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How strong is Sanji in One Piece? Did he eat any Devil Fruit?
How strong is Sanji in One Piece? Did he eat any Devil Fruit?

How strong is Sanji in One Piece? Did he eat any Devil Fruit?

Sanji, the suave and skilled cook of the Straw Hat Pirates, has showcased remarkable strength and growth throughout his journey in the world of One Piece.

From his early days as a member of Baratie to his numerous power-ups and character development in subsequent arcs, Sanji’s abilities and determination have made him a formidable force.

In this article, we delve into the question of how strong Sanji truly is, exploring his power-ups, his desire for a specific Devil Fruit, his backstory, and his goals as a member of the Straw Hat Pirates.

How strong is Sanji in One Piece? What is Sanji’s Backstory, and what are his Goals?

Sanji’s backstory, revealed during the Whole Cake Island arc, unveils his tragic past as a member of the Vinsmoke family, renowned assassins and rulers of the Germa Kingdom.

Born as the third son of Vinsmoke Judge, Sanji’s early life was marked by abuse and neglect as he was the only one among his siblings who did not awaken the genetic enhancements and strong exoskeleton that were implanted in them before their bother by their father, Vinsmoke Judge.

Despite the hardships he endured, Sanji’s dream of discovering the mythical All Blue, a sea that brings together the world’s oceans and their diverse fish species, remained a driving force.

It was during his time at Baratie, a renowned floating restaurant, that we witnessed his early adventures and his decision to join the Straw Hat Pirates, a choice that would shape his destiny.

During his tremendous adventures, Sanji gained a lot of power-ups that allowed him to overcome and defeat formidable enemies and help his crew members in times of need. Some of them are listed below:

How strong is Sanji in One Piece? Did he eat any Devil Fruit?
How strong is Sanji in One Piece? Did he eat any Devil Fruit?

1. Black Leg Style

Sanji’s signature fighting style emphasizes powerful kicks and acrobatic manoeuvres. He honed his skills at the Baratie and continues to refine them throughout his journey.

His kicks are known for their incredible strength and precision, capable of taking down formidable opponents. Sanji’s refusal to use his hands in combat is tied to his culinary expertise and personal honour as a chef.

He believes that using his hands for violence would tarnish their purpose of creating delectable dishes, showcasing his commitment to his culinary art and his respect for the integrity of his hands.

2. Diable Jambe

During the Enies Lobby arc, Sanji unveils a significant power-up called Diable Jambe.

By heating his leg through friction, Sanji engulfs it in intense flames, enhancing the power of his kicks and delivering devastating blows to his opponents.

The flames not only increase the strength of his attacks but also add an element of intimidation, instilling fear in his enemies.

The first enemy that Sanji defeated using Diable Jambe was Jyabura, one of the members of CP9, during the Enies Lobby arc.

Sanji used the intense heat generated by spinning his leg at high speeds with Diable Jambe to overpower Jyabura’s attacks and ultimately defeat him in a fiery display of strength and skill.

3. Moon Walk

After the time skip, Sanji undergoes intense training in the Kamabakka Kingdom, where he masters the Moon Walk technique under the guidance of the okama, a group of cross-dressing warriors.

This high-speed movement technique allows him to defy gravity and move swiftly in the air, enabling him to navigate challenging terrains and outmanoeuvre his enemies.

Sanji’s Moon Walk has proven to be a valuable asset in his battles against formidable opponents.

It allows him to traverse difficult terrains, engage in aerial combat, and outmanoeuvre adversaries with swift and unpredictable movements.

His mastery of this technique showcases his dedication to honing his skills and pushing the boundaries of his abilities.

4. Raid Suit Upgrade

Obtained during the Whole Cake Island arc, Sanji receives a significant power boost with the Raid Suit, a technological suit developed by his family, the Vinsmoke.

This suit not only enhances his physical abilities, including speed and strength but also provides him with a range of advanced weapons and defensive capabilities.

