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Heavenly Delusion Episode 10 Ending explained: What is The Truth Behind Juichi's Backstory?
Heavenly Delusion Episode 10 Ending explained: What is The Truth Behind Juichi's Backstory?

Heavenly Delusion Episode 10 Ending explained: What is The Truth Behind Juichi’s Backstory?

Heavenly Delusion (Tengoku Daimakyō) is an enthralling manga series written and illustrated by Masakazu Ishiguro.

It is being adapted into an anime by none other than Production I.G., the same studio responsible for beloved anime series like Psycho-Pass, Haikyuu!, Ballroom e Youkoso, etc. It is set in a post-apocalyptic world brought on by an unprecedented disaster that destroyed civilization as we knew it.

We follow a boy named Maru and a girl named Kiruko on their journey to discover a place called “Heaven.”

This heaven is presumed to be an enclosed space separate from the outside world and inhabited by a group of children.

There are a lot of mysteries surrounding the existence of these enclosures. To begin with, the children inhabiting this space seem to possess supernatural powers; they are constantly monitored by the staff, and they are not allowed to leave the facility.

Apart from the abnormal conditions of these children, the outside doesn’t seem very appealing either. It is rife with dangerous monsters called man-eaters, who also possess supernatural powers and constantly hunt humans for sustenance.

The mysteries of this world continue to fascinate the audience, and the newest episode, episode 10, is no exception in that regard.

Heavenly Delusion Episode 10 Ending explained: What is The Truth Behind Juichi’s Backstory?

The episode starts with Maru and Kiruko sitting in Juichi’s car, wondering how long it will take them to get to Ibaraki. We later learn through a flashback that the story about Juchi being a breeding pig for the women who imprisoned him was true.

He was held captive against his will, together with other young male captives, by a group of women who forced the man to mate with them. Juichi, in the end, ends up having a son with one of the women, and they plan an escape with the help of another woman in the facility.

However, as they tried to escape, the kidnappers found out about their plan, and only Juichi managed to escape. The two women who tried to escape with him get murdered by the authorities to set an example for anyone who tries to escape.

Fast forward to the present: Juichi is trying to find his son, but he doesn’t know if he is still alive or not, and he also wants to get revenge on the people who killed his son’s mother.

He asks Maru and Kiruko for help, and despite their initial distrust, they still agree to help, partially because of Kiruko’s kindheartedness and her concern about the baby’s safety and because they were already going to Ibaraki.

The journey to Ibaraki was very long, but when they eventually get there, their first step is to decide who should infiltrate the facility to check up on the kid. They ultimately decide that it should be Kiruko and Maru dressed as females, and Juichi has to stay behind because it is extremely dangerous for men to approach the facility.

When they get to the facility, they are shocked to see that it is in complete shambles, to the point that it is unbelievable to imagine that someone lives there. There is a giant hole in the wall surrounding the building, and everything inside the building is in total disarray.

There are signs that someone might have lived here at some point, but they have long abandoned the place. The duo looks for any clues about what might have happened to the people who lived here but to no avail.

This is when they suddenly start to feel extremely cold, and everything around them also starts to freeze.

It turns out it was a Hiruko attack; they are on the brink of freezing to death, and that’s when Maru senses the Hiruko, and Kiruko shoots at it with her Kiru gun, and they barely manage to escape, but they are also unable to kill the Hiruko.

Heavenly Delusion Episode 10 Ending explained: What is The Truth Behind Juichi's Backstory?
Heavenly Delusion episode 10 recap

This is the first time that a Hiruko is shown to possess the ability to control the weather, solidifying the fact that on top of having unnatural strength, they also possess supernatural powers, making the reality of their existence even more mysterious.

After realizing that the facility is completely abandoned, they leave the compound to inform a dejected Juichi of their failure to locate his kid.

That’s when they are approached by two men; it turns out it was Bore #6 and Bore #9 from when Juichi was still a prisoner.

The two men inform the group that Juichi’s baby is still alive and healthy and that they are living somewhere else now, and they invite them to their house.

On the way to their house, they recount the story of their escape.

It was a month after Juichi had escaped from the facility, and the two women who helped him were hanged.

The baby started crying one night, and fearing the wrath of their captors; the men started to try to calm the baby down. That’s when a Hiruko attacked the house; it was the same Hiruko that Maru and Kiruko encountered. Since they were awake, the men managed to escape their captivity through the hole made by Hiruko, but all the women ended up dying.

When they get to the house, Juichi finally gets to meet Jugo, his son, who is much older now and can walk on his own.

Juichi rushes to his son and embarrasses him in his arms. We finally get to see a sympathetic side to Juichi’s character, who has been very cunning up until now.

After a very sweet and heartwarming reunion between a father and his lost son, everybody is in a good mood, and they organize a big welcome party for Juichi, where everybody eats and has a good time except for Juichi, who seems lost in thought for some reason. But everything goes well in the end, and they all head to bed.

As they were trying to fall asleep, the temperature started to drop again.

It was the same Hiruko who had attacked them earlier. Kiruko manages to wake Maru up, and they head outside to escape the cold. But they soon realize that there are people who haven’t come out yet, including Juichi and Jugo.

Kiruko goes in to help them escape and encounters the leader, who is holding the unconscious bodies of Juichi and Jugo in his arms.

Kiruko takes Jugo from him and runs outside to help him escape the Hiruko, but it seems like the cold is following her, and she can’t get away from it. She is about to fall unconscious, and that’s when Maru stops her and takes the baby away.

It turns out that Jugo himself is a Hiruko and is causing this sudden drop in temperature.

When Jugo regains consciousness, everything goes back to normal as if nothing has happened. Everybody takes a sigh of relief, but they will have to be careful about Jugo’s uncontrollable powers from now on.

In the morning, Kiruko and Maru are preparing to leave the men to get back on their journey, and they are surprised that Juichi offers them their car to take with them since he has no need to travel anymore.

As the duo leaves, they tell Juichi to be careful not to get frozen to death by his son.

In the end, it seems like Juichi will finally have a good life ahead of him with his son and his former captives. But that dream soon comes to an end when we see Bore #9’s murdered body with a slash wound on his neck and Juichi standing over it with an electrical saw in his hands.

Heavenly Delusion Episode 10 Ending explained: What is The Truth Behind Juichi's Backstory?
Heavenly Delusion Episode 10 Recap

It turns out that when he was trying to escape the facility with the two women and his son, it was Bore #9 who sounded the alarm and let everyone know that someone was trying to escape.

It was because of him that the two women ended up dying. So this was just an act of revenge on Juichi’s part.

After the murder, he takes his son and escapes in their car to a place nobody knows about.

This was a wild episode of Heavenly Delusion. We finally get to see the conclusion to Juichi’s side story, with a very twisted ending that nobody could have expected.

We also learn that there might be some connection between humans and hirukos with the discovery of a human child (Jugo) who seems to possess hiruko-like power.

Does the existence of this place called “Heaven” have something to do with the resurgence of the hirukos?

How are they related to these children? Will Maru and Kiruko ever find “heaven”? These are questions that continue to captivate the audience as we wait for the next episode of “Heavenly Delusion.”

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