lv999 Episode 13 Recap and Ending Explained: Will we witness the long-awaited confession in the finale episode?

Madhouse presented us with the finale episode of Loving Yamada at LV999 on Saturday. 

The first season is so well-crafted that it leaves us yearning for the second. 

As happy as we are with the final episode, it also hurts to think that the show is over. 

It had kept us so engrossed that we might now feel a void in our hearts, which will soon be brimming with anticipation and excitement for the next season.

Loving Yamada at Lv999 Episode 13 Recap: How does Tsubaki express her feelings to Yamada?

The episode opens with Yamada and Tsubaki meeting on a bridge. After her impulsive confession to Yamada, she felt compelled to see him again, talk to him, and explain things to him. 

Perhaps all she wanted was to justify her feelings and actions towards him.

Tsubaki musters up her courage and opens up to him about her emotions. She says that she does not regret confessing to him, despite knowing deep down that he will not reciprocate her feelings.  

She tells her that she has loved him for a very long time since they were schoolmates. 

She is familiar with every detail of him, including his every reaction and action.

She expresses her love and admiration for Yamada’s gaming skills, introverted personality, voice, appearance, humble nature, and kindness he shows towards others. 

Yamada is left stupefied at this. 

Tsubaki expresses her pent-up feelings for him all at once. Her blurry vision may have aided her in getting everything out because looking at Yamada and confessing would have been difficult. 

I have always liked you more than anyone else in the world. 

She manages to tell him everything, which ultimately relieves her as if a huge burden has been lifted that she has been carrying for a long time. 

After listening carefully to her heartfelt confession, he apologises and says that he cannot return her feelings.

Even after being rejected, Tsubaki expresses her gratitude to him for allowing her to express her true feelings for him. 

In the middle of the conversation, she notices a drawing on his hand. Though blurry, she recognises the avatar immediately. It was Akane’s avatar in the game that they play. 

When she questions him about the drawing, he says it was done by one of his friends. 

Perhaps he did not want to bring up any woman’s name at that time because doing so would have been extremely impolite of him.

How considerate of him! 

She tells him, however, that he is free to tell her about it because she is already aware of his feelings for her. 

How can she not be aware of it? Tsubaki is one such person who has noticed the slightest of changes in Yamada since Akane entered his life. She knows him so well that she can point out the difference right away. 

Guild Party: How does this change the course of the events?

Akane and her guildmates are enjoying the BBQ party sponsored by Mr. Takezo. Yamada arrives late at the restaurant, only to find an intoxicated Akane, who is too drunk from the expensive drink offered to them by Takezo’s friends. 

Does this not remind you of something? 

It brings back memories of the first episode. Same situation same people, but the emotions are different this time.

Takezo says that he will book a cab for her, but Eita insists that Yamada take her home. 

Well done, Eita-kun.  

Yamada walks her home. Yamada leaves her for a while at the bus stop to fetch a bottle of water. In the meantime, she dozes off. 

Knowing that she is drunk, Yamada, in a frenzy, places the cold water on her cheeks, which wakes her up. She wakes up and immediately begins rambling. 

It was getting late, and Akane was slowly becoming sober. She asks him to get back home, but he insists on walking her home. 

Yamada shows his concern for Yamada as he says that it is not safe for her to be alone as there are plenty of drunkards roaming around. 

Yamada is such a gentleman!

He offers his hand to her so that she does not stumble on the road, and he walks holding her hand. It’s not that they were holding hands for the first time, but this time it felt different.

During their walk, her heel got stuck. Yamada helps her retrieve it. 

While doing so, Yamada’s face comes closer to Akane’s. Looking at her intoxicated face up so close flusters him, and he cannot even complete what he is saying. 

After it’s done, Akane raises her hand to hold him, but he walks away without noticing. Just when she is about to put her hand down, Yamada turns back and grabs it. 

When Yamada walks away without noticing her hand, disappointment reflects on Akane’s face. But as soon as he takes her hand again, her face lights up with the hopes she thought were fading.

Yamada’s actions show that he has changed how he has grown accustomed to her. It has become a habit now that he understands what Akane requires and anticipates. 

Yamada’s Confession to Akane: How do Yamada and Akane express their feelings for each other?

They reach her apartment, and Yamada keeps it short. Right when he is about to leave, Akane grabs his sleeve and asks him impulsively, Do you like me?

The way he held her hand today felt very different as if he had attached feelings to it. Unable to contain her curiosity anymore, she finally asks him whether he has any feelings for her. 

And now comes the scene that the viewers have been waiting for. 

Yamada gives her a big smile and says that she is right about her instinct. 

We see Yamada smile like this for the first time. That enchanting smile might be the death of the viewers, especially the females. 

Akane is dumbfounded, as she was not actually expecting a confession right away from him. 

She cannot believe what she is hearing and blames her intoxicated state for not being able to say anything properly when Yamada interrupts her and  says, 

I like you, Akane. In the morning, when you wake up, if you’ve forgotten, that’s okay. I’ll come by to say it again until you remember what I said. 

Still, in a trance from Yamada’s confession, she asks if she can call him in the morning to make sure this is not a dream with tears in her eyes. 

Akane does not expressly state that he likes him, but her actions and concerns demonstrate how much she does.

Yamada quickly embraces her for the first time. He tightens his grip around her waist when he says that he will call her in the morning when she wakes up. 

Loving Yamada at Lv999 Episode Ending Explained: Does the confession alter Akane and Yamada’s dynamics, and what to expect in the next season?

The next morning, Yamada calls her, who, in reality, could not even fall asleep at night. 

Akane, Momo, and Maki now discuss the blooming relationship between Akane and Yamada. 

Maki shares her experience of having a failed relationship with a younger boy who had a kink for older women. The entire conversation makes Akane uncomfortable, considering that she is also older than Yamada. 

On the other hand, Momo is very optimistic about their relationship, as she knew from the start that they would end up together. 

Yamada and Akane meet in a cafe, and Akane takes the initiative (because she is older than him and should act maturely) to ask Yamada not to worry about their relationship and to focus on his studies. 

On the other hand, Yamada is lost in the beauty of Akane as he gazes at her with enchanted eyes. 

He loses track of what Akane is talking about and complements her canines, calling her adorable. This leaves Akane blushing hard and speechless. 

His character has taken on new hues since his confession.

We know that Akane is shy when it comes to situations like this, but Yamada’s open flirtation with Akane and the hidden romantic side are in contrast with his original introverted personality. 

Well, it is the deal with introverts. They do not keep their feelings hidden from someone they truly adore. 

Yamada mulls over what she wanted to say earlier in the cafe as they walk together. She expresses her desire to hold hands while walking, to which Yamada readily offers his hand to her. 

The upcoming season is expected to see the blossoming of a complete relationship between Akane and Yamada, as well as captivating character developments intertwined with new twists and turns.

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