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Akaza in Demon Slayer
Akaza in Demon Slayer

Demon Slayer: How Many Hashiras has Akaza Killed?

Akaza is one of the major protagonists in Kimetsu No Yaiba and holds the rank of Upper Moon 3 among the twelve Kizuki of the demon King, Muzan Kibutsuji.

Well, it is not a new fact that he is one of the most formidable demons to be ever faced by demon slayers.

Akaza has proven to us why he has been chosen as one of Muzan’s favourite demons and why he is the fourth powerful demon in the series.

He is favoured by Muzan for his extraordinary masculinity, incredible power, and his powerful Blood Demon Art, which enables him to create earth-shattering shock waves that leave his opponent in a dire position.

Throughout the manga, in every Arc, we have seen each upper moon demon having a face-off against each of the Hashiras of the Demon Slayer Corps.

Akaza was first seen fighting with the Flame Hashira, Kyojuru Rengoku, in the Mugen Train Arc.

The fierce fight between Akaza and Rengoku took place outside the wrecked Mugen Train after Rengoku, Tanjiro, Inouske, and Zenitsu saved the passengers on the train, which was attacked by the lower-ranking demon, Enmu.

They were hailed by the Upper Moon’s three Akaza just when they believed the battle had finally ended. All of them were already at the edge of their limits, so his abrupt arrival jolted them.

Rengoku, on the other hand, battled Akaza out of duty with a strong determination that burned hot like his flame breathing.

How Many Hashiras Has Akaza Killed?

Coming back to the question in the article of how many Hashiras Akaza has killed, it is mentioned in the manga that Akaza has claimed to have killed 57 Hashiras throughout his life as a demon.

When our favourite Hashira, Rengoku, ends up dead, it is the most mournful and heartbreaking scene in Demon Slayer. Everyone was inconsolable over the tragedy, crying out in agony over Kyojuro’s passing.

Akaza vs Rengoku

Rengoku was Akaza’s best kill so far. Considering the prowess Rengoku possessed and his lethal Breathing Style that mirrored the original Sun Breathing, wiping Renguko out of the arena was favourable for the demons.

Akaza is the only demon who did not lose to any demon slayer until he was faced with Tanjiro and Giyu in the Infinity Castle Arc.

Akaza truly relished the entire battle when he battled one of the Demon Slayer Corps’ most powerful Hashiras. After a long time, he at last engaged in combat with a foe who could both withstand his amazing bare-fisted martial art assaults and respond to them with a similar level of force.

While fighting Rengoku, Azaka developed a sense of respect for him. Watching him fight with all his might while sustaining his fatal blows made him wonder how incredible a demon Rengoku would turn out to be if he ever became one. If, at the human level, he is able to compete with Akaza, his powers after transforming into a demon would be beyond one’s wildest dreams.

Out of the newly developed respect, Akaza even offered to turn into a demon and extended his hand for an alliance.

No matter Akaza’s efforts to convince him to become a demon by tempting him with all sorts of perks of joining the demon rank, with no intention to commit such blasphemy, Rengoku declined the offer with his words of wisdom for humanity.

It disappointed him, and despite having his arms cut off by Rengoku’s Nichirin sword, Akaza reassembled his arm, thanks to his phenomenal regenerative power and attacked Rengoku with his might, showing off his incredible strength and spectacular fistfight skills.

Despite his acknowledgement of Rengoku’s powers, Akaza had confidence in his supernatural strength that he would never be able to reach anywhere near him in his present human form. Since he wouldn’t become a demon, there was no point in keeping him alive, so he wanted to kill him.

Akaza unleashed his Blood Demon Art attacks against Rengoku’s Flame Breathing. They clashed and exchanged fatal blows.

When Rengoku dashed towards him, delivered a close-range attack on Akaza, and performed the third form of his Breathing Style, Blazing Universe, it wounded Akaza’s shoulder deeply. Akaza’s destructive Death-Air-Type technique sent him into the air but did not stop him from retaliating.

Akaza kept on assaulting him with his enhanced and fatal strikes that crushed his eye and punched his guts. He kept on toying with Renguko by delaying his apparent demise at his hands.

Bloodied and beaten, Rengoku still attacked him with whatever ounce of stamina and determination was left in him when they closed in on each other.

By setting his heart ablaze and burning beyond limits, he delivered his last blow to Akaza. But to his surprise, Akaza, with his Destructive Death: Annihilation Type technique, had already punched Rengoku’s stomach.

Even so, Rengoku stopped Akaza’s impending attacks while his hand was still inside the latter’s stomach. Right up until the very end, he kept trying to persuade Rengoku to turn into a demon.

On the approach of the rising sun, Akaza attempted to remove his hand while having Rengoku’s katana reach the centre of his neck.

Deliberately attempting to escape the sun, Akaza somehow managed to free himself from the clutches of Rengoku, leaving him to fall on his knees, defeated.

Although Akaza may have won the battle, Kyojuro Renguko was the true victor because he carried out his responsibility to guard and save people from the demon.

Akaza fled for his life, not because he was losing to Kyojuro or something similar, but because of the sun, the worst enemy of the demons.

Thus, we learn from this that Akaza has killed Rengoku Kyojuro, the Flame Hashira, in the Mugen Train Arc.

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