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Loving Yamada at Lv999 Episode 12 Recap: What impact will Tsubaki's unexpected confession have on Yamada and Akane's relationship?

Loving Yamada at Lv999 Episode 12 Recap: What impact will Tsubaki’s unexpected confession have on Yamada and Akane’s relationship?

The cliffhanger from Loving Yamada at Lv999 Episode 11 ends when Akane tries to confide her developing feelings for Yamada to his best friend, Sasaki in Loving Yamada at Lv999 Episode 12.

She does not explicitly name him, but it is evident from her gestures that he is none other than Yamada.

She has always confided in his best friend, Momo, in the real world and Rurihime (aka Eita Sasaki) in the game.

She wants to know whether the feelings she is brewing for Yamada are right.

Loving Yamada at Lv999 Episode 12 Recap: Will Akane gather the courage to confess her feelings to Yamada?

People close to Yamada know he is like a coconut shell. Yamada might put up a tough attitude and care no less for anyone, but in reality, it’s just the opposite.

He may appear insensitive, but Yamada has such a big heart that one can be their true self around him.

Yamada has always been the talk of the town because of his looks and how handsome and stunning he appears to be, but no one talks about how kind and helpful he is.

Momo and Sasaki motivate and encourage her to confess to him straightforwardly. That is how Yamada will appreciate it the most.

She musters up her courage and runs to Yamada’s house unannounced.
While on her way to Yamada’s place, she tries to recall the time she fell in love with him.

She ponders how all her efforts to brush off the romantic feelings slowly developing in her heart for Yamada had no effect.

Loving Yamada at Lv999 Episode 12: The Confession Dilemma: Does Akane successfully convey her feelings to Yamada?

Yamada opens the door and finds Akane at his doorstep. He immediately inquires about the reason for her sudden arrival. She tries and hesitates to confess, but she is soon distracted.

At that moment, Yamada gets hold of the door knob across from her. It catches her off guard.

Yamada might not have developed any intimate feelings for her, but Akane here has crossed the level where she can no longer view his actions as simply in a friendly manner.

This brief moment of closeness startles her and leaves her breathless momentarily.

Unfortunately, he was rushing to attend his cram school.

He excuses himself to change his outfit, and Akane steals a glance at him accidentally.

And boom, her heart flutters, anxiety attacks her, and she shrieks when he comes behind her within a blink of an eye. (To be honest, our hearts did flutter too.)

Unfortunately, Akane is not able to say anything to him. She can’t bring herself to confess to him while they are out in public.

She gets lost in a maze of thoughts and does not notice the red traffic light.

Here comes another heart-fluttering scene. Yamada grabs her hand from behind and pulls her back.

He notices that she is spaced out today, and his tone is slightly concerned when he asks whether she is alright.

Even during this, she still wonders whether she should bring up the topic today or choose another day. She is still in the dilemma of her impromptu decision to confess to Yamada today itself.

She thinks that even if she buys time to spend with Yamada, it only ends up causing trouble for him.

So, she finally decides to drop the idea of confessing her love today.

Before she completes her sentence, Yamada again grabs her hand and crosses the road.

Another scene that makes our hearts skip beats along with Akane’s.

It drives her mind in another direction, and she thinks it may be better to give in to his kindness forever and keep their relationship strictly platonic by not being vocal about her true feelings.

However, she conflicts with her heart and thinks the other second rationally. Concealing her feelings for Yamada will not do any good, and it will appear like she is cheating on her emotions.

They reach the station together, and Yamada leaves for Cram School. He apologises for not giving her time when she came to his house to discuss something that wasn’t over the phone.

Before taking his final leave, he returns and asks her if it needs immediate attention.

He offers that he will be available after class, and if that’s okay with her, he will ring her up.

Listening to her won’t trouble him much.

He considers himself not the right person to whom somebody should come with their concerns or talk about important stuff. But he can be a good listener and respond accordingly.

The fact that he turned back to ask about the seriousness of whatever she wanted to say to him proves how kind, sensitive, and genuine Yamada is.

Yamada’s offer makes Akane happy, and she wishes her good luck for the day and heads back home. Seeing Akane smile brings a grin to his usual grumpy and poker face, and he heads towards the station.

