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See You in My 19th Life
See You in My 19th Life Episode 3 Preview

See You in My 19th Life Episode 3 Spoilers: When, Where and How to Watch?

See You in My 19th Life Episode 3 Preview

We cannot wait to find out how Mun Seo Ha’s pain surrounding Yoon Ju Won will affect his future with Ban Ji Eum.

Based on a manhwa of the same name, Netflix’s latest Korean drama is a fantasy romantic comedy revolving around Ban Ji Eum, who possesses the extraordinary ability to remember the memories of all her past lives.

She sets out to seek the people from her previous life. But will the memories from her 18th life sabotage the romance in her 19th life?

Episode 3 Preview

Following Seo Ha’s visit to Yoon Ju Won’s grave, he becomes increasingly aware of the striking similarities between her and Ban Ji Eum. Her habits and mannerisms stir memories of his childhood companion.

Meanwhile, Ji Eum finds herself grappling with the challenges that arise from reincarnating too soon. The weight of her past memories and lingering emotions from previous lives begins to influence her decisions in the present.

Delving deeper into Yoon Cho Won’s perspective, we sense her desire to forge a closer connection with someone who seems intent on avoiding her at every turn. That would be Seo Ha, and by association, Ha Do Yun.

In the preview for the upcoming episode, Ji Eum musters the courage to confess her feelings to Seo Ha. However, intriguingly, we catch a glimpse of Cho Won in Seo Ha’s house, drying her hair with a towel; and so does Ji Eum.

Ji Eum confronts Cho Won, directly questioning her feelings for Seo Ha and voicing out her own.

Another intriguing scene unfolds, possibly involving Ji Eum’s brother, Ban Dong Woo, forcefully grabbing her hair. Seo Ha rushes to Ji Eum’s defense.

The intensity builds as Seo Ha holds Ji Eum’s face tenderly between his palms, drawing them closer together.

Would there be a kiss in episode 3?

See You in My 19th Life Episodes: Where to Watch? Release Date and Time

See You in My 19th Life is broadcast on tvN in South Korea. It is also available online for TVING subscribers.

Internationally, it is now streaming in selected regions on Netflix.

For Indian Netflix subscribers, the Hindi dubbed version of the series is set to release on Thursday, June 29, 2023.

See You in My 19th Life is set to run for 12 episodes, with episodes releasing every Saturday and Sunday.

The next episode, episode 3, will be out on Saturday, June 24, 2023.

With an average run time of 60 minutes, episodes are broadcast at 9:20 pm KST in South Korea.

Subtitles are available within a couple of hours of the completion of the runtime.

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