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One Piece 1065 Ending Explained: Can Law and Kid Defeat Big Mom? Will Zoro survive in One Piece?
Yamato freezes the Bombs

One Piece 1065 Ending Explained: Can Law and Kid Defeat Big Mom? Will Zoro survive in One Piece?

In the dynamic and ever-evolving world of the One Piece anime, each episode brings us closer to the pinnacle of excitement and adventure.

Episode 1065 takes us on a thrilling journey as our beloved Straw Hat Pirates continue their quest for freedom and the ultimate treasure, One Piece.

In this review, we delve into the highlights of this episode, exploring the key moments, character developments, and the overall impact it has on the ongoing narrative.

One Piece 1065 Ending Explained: Can Law and Kid Defeat Big Mom?

Big Mom wreaks havoc on the Performance Floor
Big Mom wreaks havoc on the Performance Floor

The most recent episode of One Piece, on the other hand, focuses more on the fight between Big Mom and the two Supernova Captains, Trafalgar D. Water Law and Eustass “Captain” Kid.

The name of episode 1065 of the One Piece anime is “The Destruction of the Alliance? Fire up, the Will of the New Generation!”

The episode starts on the Third Floor inside the castle where Raizo the Ninja is seen fighting with Fukurokuju.

Both are under each other’s Paralysis Jutsu, but Raizo is engulfed under fire while Fukurokuju just caught fire himself.

Fukurokuju requests Raizo to undo the Paralysis Jutsu, or both of them will die, to which Raizo stays there silently. 

On the Second Floor inside the Castle, we see some members of the Samurai Alliance running away from the fire.

While a log of burning wood was about to fall on them and their life was about to end, we see First Son of the Sea Jimbe, the newest member and Hellsman of the Straw Hat Pirates, rushing to their aid and catching the big log with his bare hands.

Jimbe instructs the Samurai Members to run away from the castle while the Samurai Members praise Jimbe for his strength and tell him not to die either.

Jimbe then throws the log of burning wood and sees a lot of Samurai Members who have already died from the fire.

He then mourns their deaths, as dying in battle and dying like this are two very different ways to die.

On the Performance Floor, we finally see the Yonko Big Mom wreaking havoc and destroying everything that comes in her path.

Chopper, who still hasn’t recovered from the side effects of using the Rumble Ball, starts making plans to get away from Big Mom.

Then suddenly, Chopper starts feeling something and is reverted back to his normal form, meaning the side effects of the advanced Rumble Ball that he took have worn off now.

Chopper suddenly starts to worry about Zoro who took the Super Healing Medicine which will heal him completely for a short moment but later he will suffer twice what he was supposed to before.

Zoro had at least 20 to 30 bones broken in his body and was battered and badly wounded. Chopper wonders if Zoro won the fight or not.

We then see Zoro lying outside of the Skull Dome after his epic battle with King.

He is bleeding badly and is not in good shape.

Zoro then dreams about a mysterious fight wearing a black cloak and having a scythe in his hands approaching Zoro.

This figure is often symbolised as “Death”, which means that death is near for Zoro if nothing is done soon.

We then see Franky in the right-brain tower inside the Dome of Onigashima fighting Beast Pirates and searching for Zoro. 

Then we see the Crawl Space, First Floor inside the Castle, where Izo is fighting with the Beast Pirates and is badly wounded.

He barely manages to kill all of them while escaping to the first-floor basement inside the castle.

There he is greeted by members of CP-0 who tells Izo that his being a former commander of the 16th division of the Whitebeard Pirates is a very serious crime, and they have to capture him at all costs.

But since they have an ever more urgent business with the Straw Hats, let’s pretend that they didn’t see each other there. Izo then tells CP-0 to wait as Izo prepares to battle them. 

We then see Yamato, who is running towards the Armory in the castle’s basement. She can see Orochi’s Big Firey Monster is about to reach the explosives, which can destroy the whole island and everyone with it.

She then uses her Devil Fruit powers and uses an attack called “Namuji Glacier Fang!” to freeze all the weapons and explosives that are present in the Armory.

Yamato freezes the Bombs
Yamato freezes the Bombs.

Yamato attacks the Firey Monster with an attack called “Mahoroba!” due to this, the Firey Monster starts attacking Yamato. 

On the Performance Floor, we see Law and Kid struggling to fight against Big Mom. Law tries to use his “ROOM” ability but is stopped by Big Mom with a lightning strike.

Then she attacks Kid with her sword while relentlessly attacking both the Supernova Captains.

Their respective crew members request Big Mom to spare the lives of their Captains, to which Big Mom laughs and comments that they are losing their prestige as their subordinates pity them.

As the crew members of Law and Kid try to rescue them from the clutches of Big Mom, she attacks them with all her might using the attack called “God of Lightning Tenjin!” on them. 

Chopper seeing this, tries to save the lives of Law, Kid and their crewmates.

Big Mom is also exhausted from continued fighting and notices that Kaido is still fighting Straw Hat Luffy as she hasn’t heard Kaido’s shout of victory yet.

She then instructs Hear to go to the rooftop. This angers Trafalgar D. Water Law as Big Mom is turning her back on a battlefield, meaning she is not taking them seriously.

Law uses the special attack that he got from his Awakened Devil Fruit. This attack is called “K-Room! Anaesthesia!” He wraps his attack around his sword, and his sword extends and cuts Big Mom from her elbow to her neck.

One Piece 1065 Ending Explained: Can Law and Kid Defeat Big Mom? Will Zoro survive in One Piece?
Law attacks Big Mom

Law then uses “Shock Wille!” which makes Big Mom fall off Hera and onto the ground.

We then see Kid using his magnetic Devil Fruit Abilities and gathering up a lot of metal to create a Gigantic Bull-like structure.

Big Mom is surprised by their determination and states that they want her head that badly.

Captain Kid then states that there is not a single object in the world that cannot be damaged.

Kid then uses his attack “Punk Corna Dio!” on Big Mom, launching the Bull onto her and impaling her onto a tower.

The size of that bull was even greater than Big Mom.

Both the Supernova Captains state that even if it means death, they won’t let her go to the rooftop showcasing their trust and loyalty towards their ally and friend Straw Hat Luffy. 

One Piece 1066 Spoilers: Will Zoro survive in One Piece?

The One Piece anime will go on a one-week recap break due to the Manga being on a break for a month. The next episode will feature Law and Kid Taking on Emperor of the Sea, Big Mom.

We’ll get to see the two of them fighting all out in the fierce battle. They cannot enter a new stage of history without taking down the Four Emperors.

The next episode of One Piece will be named “Recapping Fierce Fights! The Countercharge Alliance vs Big Mom”. It is speculated that the next episode will mark the defeat of one of the Four Emperors of the Sea, Big Mom.

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