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One Piece 1066 Ending Explained: Is Big Mom's defeat near? Will Big Mom lose to Law and Kid?
One Piece 1066 Ending Explained: Is Big Mom's defeat near? Will Big Mom lose to Law and Kid?

One Piece 1066 Ending Explained: Is Big Mom’s defeat near? Will Big Mom lose to Law and Kid?

In the vast ocean of anime and manga, One Piece stands tall as a huge series that has captured the hearts of millions of fans worldwide.

In this article, we will discuss the events that took place in Episode 1066 of One Piece anime, exploring its pivotal moments, breathtaking animation, and the impact it has on the overarching story.

This episode plays a pivotal role in the Wano Country arc where Trafalgar D. Water Law, captain of the Heart Pirates and Eustass “Captain” Kid, captain of the Kid Pirates, start their final showdown against the fearsome and formidable Big Mom, captain of the Big Mom Pirates.

The episode had a high animation quality, just like the other special episodes that Toei Animations animated.

The Episode 1066 of One Piece was named “Here Comes the Main Act! Powerful Techniques of Shockwave and Magnetism”

One Piece 1066: Is Big Mom’s defeat near?

Is Big Mom's defeat near?
Is Big Mom’s defeat near?

The episode starts with Captain Kid remembering all the things he did in the past and all the achievements he gained in South Blue and on the Grand Line.

At the same time, Kid is assembling a new kind of weapon to attack Big Mom.

In the background, we can hear Big Mom telling Misery to burn ‘him’ to death and Law telling Kid to do it, meaning to launch his attack.

This scene takes place at the end of the episode, although it was shown at the start to build anticipation for the finale.

We see Yamato fighting the manifestation of Kurozumi Kanjuro, who was trying to destroy Onigashima and everyone on it.

Then Dragon Momonouske tries to pull Onigasghima backwards and remembers everyone fighting for the land of Wano.

Luffy and Kaido are still exchanging blows on the rooftop of Onigashima.

Momonouske starts remembering his father, mother and sister and gives everything he’s got to pull Onigashima back and stop it from falling on the Flower Capital.

Suddenly, the island starts pulling a bit backwards.

When that happens, Momonouske hears Zunesha’s voice, who arrived in the Land of Wano a few episodes back. 

We then see Kid’s Giant Metallic Bull smashing Big Mom into a tower in the Main Hall.

Law is annoyed that after his powerful strike, Kid launched a showy attack and acted like a winner for the second time.

Kid says that nobody cares about that, to which Law taunts him to attack Big Mom first then.

Kid then tells Law that he has an ace up his sleeve that will bring down Big Mom.

Law again taunts Kidd asking what is after the bull. Will it be a hippo or an elephant? But their joyful rivalry is interrupted by Big Mom, who gets up and looks very angry.

Her right hand is broken. She commends Law’s technique that sends shockwaves from within. Big Mom confirms that Law’s technique is powerful enough to break her ribs.

Big Mom then uses her Devil Fruit powers to bring her broken bones back to life and heal her right hand.

After seeing this, Law tells Kid that he will be out of energy after his next barrage and that he is gonna finish this with the next shot.

Big Mom then calls all three of her most powerful homies Prometheus, Napoleon and Hera. She combines all three of them into one big powerful weapon and uses a named attack, “Maser Saber!” against Kid’s bull.

She cuts Kid’s bull, but Kid tells Big Mom that it’s useless because it’s just metal scraps. Big Mom tells them that she has sunk hundreds of punks like them into the sea and has reigned for decades.

Kid then launches towards Big Mom and “Assign S” on Big Mom, and a big S appears on Big Mom’s forehead. He then “Assign N” to the wall just behind Big Mom, and an N appears there.

Big Mom then gets attached to the wall, unable to move from there. As Kid’s bull is about to attack Big Mom, she crumbles the wall with her and uses that wall as a shield. This results in the breaking of Kid’s Giant Metallic Bull.

Kid then starts attacking Big Mom from all directions with tremendous speed and makes her fall to the ground. After that, Law appears in front of Big Mom and starts piercing her with his sword.

He uses a combination of his “ROOM” ability and stones to teleport from one place to another. This allowed him to suddenly get close to Big Mom, attack her and instantly evade her attacks too.

While Law is attacking from one side, Kid starts attacking from the other side with his giant metallic hand. Together make made one of the most powerful and efficient Tag Team duo.

But it didn’t take Big Mom much time to handle this barrage of attacks, and she sent both of them flying. Big Mom, infuriated by this, uses a very powerful attack named “Mother’s Visit Cannon! 3,000 Leagues of Misery!”

This merged all three of her most powerful Homies Prometheus, Napoleon and Hera, and they become one big powerful Homie named Misery.

One Piece 1066 Ending Explained: Is Big Mom's defeat near? Will Big Mom lose to Law and Kid?
Misery appears on the battlefield.

Misery has a ghostly and menacing appearance with yellow hair. Misery started launching a barrage of attacks on Kid with her bare hands.

We can see Kid bleeding and hurting a lot by these attacks. Although, even after all these attacks we can see Kid standing and not once falling.

As Misery was about to launch a final blow on Kid, Law drops a whole tower on Big Mom using his “Takt” ability. Law suddenly launches onto Big Mom and while in the air, he coats his sword with his technique called “K-Room… Anesthesia!”

He then buries the sword into Big Mom’s chest and starts expanding his sword. The sword goes even deep inside the earth. We can also see that the fight between Big Mom and the Two Supernova Captains is happing just above Yamato, who is fighting in the basement. 

To stop Law, Big Mom coats her hands with Busoshoku Haki and starts hitting Law with it. But Law is persistent and keeps holding onto Big Mom until his sword reaches deep enough into the earth.

As the sword reaches the Earth’s core Law uses his attack called “Puncture Wille!” which deals a huge level of damage on Big Mom.

Also, a big hole appears on Onigashima and on the ground below that. Law shrinks back his sword and gets away from Big Mom.

We see Big Mom is about to fall that hole but is barely managing to hold on. She tells Misery to burn Law to Death. An important thing to notice is that this is the moment we saw Kid at the start of the episode.

After getting a beating from Misery, he was assembling his most powerful weapon yet to attack Big Mom. Law instantly tells ‘Eustass-ya’ to do it.

Kid tells Trafalgar to not tell him what to do, to which Law smiles. This shows the level of trust they have towards each other even though they are rivals.

Kid is seen with a massive canon. As Kid is about to launch his attack “Dammed Punk!” Law declares that the era that she reigned over has ended. In the end, we see Big Mom trying not to fall and Kid giving it his all to make sure Big Mom is defeated. 

One Piece 1066 Ending Explained: Will Big Mom Lose to Law and Kid? 

Will Big Mom lose to Law and Kid? 
Will Big Mom lose to Law and Kid?

The name of Episode 1067 of One Piece will be “To the New Era! Settled! The Determination of the Brats”

The next episode will mark the defeat of one of the most fearsome pirates and Emperor of the Sea Big Mom aka Charlotte Linlin by the hands of Trafalgar D. Water Law and Eustass “Captain” Kid.

While receiving the upstart’s raw, powerful attacks, Big Mom remembers Roger’s words. An adolescent ambition and a reckless dream.

What will be waiting at the end of the wild blue sea? When the sound of the old era is lost, Kid and Law unleash the last deadly strike. 

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