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Toge Inumaki: Will Toge Inumaki Die in Jujutsu Kaisen? and What are Toge Inumaki's powers?
Toge Inumaki: Will Toge Inumaki Die in Jujutsu Kaisen? and What are Toge Inumaki's powers?

Toge Inumaki: Will Toge Inumaki Die in Jujutsu Kaisen? and What are Toge Inumaki’s powers?

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Gege Akutami’s Jujutsu Kaisen has enthralled fans with its furious combat, intriguing characters, and astonishing plot.

While the world goes gaga over Gojo Satoru, Ryomen Sukuna, Suguru Geto, Nanami Kento and yet-to-be-animated Toji Fushigro, we should not sideline the new generation of sorcerers.

Among the new-gen sorcerers at Tokyo Metropolitan Jujutsu Technical High School, Toge Inumaki is a student renowned for his distinct capacity to communicate and influence others through his cursed speech and is one of the many adored characters in the series.

He is the only second-grade sorcerer among the first years who is allowed to take missions on his own. 

Toge, a member of the Inumaki clan, is endowed with the powerful and distinguishing ability known as cursed speech.

Toge uses cursed energy to impel anybody who hears his voice to follow his instructions.

At first glance, Toge Inumaki appears to be a composed, isolated, and detached individual. People frequently misjudge him and think he’s unapproachable because of his demeanour.

Toge is intelligent and aware of the risks associated with his imposing might.

He acknowledges the repercussions of his cursed speech and the possible harm they might do to others.

As a result, he decides to use rice ball components as a form of speech in an unusual way.

Many of his friends have taken an effort to learn and adjust to his manner of communicating, even if this unique approach makes it difficult for others to comprehend him.

Toge may be reticent, yet his acts reveal his genuine concern and care for those around him.

He displays a bold and level-headed demeanour in difficult and dangerous circumstances, keeping cool and collected.

As a senpai, he extends his protective impulses to his younger Jujutsu High School classmates as well as to his close classmates Yuta, Maki, and Panda.

Toge Inumaki: Will Toge Inumaki Die in Jujutsu Kaisen? and What are Toge Inumaki's powers?
Toge Inumaki: Will Toge Inumaki Die in Jujutsu Kaisen? and What are Toge Inumaki’s powers?

What are Toge Inumaki’s powers? Great Cursed Energy: Toge Inumaki’s Powerful Cursed Speech

Toge Inumaki’s distinctly potent cursed speech method is one of his most extraordinary skills in the world of Jujutsu Kaisen.

Toge’s cursed speech demands a lot of cursed energy, in addition to his amazing stamina, especially when dealing with strong curses.

Owing to his jujutsu calibre, any curse user weaker than him will face an inevitable defeat. His directives have an impact on even special-grade curses. 

The Cursed Speech 

The “Snake & Fangs” seal of Toge is an exceptional talent drawn from the curse techniques of the Inumaki clan.

The presence of this seal, which denotes the link between his cursed energy and the words he articulates, is conspicuously exhibited on his tongue and around both sides of his mouth.

With the use of the seal, Toge is able to imbue his speech with cursed energy, turning it into a powerful command that may drive subordinates to submit.

This power goes beyond simple suggestion or persuasion; it has an immediate impact on the thoughts and deeds of individuals who hear Toge’s remarks.

It is a powerful and flexible force that affects all living things, including people and spirits, under the curse.

The cursed energy instilled inside Toge’s commands increases their power. The compulsion grows greater the more cursed force he focuses on his speech. 

When confronted with opponents who have a greater amount of cursed energy, Toge’s strength becomes more taxing.

Using weaker phrases against such opponents necessitates increased use of his cursed energy.

This depletes his stamina and exposes him to vulnerability and physical hardship.

Toge’s potential to dominate others with his words is a two-edged blade. While it provides him with a significant edge in conflicts and confrontations, it also necessitates a careful balance between the power of his directives and the limitations of his cursed energy.

Toge must measure his opponents’ cursed energy levels wisely and modify his directives appropriately, preserving his resources while efficiently affecting his targets.

It’s worth mentioning that communication gadgets or voice amplifiers, such as telephones and bullhorns, do not affect Toge’s cursed speech.

This one-of-a-kind feature allows Toge to project his words and their effects across a greater distance if necessary.

Commands in Curse Speech of Inumaki

Explode: Toge may cause his target to explode violently with this order. This potent command enables him to exorcise swarms of weak curses with ease, eradicating them in a single hit.

We witnessed him using this cursed speech when he was requested to exorcise a pack of low-level curses, precisely a swarm of curses in the shape of fish, in the Hapina Shopping District. 