Loving Yamada at Lv999 Episode 12: Tsubaki’s Unexpected Confession and Yamada’s Reaction to It

A heavy downpour surprises everyone except Yamada. He came to the class prepared with a folding umbrella.

His friend requests that he share the umbrella with him until he reaches the station. But he gives up his spot for Tsubaki.

He knows about her feelings for Yamada, leaving no opportunity to bring them together. He wants her to convey her feelings to Yamada.

On their way to the station, she initiates a conversation with him, starting with the game she has joined. Just at that point, a girl passes by and catches the eye of Yamada.

The girl resembles Akane, with similar physical attributes and a similar voice. Tsubaki notices it and asks him whether she knows her. He answers negatively.

Well, Tsubaki understands that Yamada does have a soft corner for Akane.

With their progressing relationship, in which they are slowly closing in on the distance between them and finding each other comforting, Tsubaki recognizes this emotion and tension between Yamada and Akane.

Yamada notices that Tsubaki is getting drenched from the rainwater. He hands the umbrella to her and makes a run to the station. But she runs and follows him after a brief pause.

While running for him, she collides with a man and drops her glasses. Unable to see anything, with blurry vision, she tries to search for it.

A guy picks it up and says that it’s cracked. She recognizes the voice. It’s the voice of Yamada.

It does not take her much time when she involuntarily lets out what she has been keeping to herself for so long.

It even takes her by surprise. Mixed with anxiety, anticipation, and embarrassment, she repeats it. This time in all her senses.

In the middle of the road, while it is raining, Tsubaki confesses that she likes Yamada.

Well, Yamada did not understand it the first time. But he hears what she says the second time but does not react. Considering Tsubaki’s vulnerable condition, he covers her with his umbrella.

She says, “Sorry to put you on the spot, but please, just for today, I want you to try thinking of me.”

So, Tsubaki confesses to Yamada at the most inappropriate time, yet in the most raw and straightforward manner.

Yamada never saw Tsubaki as more than a friend.

He was ignorant of Tsubaki having any romantic feelings for him because he never paid attention to any details when it involved women until recently after Akane showed up in his life.

The way Yamada responds or reacts to Akane is different in the case of Tsubaki.

With all these happening, Yamada could not talk to Akane at night, which obviously disappointed and disheartened her.

Loving Yamada at Lv999 Episode 12: How does Sasaki’s conversation with Yamada lead to potential misunderstandings?

In the very next scene, Yamada is tutoring Runa. Her brother, Sasaki, steps in.

The very first thing he says surprises Yamada.

When he asked if anyone had confessed to him that day, he had Akane on his mind. But Yamada gives him an answer while having Tsubaki in mind.

This has the potential to cause several misunderstandings and confusion in their lives.

But what Sasaki says hits him hard. “Being suggestive with someone and then toying with them is the worst thing you could do.”

Loving Yamada at Lv999 Episode 12 Ending Explained: Yamada’s Vulnerability and What Does Akane implicitly convey to Yamada about Her Feelings?

The very next day, Yamada arrives at the front of the convenience store Akane works for. He wanted to apologise to her in person for last night.

But Akane notices that something is off about him. He doesn’t seem to be his usual self.

Seeing Yamada feel blue, Akane tries to cheer him up by bringing up the game they play together. She tells Yamada to bring back the mysterious guy he usually is.

But Akane is taken aback when Yamada opens up to her for the first time.

He says that the reason why he does not interact with people is because he thinks that he might say something wrong and insensitive.

He is poor at analysing people and reading their feelings. He is a person who does not get the jokes all the time, and he considers himself to be a nobody.

Akane listens to him carefully. She praises him for being who he is, not putting on a show for others, and pretending to be someone else.

She likes how he carries himself and admires him for that. Implicitly, she lets him know that she is not a nobody to her or others.

When she says he is a fun guy to be with, he should have faith in her. This is how the episode comes to an end.

With such an ending, it makes us anxious about what will happen in the upcoming episodes.

When and how will Akane confess her love to Yamada, and how will Yamada respond to Tsubaki’s confession?

Will this unexpected confession have any impact on their friendship? All the questions pop up in our minds leaving us super anxious and eager for the next episodes.

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