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Kaido vs Big Mom: Can Kaido Defeat Big Mom in One Piece?
Kaido vs Big Mom: Can Kaido Defeat Big Mom in One Piece?

Kaido vs Big Mom: Can Kaido Defeat Big Mom in One Piece?

Welcome to the amazing and adventurous world of One Piece, a realm full of unique characters and epic battles.

Within this vast universe, few names resonate with as much power and awe as Kaido and Big Mom, two Yonkos of the New World.

As members of the distinguished group known as the Four Emperors, Kaido and Big Mom command unrivalled strength, authority, and fear in the vast oceans of the One Piece world.

Each possesses a unique and powerful Devil Fruit power, further enhancing their already formidable capabilities.

The anticipation surrounding a potential clash between these mighty rivals excites devoted One Piece fans.

The question reverberating through the fanbase is simple yet massive: Kaido vs Big Mom: Can Kaido Defeat Big Mom in One Piece?

In this article, we delve deep into the powerhouses of Kaido and Big Mom, exploring their strengths, weaknesses, and the factors that could influence the outcome of their long-awaited confrontation.

Through deep analysis of their respective abilities, combat prowess and strategic advantages; we aim to unravel the potential outcome of this epic clash.

The clash between Kaido and Big Mom represents a battle of physical might and a clash of ideologies, ambitions, and the pursuit of ultimate dominance in the dangerous seas of the One Piece world.

Their encounter holds the potential to reshape the very foundations of the pirate world, sending shockwaves through the hearts of both allies and adversaries.

As we navigate through the depths of their histories, alliances, and the alliances they’ve forged, we uncover the underlying motivations and aspirations that fuel their relentless pursuit of power.

Along the way, we analyze key moments in their journeys, examining the scars of past battles and their impact on shaping their formidable reputations.

Kaido vs Big Mom: Can Kaido Defeat Big Mom in One Piece? How strong are Big Mom and Kaido?

Kaido vs Big Mom: Can Kaido Defeat Big Mom in One Piece? How strong are Big Mom and Kaido?
Kaido vs Big Mom: Can Kaido Defeat Big Mom in One Piece? How strong are Big Mom and Kaido?

To truly answer whether Kaido can defeat Big Mom in One Piece, we first have to compare the strength of these two Yonkos, as there was no specific conclusive battle between them.

The strength of these two Yonkos can be compared based on their Physical Strenght, Combat Abilities, Devil Fruit Powers and many other factors. Some of them are mentioned below:

Physical Strength

Both Big Mom and Kaido possess incredible physical strength.

Kaido is known as the “Strongest Creature” in the World and boasts an impressive stature and muscular build. His immense size allows him to deliver destructive blows and withstand powerful attacks.

Big Mom, on the other hand, possesses unparalleled brute strength, capable of effortlessly lifting massive objects and overpowering opponents with her sheer force.

It’s difficult to determine who is physically stronger, as both have demonstrated their ability to cause immense destruction.

Combat Abilities

Kaido is a fearsome fighter, utilizing his immense physical strength and mastery of various fighting techniques to overwhelm his opponents.

He is highly skilled in hand-to-hand combat and is known for his destructive punches and powerful blows.

Kaido’s combat prowess is further enhanced by his mastery of Advanced Armament Haki, allowing him to deliver even more powerful and destructive attacks.

Big Mom, on the other hand, is a formidable combatant with a unique fighting style.

She utilizes her incredible strength and her devil fruit powers to unleash destructive attacks on her enemies.

Big Mom’s combat abilities are complemented by her proficiency in Armament Haki and her Conqueror’s Haki, which displays her dominance and authority over others.

Devil Fruit Powers

Kaido possesses the Zoan-type devil fruit known as the “Uo Uo no Mi” or “Fish-Fish Fruit.”

This devil fruit allows him to transform into a massive eastern dragon, granting him enhanced physical ability and immense destructive power. As a dragon, Kaido becomes nearly invulnerable and gains the ability to unleash devastating attacks.

Big Mom possesses the Paramecia-type devil fruit called the “Soru Soru no Mi” or “Soul-Soul Fruit.”

This fruit grants her the power to manipulate souls, allowing her to create and control homies, which are living objects infused with the souls of deceased individuals. Additionally, Big Mom can extract and manipulate people’s life force, further amplifying her strength.

Haki Mastery

Both Big Mom and Kaido have demonstrated proficiency in Haki, a powerful form of spiritual energy.

Kaido is particularly skilled in Armament Haki, enabling him to imbue his attacks with a potent coating, enhancing their destructive potential and bypassing opponents’ defences.

Big Mom has also showcased her mastery of Haki, specifically Conqueror’s Haki, which displays her dominance and authority over others.


Kaido is known for his near-indestructibility, earning him the reputation of being unbeatable. He has survived numerous attempts on his life, including execution, and is incredibly resilient.

Big Mom, too, possesses formidable durability, able to endure significant damage and keep fighting.

Crew and Alliances

Both Big Mom and Kaido have assembled powerful crews and formed strategic alliances.

Kaido leads the Beasts Pirates, a crew known for their brutality and comprising elite officers like the All-Stars and the Tobi Roppo. The strength and loyalty of their crews add to their overall power and influence.

