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Chainsaw Man: Hottest Chainsaw Man Female Characters Ranked
Hottest Chainsaw Man Female Characters Ranked

Chainsaw Man: Hottest Chainsaw Man Female Characters Ranked

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Chainsaw Man, the popular manga series by Tatsuki Fujimoto, is known for its compelling storylines and unique characters.

Among the diverse cast, several female characters have captivated readers with their beauty, strength, and overall appeal.

In this article, we will rank the top 10 hottest female characters in Chainsaw Man based on their attractiveness and impact on fans.

1. Makima

Makima (Image Credit: Korosenai)

Securing the top spot on the list of “Hottest Chainsaw Man Female Characters” is none other than Makima, a character whose enigmatic personality leaves readers captivated.

Makima presents herself as a girl with a serious and composed demeanour, calmly explaining complex situations without losing her composure. However, beneath her seemingly benign facade, Makima harbours a cunning and manipulative nature.

Through a combination of promises and threats, Makima controls Denji, using the allure of a romantic and sexual relationship while holding the power to exterminate him should he defy her commands.

Her ultimate goals remain shrouded in mystery, and her loyalty to humanity is ambiguous at best. 

Makima’s fascination with Chainsaw Man, the “hero from hell,” is notable. She admires his ability to consume and eradicate embodied concepts of demons, leading her to envision a world free from fear.

She aims to bring Chainsaw Man under her control, viewing his power as a means to create an “ideal” world. 

Her unwavering pursuit of power and control, coupled with her mysterious goals, make her a compelling and unforgettable character in the story’s narrative.

2. Power


Ranking at the impressive second spot on the list of “Hottest Chainsaw Man Female Characters” is Power. Despite her name, Power’s personality is characterized by childishness, greed, and a strong sense of self-interest.

However, when faced with overwhelming odds, Power has no qualms about fleeing from a battle. Her status as a demon human grants her a superiority complex, leading her to boast about her prowess compared to her fellow demon hunters.

One notable aspect of Power’s character is her lack of loyalty to humanity, openly admitting her indifference toward anyone. She displays rudeness, carelessness, and a disregard for cleanliness, rarely bathing or maintaining proper hygiene. 

Interestingly, Power’s character experiences a significant development when she forms a deep bond with her pet, Nyako. This connection allows her to feel compassion for the first time, extending her care beyond her desires.

When Nyako is kidnapped, Power goes against her selfish nature and takes action to protect and rescue her beloved companion.

Power’s blend of selfishness, gluttony, and unexpected moments of compassion makes her a fascinating and memorable character in the Chainsaw Man series. 

3. Reze


Securing the third position on the list of “Hottest Chainsaw Man Female Characters” is Reze, also known as Lady Reze. She is a unique hybrid who has merged with the powerful Bomb Devil, making her a formidable force.

Initially introduced as an ally of the Gun Devil, Reze takes on the role of the main antagonist during the Bomb Girl Arc

At first glance, she portrays herself as a kind and gentle girl, developing a romantic interest in Denji shortly after their encounter. However, beneath her charming exterior lies a manipulative and ruthless personality. 

It’s important to note that while she engages in these violent acts, she does not derive pleasure from killing and prefers to avoid it whenever possible unless it becomes necessary to fulfil her mission.

Her connection with the Bomb Devil enhances her power and makes her a formidable adversary. Reze’s enigmatic persona and captivating allure secure her a prominent place among the hottest female characters in Chainsaw Man.

4. Quanxi

Quanxi (Image credit: Sportskeeda Anime)

Quanxi claims the fourth spot on the list of “Hottest Chainsaw Man Female Characters.” In the manga, she is portrayed as a calm and stoic individual who doesn’t hesitate to discuss business matters even while in the company of her harem of demons. 

In combat, Quanxi exhibits a ruthlessly pragmatic approach. She prioritizes efficiently reducing her enemies’ numbers and eliminating distractions by throwing them off the battlefield.

Even when faced with challenging situations, such as being thrown into hell, Quanxi swiftly evaluates her circumstances and calls for a ceasefire to assess the situation. 

Hints from the manga and her interactions with other characters imply that Quanxi has a past within the Devil Slayer organization. Santa Claus refers to her as the “First Demon Slayer,” and her conversation with Kishibe suggests a previous friendship between the two. 

Quanxi’s enigmatic persona, coupled with her strategic prowess and underlying care for her friends, contribute to her allure as one of the standout female characters in Chainsaw Man.

Her composed demeanour, combined with her formidable combat skills, make her a captivating presence within the series.