Get Twisted: When Toge says this, he causes a curse’s limbs to twist and distort to the point of full deformity.

While it may not be lethal, it drastically weakens the curse, making it simpler to exorcise and less effective in a fight. He used this against a grade 2 curse created by Geto in the same shopping district. 

Get Crushed: Toge may deal a crushing blow to foes by instructing his victim to collapse until they are flattened out.

This order was very effective in giving the last blow to a Grade 2 curse, mentioned earlier, effectively ending it.

He gulped the syrup and crushed the curse in seconds with a strong force in his throat.

Crumble Away: With this order, Toge generates a tiny area of incredibly heavy gravity, crushing the target and forcefully sending it underground.

He used this order to try to kill the strong curse user Suguru Geto in Jujutsu High, Kyoto while protecting Maki and Yuta from the attacks of Geto. It demonstrated the fatal potency of his talents. 

Don’t Move or Stop: These orders immobilise Toge’s victims or entirely stop their assaults.

By utilising “Don’t Move,” he was able to halt grade 1 Aoi Todo’s unrelenting advances against Megumi Fushigro, a first-year student of Jujustu High, before the Goodwill Event.

Furthermore, during his severe combat with the curse Hanami, Toge frequently instructed it to cease, temporarily taking control of its motions.

Sleep: Toge can successfully incapacitate his opponents by instantly inducing a profound slumber in anybody who hears the command.

He used this formidable method over the phone to neutralise Kasumi Miwa, making her unable to continue fighting.

Return: This command dispels a Shikigami and returns it to its original form.

Toge used this order to return Megumi’s Divine Dog after using it for tracking, proving the mastery of his talents. 

Run Away: When Toge issues this command, his prey is forced to escape the location.

He utilised this command to secure the safety of his companions, ordering them to flee from unregistered special grade Hanami’s oncoming threat, giving them time to regroup and plot.

Blast Away: One of Toge’s most powerful orders, this method generates a powerful concussive explosion. Its strength is powerful enough to send a special-grade curse smashing up the side of a temple, demonstrating Toge’s vast destructive potential.

The Backlash of Cursed Speech

Cursed Speech, while a strong Cursed Technique, has many shortcomings. Cursed Speech user Inumaki suffers from a variety of adverse consequences, including a painful throat, inability to talk, and other problems.

To counteract these symptoms, Inumaki usually has a bottle of cough syrup at his disposal. 

Furthermore, there is a limit to how much Cursed Speech Inumaki may utilise before it causes significant harm to his health.

Overuse might cause him to cough up blood, demonstrating the strain he is under. As a result, he must proceed with caution and keep the severity and frequency of his Cursed Speech in mind.

Cursed Speech is a severe constraint for Inumaki. He is unable to talk in normal Japanese throughout his daily conversations in order to prevent inadvertently harming others or himself. This restriction arises from his cursed words’ intrinsic power and impact, which may exercise control over the actions and fate of those who hear them.

Inumaki’s Limited Speech: Utilizing “Safe Words” Inspired by Onigiri Ingredients

To avoid this danger, Inumaki has developed a unique communication system based on “safe words” connected to the elements contained in onigiri, a famous Japanese rice ball snack.

Inumaki assures that his communication has no unexpected implications or harmful impacts by employing these safe words instead of conventional Japanese.

 Though initially, it is very hard to comprehend what he wants to communicate, however, with time, one gets accustomed to the unique communication system. 

When Inumaki says Shake or Shake sushi, he indicates agreement or affirmation. These phrases signify salmon, and their use denotes his agreement or permission to anything.

When he says Okaka, alluding to bonito/fish flakes, he expresses dissent or rejection, acting as the inverse of the affirmative phrases.

The greeting of Inumaki is symbolised by the phrase Konbu/kombu, which signifies kelp.

It enables him to establish courteous interactions by expressing some type of recognition or salutation.

Furthermore, Inumaki uses certain onigiri components to express anxiety and worry.

Takana, which refers to pickled mustard leaf, is one such term that expresses his loving and empathic feelings towards others.

On the other hand, uses Sujiko and Ikura/Igura to catch someone’s attention or curse. 

This demonstrates how different onigiri ingredients have diverse connotations in his communication system. 

The Enigmatic Evolution of Toge Inumaki: Unveiling the Depths of Mystery in Jujutsu Kaisen

Toge Inumaki’s persona in Jujutsu Kaisen was initially cryptic and guarded.

His restricted speech and the “Snake & Fangs” seal on his tongue gave his character an aura of mystery and intrigue.

As the series progressed, Toge’s true essence began to unveil itself, displaying a multifaceted character with great development potential. 

