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Hell's Paradise Episode 10 Recap and Ending Explained: What is the Source of Tan and the Weakness of Tensens?
Hell's Paradise Episode 10 Recap and Ending Explained: What is the Source of Tan and the Weakness of Tensens?

Hell’s Paradise Episode 10 Recap and Ending Explained: What is the Source of Tan and the Weakness of Tensens?

In the last episode of Hell’s Paradise, the veil of mystery surrounding Lord Tensen was finally lifted. Gabimaru’s significantly fatal encounter with one of the seven Tensens’, Zhu Jin, the little girl Mei saving him from Zhu Jin, and their meeting with another criminal, samurai Tamiya Gantetsusai accompanied by his Asaemon, Fuchi, set the stage for the thrilling events that unfolded in yesterday’s episode.

Hell’s Paradise Episode 10 Recap Gabimaru and Tamiya’s Showdown and Gabimaru’s Proposal: How is the Three-Man Alliance Formed?

Heavily wounded Gabimaru meets Tamiya, also known as the Blade Dragon, for the first time. Tamiya was penalised because a Daimyo didn’t believe Gantensusai could defeat a dragon, as implied by his nickname. 

Hence he decided to destroy the dragon-adorned gate himself to disprove the Daimyo and show that he was truly capable of completing the seemingly impossible task. 

As he observed Gabimaru’s dilemma, Gantetsusai’s face broke into a sly smirk, mocking him by asking whether he genuinely wished for death.

In a remarkable display of skill, both criminals engage themselves in serious attempts to predict each other’s moves before actually striking each other. Their encounter soon led to an epic showcase of their mastery of combat and strategy. 

Soon they were interrupted by Fuchi, who believed that this engagement of theirs was nothing but fruitless. Instead, they should be focussing on gathering intel from Gabimaru. 

Carefully analysing his opponents, Gabimaru quickly drops down to his knees and requests them to team up with him against the fight with Tensen. 

Questioning his intention, Gantetsusai immediately draws his sword to see whether he is deceiving them or not. Gabimaru does not flinch, which proves his pure intention. 

However, Tamiya finds the present predicament of Gabimaru very disappointing and mocks his vulnerability. 

Not beating about the bush, Gabimaru straightway narrates his encounter with Zhu Jin, which immediately caught the attention of Gantetsusai. He was astonished at the existence of such a being on the island. 

No sooner did he realise the probability of him battling against such a heinous and dangerously mighty immortal, he instantaneously accepts the proposal of Gabimaru. 

We have known Gantetsusai as a man who craves battles. He is driven by an insatiable thirst for combat and takes immense pleasure out of it. Engaging in a fight is a source of pure exhilaration for him. He is always in search of formidable foes who can face him head-on, give him a hard time, and provide him with the thrill he craves for. That rush of adrenaline that runs through his veins whenever he unsheathes his blade defines his character. 

Fuchi, however, halts for a minute to process the entire conversion and make a statement in favour of the situation. 

Teaming up with Gabimaru would mean assisting another criminal, a potential competitor. Fuchi questions Tamiya’s spontaneous decision to which the answer he receives startles him. 

Gantetsusai answers that he is least interested in the pardon but to become a legendary figure. His deep-seated desire to etch his name in history by performing extraordinary feasts contains the essence of true immortality. This is how he plans to leave an ineradicable mark that will be remembered across generations. 

His path to glory encompasses the slaying of gigantic and bizarre monsters and immortals like Lord Tensen, which is why he signed up to be an ally of Gabimaru.

The three of them made a deal and agreed to work together. 

Senta Dono’s Hypothesis: Shinsenkyo’s Distorted Creation

In the next scene, we see the four of them, Sagiri, Senta-Dono, Hoko and Yuzuriha still travelling across the holy land in search of Gabimaru and Mei. 

Senta Dono eventually comes up with a hypothesis of his own explaining the absurdity and bizarreness of the island. 

With his keen observations and deep understanding of mythology and religious beliefs, Senta Dono formulates a compelling hypothesis regarding the bizarre nature of the island.

He perceives Shinsenkyo as an amalgamation of Japanese mythology, Taoist and Buddhist philosophies, and the queer and dreadful abominations of creatures that inhabit it. This realization solidifies his belief that the island is not the true Shinsenkyo it claims to be.

According to Senta, Shinsenkyo appears to be a man-made religious system, a distorted fusion of various faiths and cultures. The heterogeneous configuration of the island and the warped interpretation of religious beliefs point to a crude and superficial combination of elements from different eras and traditions.

This distorted deception reminds Senta of an individual named Moro Makiya, who founded a new religion by haphazardly blending various faiths. The scenario of Shinsenkyo serves as a constant reminder of this patchwork creation.

The mystery lies in the stark contrast between immense beauty and grotesque horror, where concepts of Heaven and Hell coexist in the same space This delicate balance between opposing forces hints at a deliberate intention behind the island’s design.

The ill-conceived and poorly executed elements on this island prove the point that not just the island’s religious structure but the hybrid monsters, and the superficially beautiful and picturesque landscape are all the works of a creator. 

It is never about “No one ever returned” rather it has always been about “Only a man in full bloom returned”. 

He sees this revelation as a significant lead in the quest to discover the Elixir and find a way out of the island. 

Mei’s Mysterious Transformation and What Exactly is the Power of Tao?