By donning the Raid Suit, Sanji gains a tremendous advantage in combat, enabling him to face off against powerful foes with renewed confidence.

The first enemy Sanji defeated using the Raid Suit upgrade was Page One, a member of the Beast Pirates, during the Wano Country arc.

Utilizing the enhanced capabilities of the Raid Suit, Sanji showcased incredible speed and strength, overpowering Page One with a combination of devastating kicks and lightning-fast movements.

Although, Sanji destroyed his Raid Suit because he refused to rely on Germa technology and wanted to embrace his strength and identity as a member of the Straw Hat Pirates.

5. Genetic Enhancements

During the Whole Cake Island arc, it was revealed that Sanji possessed genetic modifications bestowed upon him by his family, the Vinsmokes.

But these enhancements did not awaken in Sanji’s body for some unknown reason. These enhancements included an exoskeleton, which significantly boosted his physical strength and durability.

Although the drawback of having these enhancements was that these Modified Humans lost their humanity and would do anything to complete their mission.

With the excess use of his Raid Suit, Sanji finally awakened those Genetic Enhancements in the Wano Country arc that were implanted within him by his father.

These enhancements allowed Sanji to deliver powerful attacks and withstand formidable blows in battles against powerful opponents.

The genetic modifications served as a testament to Sanji’s resilience and added another layer to his capabilities as a fighter.

6. Ifrit Jambe

In the Wano Country arc, Sanji showcases a new power-up called Ifrit Jambe.

While battling against Queen, one of the All-Stars of the Beast Pirates, Sanji combines his fiery power with his signature kicks, his Busoshoku Haki and his newly awakened Genetic Enhancements, transforming them into blazing infernos.

These intense blue flames further amplify the destructive force of his attacks, allowing him to overcome formidable adversaries. These flames allowed Sanji to overpower Queen and throw him off of Onigashima. 

How strong is Sanji in One Piece? Did he eat any Devil Fruit?
How strong is Sanji in One Piece? Did he eat any Devil Fruit?

Did Sanji eat any Devil Fruit?

Up to this point in the series Sanji did not eat any kind of Devil Fruit, however, during the Thriller Bark arc, Sanji briefly expresses his desire to acquire the Suke Suke no Mi, a Devil Fruit that grants the power of invisibility.

He believes this power would greatly enhance his cooking and fighting abilities, allowing him to move undetected and execute surprise attacks.

However, his dedication to his crew and his pursuit of his dreams take precedence over acquiring a Devil Fruit power, as he understands that his true strength lies within his capabilities.

What makes Sanji such an interesting character?

In the Whole Cake Island arc, Sanji’s character undergoes tremendous growth and development.

The arc exposes his complicated family dynamics, the heartbreaking revelation of his arranged marriage, and the emotional turmoil he faces.

Despite the betrayal he experiences at the hands of Pudding, who reveals her true intentions to deceive him, Sanji’s resolve remains unshaken.

He chooses to forgive and move forward, displaying his strength of character and his commitment to his crew.

Despite the challenges, Sanji displays unwavering loyalty to his friends, especially during the wedding ceremony, where he willingly sacrifices his happiness for their safety.

This act of selflessness highlights the depth of his character and the strength of his convictions.

Sanji is known for his unwavering chivalry, which forbids him from engaging in physical combat with women.

This distinctive trait reflects his respect for the fairer sex and his belief in protecting them rather than inflicting harm.

It adds a unique dynamic to his fights, often requiring him to devise alternative strategies to overcome female opponents without resorting to direct violence.

With each new arc, Sanji’s strength and capabilities continue to impress. From his early battles at Baratie to his power-ups like Moon Walk, Diable Jambe, Ifrit Jambe, and the Raid Suit, Sanji’s growth as a fighter is undeniable.

His backstory, character development, and unwavering loyalty to his crew make him a beloved and indispensable member of the Straw Hat Pirates.

Sanji’s journey is a testament to the power of determination, resilience, and the pursuit of one’s dreams.

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