Big Mom commands the Big Mom Pirates, a group of skilled fighters and loyal subordinates, including her powerful commanders and the formidable Sweet Commanders.

Awakened Devil Fruit Powers

While it has not been explicitly stated whether Kaido’s devil fruit has reached its awakened state, it can be speculated that his control over his dragon form, enabling him to convert into a Human-Dragon Hybrid, and the destructive power he possesses indicate a level of mastery beyond the ordinary.

Big Mom has not shown her devil fruit’s awakened state either, but her ability to manipulate souls and create powerful homies suggests a high level of mastery over her devil fruit power.

What are Big Mom and Kaido’s Past Encounters and Feats?

What are Big Mom and Kaido's Past Encounters and Feats?
What are Big Mom and Kaido’s Past Encounters and Feats?

Kaido and Big Mom have had limited encounters in the One Piece story. During the Wano Country arc, they briefly clashed, resulting in a confrontation that showcased their immense power.

However, the outcome of their encounter was left ambiguous, leaving fans to speculate on who would emerge victorious in a full-blown battle.

Big Mom and Kaido were once part of the formidable Rocks Pirates, a notorious pirate crew led by Captain Rocks D. Xebec. This crew was known for their ambition to overthrow the World Government.

Although the specific interactions between Big Mom and Kaido during their time in the Rocks Pirates are not fully revealed, it is clear that they have a shared history and were once comrades.

The God Valley Incident is a significant event in the One Piece lore, where the Rocks Pirates clashed with the combined force of the Navy Hero, Monkey D. Gaph and the Pirate King, Gol D. Roger.

This event led to the disbandment of the Rocks Pirates. While the details surrounding Big Mom and Kaido’s involvement in the incident are still shrouded in mystery, it is known that they were present and played pivotal roles.

It was also hinted that during the God Valley Incident, Big Mom gave Kaido the “Uo Uo no Mi” or “Fish-Fish Fruit” which gave him his Devil Fruit powers.

These past encounters between Big Mom and Kaido hint at a complex relationship and a shared history.

As their paths collide, the clashes and power struggles between them add depth to the narrative and raise questions about their ultimate intentions and the outcome of their confrontations.

The interactions between these two powerful characters continue to captivate fans and keep them eagerly anticipating the next developments in the story.

Big Mom and Kaido, as two of the Four Emperors, have had numerous battles and showcased their remarkable feats throughout the One Piece series. Let’s delve into their past feats and notable accomplishments:

Big Mom’s Feats

Big Mom, also known as Charlotte Linlin, has an extensive history of confrontations and displays of power. Some of her notable feats include:

  • Conquering various territories and establishing the powerful Big Mom Pirates.
  • Forming alliances with other notorious pirates, such as Kaido, to strengthen her influence.
  • Subjugating powerful figures, including giants and legendary creatures, to build her vast pirate empire.
  • Her ability to command a powerful and loyal crew, consisting of powerful combatants and unique Homies created from her devil fruit power.
  • Engaging in fierce battles against other notable characters, such as Monkey D. Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates during the Whole Cake Island arc.
  • Showcasing her immense physical strength by effortlessly wielding a massive double-edged sword and demonstrating destructive capabilities.

Kaido’s Feats

Kaido, often referred to as the “Strongest Creature in the World,” has a long history of epic battles and displays of power. Some of his notable feats include:

  • Surviving multiple execution attempts, leading to his title “The Strongest Creature”.
  • Establishing the formidable Beasts Pirates, one of the most powerful pirate crews in the world.
  • Commanding a vast army and controlling Wano Country, a land renowned for its samurai and warriors.
  • Engaging in fierce battles against prominent figures, including the Nine Red Scabbards, the Heart Pirates, the Kid Pirates and the Straw Hat Pirates during the Wano Country arc.
  • Demonstrating incredible resilience and durability, as he is apparently indestructible and difficult to defeat.
  • Displaying his devastating power by single-handedly sinking multiple ships and causing widespread destruction.

In their past encounters, both Big Mom and Kaido have showcased their immense strength and posed significant challenges to their adversaries.

Their feats and reputations have solidified their positions as two of the most powerful and feared individuals in the world of One Piece.

The question of whether Kaido can defeat Big Mom in One Piece remains a topic of debate among fans.

While both are incredibly powerful, Kaido’s reputation as the “Strongest Creature” and his indomitable will give him an advantage.

However, Big Mom’s mastery of her devil fruit powers, her ruthless nature, and her strategic alliances cannot be underestimated.

Based on the analysis we made of both Kaido and Big Mom’s individual strengths and their crew’s power we can speculate that overall Kaido will be able to defeat Big Mom in an all-out battle.

This speculation was based on the fact that Kaido has control over the Land of Wano which is famous for its powerful samurai and advanced weapons. Also, Kaido’s Lead Performers are far more powerful than Big Mom’s Sweet Generals.

However, only time will reveal the true outcome of their clash, but one thing is certain: a battle between these two powerhouses would be an epic showdown that will test their limits and redefine the balance of power in the pirate world.

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