Toge’s ability to infuse cursed energy into his words and manipulate others demonstrated not just his fighting power but also his natural sensitivity and sense of justice.

Toge displayed his profound comprehension of the sorrow and suffering endured by cursed spirits and people alike by using Cursed Speech.

His sensitive approach to exorcism, as well as his dedication to rescuing lives, exemplified his good goals and ethical compass.

Toge, like his students and comrades, encountered several obstacles throughout the Jujutsu Kaisen series.

He fought alongside his allies in conflicts that challenged his determination and allegiance, from terrible curses to powerful opponents.

Toge’s unrelenting devotion to safeguarding others, even at considerable personal risk, demonstrated his tenacity and firm confidence in the ideals he held dear.

Skillfully employing foreshadowing and suspense in Jujutsu Kaisen has been used to generate tension and mystery about Toge’s character in Jujutsu Kaisen, which is noted for its unforeseen twists and turns.

The series has left viewers thinking about the potential risks and terrible end that Inumaki may face using smart narrative strategies like eerie encounters and references to hazardous curses.

This increased tension deepens Toge’s character development and heightens the effect of his actions and decisions in the manga.

Toge’s Role in Jujutsu Kaisen 0: Battles, Missions, and Growth

Toge plays an important role in the tale of Jujutsu Kaisen 0. When Yuta is presented to the class, he first intends to fight him after detecting the curse within him. 

Hapina Gallery’s Mission

Kiyotaka Ijichi assigns an assignment specially requested for Toge. He is paired with Yuta, and when they enter the exhibition, they are confronted by a slew of curses, which Toge easily exorcises. However, they realise that a tremendous curse is lurking after they found out that the veil was not removed yet. 

A Perilous Encounter and Toge’s Sacrifice

When a curse appears unexpectedly behind them, Toge pushes Yuta away and absorbs the entire brunt of the curse’s onslaught. Despite having exorcised the curse, Toge has agony and coughs, reflecting the toll it has had on his body. Toge is rescued and brought to safety by Yuta, but owing to the rush, they neglect to get Toge’s throat medicine.

Yūta’s Rescue and Toge’s Recovery

Toge is ready to face the curse again after a brief period of recuperation, but Yuta insists on taking his place. Yuta defeats the curse and gives Toge throat medicine, allowing him to restore his vigour. Toge successfully exorcises the curse with his cursed speech after gulping the medicine. 

The War of Survival

On December 24, all the sorcerers were assembled to stop Suguru and his Night Parade of a Hundred Demons in Shinjuku and Kyoto. Toge and Panda were assigned to assist the sorcerers in Shinjuku to meet Suguru’s forces.

However, they were sent back to Jujutsu High when Gojo realised that they had been tricked by Geto. Gojo’s intuition kicked in when he found that Suguru was not at the forefront, which is unusual for a guy who is a natural snob. 

Toge and Panda are easily vanquished in the face of Suguru’s power, but Yuta with the help of his cursed spirit, Rika,  defeats Suguru and saves his companions. Inumaki gets saved and continues to be a part of the plot. 

Toge Inumaki: Will Toge Inumaki Die in Jujutsu Kaisen? and What are Toge Inumaki's powers?
Toge Inumaki: Will Toge Inumaki Die in Jujutsu Kaisen? and What are Toge Inumaki’s powers?

Will Toge Inumaki Die in Jujutsu Kaisen?

Shibuya Incident Arc: Toge’s Assistance and Loss

An overwhelming swarm of deformed humans had unleashed havoc on innocent bystanders when Yuji arrived at the Shibuya station.

When confronted with the enormous number of opponents, Yuji realised it was impossible to save everyone in the middle of the unrelenting onslaught.

However, just as everything looked lost, Toge appeared, providing his much-needed aid.

Toge used his powerful skill of cursed speech with astonishing effectiveness at that critical juncture, quickly exorcising a significant number of the mutated humans causing havoc within the station.

Toge’s arrival not only offered Yuji crucial assistance but also demonstrated the actual scope of his strength and the deep impact of his one-of-a-kind style.

Toge’s dedication to defending the innocent became clear as he skilfully used cursed words to quell the continuous attack.

His acts demonstrated his unyielding commitment to justice and his unflinching pursuit of safeguarding the safety of people in need.

However, Toge’s involvement costs him his left arm in Sukuna’s strike, but he survives. Toge Inumaki does not die either in the anime or in the manga. 

He has made a comeback in the manga in the Culling Game Arc that has left the audience creating tremendous curiosity and enthusiasm online.

The fans are overjoyed, relieved, and excited about his involvement in the forthcoming chapters.


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