In the meantime, the attention shifts to Mei. She regains her consciousness and surprises Gabimaru with her sudden transformation into a young lady. 

The probable explanation for this transformation can be the fact that anything can happen on this mystical island. A girl growing up to be a young lady overnight is not much of a great deal. 

Not only did she undergo physical transformation but she can even talk in her current state. 

Gabimaru rushes to her and instantly starts enquiring about the power she used to save his life, the mystery and whereabouts of the Tensens and if she knows any way that they can have their hands on the Elixir of Life. 

With an abrupt, confusingly odd explanation, Mei confesses that she uses the power of Tao. 

When Gabimaru questions the specifications of Tao from Mei, they did not receive an answer that could clear their confusion or provide them with a proper explanation regarding the mystical power.  

Parallely, Hoko reveals the secret to the immortality and supremacy of Lord Tensen – Tao, “the energy that flows through all creation” 

Perplexed by the complex concept of Tao, Yuzuriha yearns for a charismatic sensei who could explain the elusive nature of Tao and the things around her. 

The Concept of Tao and Waves: Parallels and Insights and how does it Relate to the power possessed by the Immortals and the humans trapped on the Island?

With the mention of “hot sensei”, Yamada Asaemon Shion appears on the screen for us. Truth be told, he is handsome and captivating. His amazing leadership qualities, sense of humour, and excellent teaching skills blind the viewers in awe and admiration for him. 

In episode 8 with the tragic death of Tenza, Shion forced himself to escape with Nurugai and promised to seek vengeance. 

In the forest, Shion demonstrates his perceptive powers by dodging Nurugai’s attack from behind and astounds her. However, Nurugai, following the burning desire to avenge the death of Tenza, adamantly requests Shion to teach him the skills of swordsmanship but he refuses her every time, blaming it on the situation they are in. 

It is then, after requesting him a lot, Shion explains how he “sees” by perceiving “the unique signature waves that flow about the contours of one’s body”. These waves enhance his physical abilities and provide him with extraordinary perceptive powers.

To harness such power, Shion elucidates on the importance of maintaining a balanced spirit –
“a state neither too intense nor too tranquil.” 

Shion has learned from his personal experiences that attaining a balanced spirit enables him to synchronise with the vibrant energy of the environment. It sharpens his perception, enabling him to see even the smallest motions and summon amazing physical strength.

By comparing the unique Waves with Tao, as explained by Hoko and Mei, these two concepts seem to be very similar. 

How mastering the use of Tao can bestow God-like strength and physical attributes, how by maintaining equilibrium between stillness and motion, good and evil, rage and serenity, one can draw can the power of Tao – the explanation runs parallel to the concept of the Waves said by Shion. 

Does this imply that Shion might have an understanding of Tao?  If not entirely, the knowledge of Waves might prove to be effective in the impending fight with Lord Tensen. 

He starts by explaining to her the right posture and grip, delivering his wisdom with a laser-like intensity. Shion’s actions puzzle Nurugai, who questions if he has changed his mind about being her sensei or whether he is simply lost in meditation. 

However, amid his explanations, they are attacked by Sōshin and Shion swiftly slays them down. His actions look effortless when he tells Nurugai that he won’t be assuming the role of his master but she has the freedom to learn in her own way, as she sees fit.  

The Appearance of Doshi for the First Time

At the same time, Gabimaru, Tamiya and Fuchi are also attacked by Soshins. 

After the revelation of Tao being the ultimate weapon to kill Tensen and since they do not have the time to learn the tactics with ease, so “the best way to learn to fight is in the middle of a battle.” 

Gabimaru, at that moment, flusters at the presence of a creature, radiating an aura different from the other Soshins. 

Later it is revealed in the episode that he is one of the Doshis, Centipede Doshi, who serves directly under Lord Tensen. These creatures possess intellect and are opposite to the Soshins that lack the power of reasoning. 

Hell’s Paradise Episode 10 Ending Explained: What is the Source of Tan and the Weakness of Tensens?

From the conversation between Mu Dan and Tao Fa, we got to know that the source of the Tan is the humans thrown in the pit who eventually merge with the flowers. 

Escaping the pit is next to impossible but the very next moment we see Yamada Asaemon Toma and his brother, Aza Chobei, escaping the supposedly inescapable pit. 

His brother deciphers the way of killing them. He had observed in his previous fight against two of the Tensens that their weakness lies in their navel or the groin.

Now, with this revelation, it becomes clear what Mei was trying to say in the initial part of the episode. 

She mentions Tanden, which means the meridian in Chinese medicine and the navel in martial arts. By attacking the part beneath the navel, it might be possible to kill the immortals.

A few seconds later, they are attacked by the Tentacle Doshi. However, he gets amazed by his superpower as he rips his arm off. 

No matter how strong Chobei is, he was not able to control his Tao, and the disturbance in the flow of energy in his body made him vulnerable to the attacks of the Doshi. One quick spearhead attack from the Doshi, and he’s down, blood gushing from his throat. 

The confrontation of Gabimaru and Asaemon Toma with the Doshins ends in a cliffhanger

The episode concludes on a cliffhanger with Gabimaru’s and Toma’s confrontation with the Doshis. In the upcoming episodes, the viewers might get more clarification regarding the Doshis and Lord Tensen, which might soothe their curious minds, or it might lead to more questions bubbling in their minds seeking further explanation. 


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