5. Himeno


Himeno takes the fifth spot on the list of “Hottest Chainsaw Man Female Characters.”

In the manga, she is depicted as a mature and experienced individual who holds a position of authority over the recruits working with her. 

With her upbeat body language and ability to remain calm in highly stressful situations, Himeno exudes a sense of confidence and composure.

One notable aspect of Himeno’s character is her ability to motivate and understand those around her. 

As a Devil Slayer, Himeno demonstrates efficiency and forcefulness in carrying out her duties. She swiftly dispatches even seemingly insignificant Devils using her Phantom Devil power, showcasing her strength and skill in combat. 

Her dynamic presence and depth make her an intriguing character within the series, leaving readers eager to explore her further as the story unfolds.

6. Long

Long holds the sixth position on the list of “Hottest Chainsaw Man Female Characters.”

In the manga, she is portrayed as one of Quanxi’s friends and a member of her harem. However, the available information about Long’s character is limited at this time, leaving much of her background and personality shrouded in mystery.

As the story progresses, readers eagerly anticipate learning more about Long and her role within Quanxi’s group. While her character development may be yet to be fully explored in the manga, her inclusion on the list indicates that she possesses qualities that appeal to fans of Chainsaw Man. 

Fans eagerly await further revelations about her character, hoping to uncover the secrets and complexities that lie beneath her enigmatic presence.

7. Nayuta

Nayuta (Image credit: twitter @yahyaasahbi)

Nayuta holds the significant position of being the seventh-ranked character on the list of “Hottest Chainsaw Man Female Characters.” She is portrayed as the reincarnation of Demonbending, a mysterious entity within the Chainsaw Man universe. 

Despite the limited knowledge about Nayuta’s personality, it is suggested that she shares a deep affection for dogs, much like her predecessor.

While specific details regarding Nayuta’s character traits, powers, and role in the story may be elusive, her status as the reincarnation of Demonbending imbues her with a sense of intrigue and importance. 

As the manga unfolds, readers can anticipate further revelations about Nayuta’s identity, motivations, and potential contributions to the overarching plot of Chainsaw Man.

8. Santa Claus

Santa Claus is a fascinating character in Chainsaw Man known for her tactical and strategic prowess. She exhibits cunning and manipulative behaviour, often using perfect dolls as her tools for negotiation and control. 

She is shown to hide in the Soviet Union and employ a perfect puppet to carry out her plans.

Santa Claus has a distinct and unorthodox way of conducting her operations.

In battles, Santa Claus showcases her ruthless tactics. She can transfer her pain to her puppet creations scattered across the world, making it challenging for her opponents to defeat her. 

Additionally, she leverages the personalities of her dolls to intimidate and eliminate her enemies, as seen in her confrontation with Quanxi.

Despite her morally questionable actions and manipulative tendencies, her strategic brilliance and unique abilities make her a compelling character within the series.

9. Akane Sawatari

Akane Sawatari
Akane Sawatari

Ranking at number nine on the list of “Hottest Chainsaw Man Female Characters” is Akane Sawatari, a minor antagonist in the series. As a Civilian Devil Slayer aligned with the Gun Devil, Akane wields the power of the Serpent Devil through a contract. 

Akane’s character contributes to the dynamic and ever-evolving world of Chainsaw Man.

Though her role may be relatively minor, her affiliation with the Gun Devil and her use of the Serpent Devil’s abilities hint at her significance within the overarching narrative. 

While Akane’s presence may not dominate the spotlight, her inclusion in the ranking acknowledges her impact on the Chainsaw Man storyline and her contribution to the overall atmosphere of suspense and intrigue that keeps fans engrossed in the series.

10. Kobeni Higashiyama

Kobeni Higashiyama
Kobeni Higashiyama

Taking the tenth spot on the list of “Hottest Chainsaw Man Female Characters” is Kobeni Higashiyama. Kobeni is depicted as a character who is not particularly brave and easily succumbs to fear, especially when confronted by Devils. 

Under pressure, Kobeni tends to break down and resort to extreme measures in an attempt to save herself.

It is worth noting that when Kobeni does manage to gather her composure and spring into action, she exhibits level-headedness and efficiency. 

During confrontations with adversaries like Katana Man and Akane Sawatari, she displays a relentless determination, forcing them to retreat before succumbing to panic once the fight concludes.

Kobeni’s character portrayal in Chainsaw Man showcases the vulnerability and fragility of a person faced with overwhelming fear and pressure. Her internal struggle adds depth to her personality, making her a complex and multifaceted character within the series.

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