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The Love Hashira: Was Mitsuri Kanroji Married? Who was she married to?
The Love Hashira: Was Mitsuri Kanroji Married? Who was she married to?

The Love Hashira: Was Mitsuri Kanroji Married? Who was she married to?

Mitsuri, the Love Hashira, is the most compassionate and affectionate character among the Hashiras.

With her kind-hearted, loving personality, and deeply empathetic nature, she is the most cherished Hashira. 

Mitsuri has a distinct appearance with long pink hair with streaks of green.

She has a curvaceous, well-proportioned figure radiating the essence of femininity from all aspects. 

Misturi is an emotional, passionate girl who always looks at the brighter side of the world.

She can be a shy, innocent girl who gets easily flustered, always thinking about others. 

However, one should not get duped of her femininity and perky nature and take her to be a fragile woman and underestimate her power because the Love Hashira has exceptional muscle power, flexibility, endurance and swift reflexes that leave her opponent speechless. 

She is a one-of-a-kind person with a very caring soul but undergoes a complete transformation while confronting demons.

She won’t show any mercy in the face of those monsters. She switches to a different persona when she slays the demons fiercely yet with elegance. 

So, never make the mistake of underestimating the adorable and beautiful Love Hashira or else she will whip the life out of you with her unique whip-like Nichirin Katana and Love Breathing Style.

The Love Hashira: Was Mitsuri Kanroji Married? Who was she married to?
The Love Hashira: Was Mitsuri Kanroji Married? Who was she married to?

Was Mitsuri Kanroji Married? Who was she married to?

Mitsuri’s immense muscle power was always a hindrance to her marital engagements.

Not just her exceptional power combined with her unique hair colour, which was originally black, but due to her extreme appetite for food, especially sakura mochis, her hair colour turned from black to pink and green, which became the reason why her engagements were called off.  

Once, she was close to getting married to a man, but he declined her for having such brute power and odd hair colour. Not only did he refuse her, but he insulted her by saying that only a bear, a bull, or a boar would marry her, and thinking that her unconventional hair colour could pass on to his children gave him great unsettlement. 

Therefore at the age of 17, her marriage arrangement was called off by him cold-heartedly. 

She was different from the girls her age, which always bugged her.

It was a matter of concern for her if she could ever marry in her present condition. But her parents provided her with unwavering support and never let her feel unloved or unwanted. 

But the cancellation of her marriage arrangement had a detrimental effect on her self-confidence. She grew insecure about herself. Just to get accepted by men and become eligible for marriage, she dyed her hair black, ate less, and pretended to be weak.  

It is impossible to maintain a facade, and one cannot live her life under such circumstances. Nobody can keep pretending and concealing his true self for too long. 

Mitsuri was not deceiving the men, but she was deceiving herself. She was lying to herself, trying to fit in and become a suitable candidate to woo. She was trying to live the life of someone else in her quest to please others. 

One possible explanation for this could be that maybe Mitsuri’s power intimidated the men to the point where they questioned their strength and became insecure about it. Perhaps they could not accept a woman being stronger than them.

Mitsuri’s strength might have made them envious, and just to make themselves feel better and superior, they belittled and insulted her to mask their embarrassment. 

However, upon joining the Demon Slayer Corps, she found herself surrounded by men who respected her and acknowledged her immense potential.

In this new environment, she received the kind of treatment she truly deserved.

The acceptance and warmth her family bestowed upon her, she found the same warmth in the members of the demon slayer corps.  

Mitsuri had close-knit relations with every member of the Corps. But she was closer to Obanai Iguro, the Serpent Hashira. 

Obanai is an opposite of Mitsuri. He is a merciless man who shows no concern for people who break the rules.

He can be very ruthless, rude and strict no matter how pathetic of a condition you are in. 

However, against all odds, Mitsuri caught the attention of Obanai at their first meeting, and he developed romantic feelings for her. 

Despite his merciless personality, Obanai cared deeply about Mitsuri and embraced her.

He was not explicit in expressing his love for her, but his small gestures were enough to show how deeply he was in love with Mitsuri. 

His feelings for Mitsuri are reflected in his actions when he shares meals with her and gives her gifts, like the green pair of socks that she wears with her uniform.

The Love Hashira: Was Mitsuri Kanroji Married? Who was she married to?
The Love Hashira: Was Mitsuri Kanroji Married? Who was she married to?

These subtle gestures are proof of the fact that Obanai saw Mitsuri not as a competitor or someone who was not worthy of romantic love.

Rather, he holds Misturi in high esteem.

With her infinite kindness, Obanai feels relaxed and comfortable around her, irrespective of the fact that she is a woman (Obanai is shown as a man who fears and detests women due to his upbringing).

It’s not that it was only Obanai who fell in love with her; his love was equally reciprocated by Mitsuri. 

Mitsuri cherished the care, appreciation, and love Obanai showered upon her. She enjoyed his company as much as he did. 

However, before they could confess their feelings for each other properly and officially, they met their deaths in the Infinity Castle Arc while fighting against Muzan. 

On the verge of dying, Mitsuri confessed her love to Obanai and said that the time she had spent with him and the memories they created were the best things in her life. The meals he shared with her were the best meals she had ever eaten. 

The way he looked at her with his soft, sweet and unique eyes is etched in her memory, as no one ever looked at her the way he did.

No one ever made her feel the way Obanai made her feel. No one ever loved her the way Obanai loved her. 

With tears in her eyes, she said that if they ever get reincarnated as humans into a world without demons, she would love to be his wife. 

Obanai wrapped her in his arms, and he uttered his final words.

‘Of course. If you say you’re fine with someone like me, then I will make you happy. Next time, I will not let you die. I will protect you, for sure.’ 

Though their love story was incomplete in this life, later in the manga, we see both of them reincarnated as humans and married to each other as they had promised each other in death. They run a restaurant together and lead a normal and happy life with no demons or killings in it.

‘If you and I had met under more peaceful and carefree circumstances, I wonder how well things would have gone.’ – Obanai. 

Mitsuri Kanroji does not get married in this life, but in chapter 205 of the manga, Obanai and Mitsuri reincarnate and get married to each other.

The relationship between Mitsuri and Obanai reminds us of a love story between a grumpy guy and a sunshine girl, the companionate love where both of them complete each other, find each other to be their comfort zone, not overtly expressive yet an emotional and compassionate relationship.

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