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Doctor Cha Episode 14 Recap and Ending Explained: Cha Jeong Suk's Troubling Health Crisis
Doctor Cha Episode 14 Recap and Ending Explained: Cha Jeong Suk's Troubling Health Crisis

Doctor Cha Episode 14 Recap and Ending Explained: Cha Jeong Suk’s Troubling Health Crisis

Korean Drama Doctor Cha Episode 14 Recap and Ending Explained

With Doctor Cha Episode 14, the drama has once again claimed the top spot on Good Data Corporation’s weekly list of the most buzzworthy dramas for the third consecutive time.

This captivating series revolves around the life of Cha Jeong Suk, a former housewife of twenty years, who embarks on a new journey as a first-year resident.

As she navigates the challenges of her career, Jeong Suk finds herself facing a plethora of experiences that test her resilience and determination.

Doctor Cha Episode 14 Recap:

The Fallout of the Revelation

Oh Deok Rye, who was oblivious to Seo In Ho’s infidelity until now, confronts the situation head-on with a heart full of anger.

Deok Rye had sensed something amiss when Kwak Ae Sim showered her with expensive gifts, and now the truth has come crashing down. Fueled by her emotions, she throws all the medicines and cosmetic products at In Ho.

While Deok Rye’s anger towards her daughter may seem harsh, it stems from a place of genuine concern. As Jeong Suk is a recovering patient, Deok Rye worries about her emotional state and the toll it might take on her health.

Doctor Cha Episode 14: Oh Deok Rye’s Health Crisis

Deok Rye, despite maintaining a composed facade in front of In Ho, is deeply affected by the recent events. She expresses her desire to be discharged from the hospital.

The results of her brain MRI are revealed. The scans show the presence of blood clots, leading to cerebral infarctions, also known as ischemic stroke.

Immediate medical intervention is necessary, and the medical team swiftly proceeds with the removal of the clots. As a precautionary measure, Deok Rye is kept under observation in the intensive care unit.

After a night of anxious waiting, Deok Rye regains consciousness. However, the underlying cause of her health condition remains a mystery, leaving medical professionals puzzled.

As Deok Rye’s recovery progresses, she again expresses her desire to leave the hospital. However, Jeong Suk’s tears and emotional plea hold her back.

Doctor Cha Episode 14: Seo I Rang’s Visit to Choi Seung Hi

Seo I Rang, filled with remorse for her actions and the consequences they have had on Eun Seo, makes a detour to Choi Seung Hi’s office on her way to meet her grandmother.

Expressing deep regret, I Rang apologizes for the pain she has caused Eun Seo. She expresses her guilt over having caused Eun Seo to be unable to apply to her preferred art school.

I Rang begs Seung Hi to end her relationship with her father, Seo In Ho. As a gesture of sincerity, I Rang offers to make a sacrifice of her own.

She vows to give up her aspirations of pursuing art school in exchange for the fulfillment of her plea.

Wisdom from Oh Deok Rye

Deok Rye imparts her wisdom to Jeong Suk, reminding her that life is a mix of both joys and sorrows.

She advises Jeong Suk not to dwell on her misfortunes alone but to cherish the moments of happiness. She could go back to pursuing her passions; not everyone has the opportunity to do so.

Deok Rye doesn’t care about the duration of her remaining life. She has witnessed many good things. Jeong Suk has her children for company.

Together, Jeong Suk and Deok Rye return to the hospital room, where a delightful surprise party awaits Deok Rye, organized by I Rang and Jung Min.

Outside the room, In Ho contemplates joining the celebration but hesitates when he observes the genuine joy radiating from within. Lost in his thoughts, he comically tiptoes away.

Doctor Cha Episode 14: Choi Seung Hi’s Deduction of Oh Deok Rye’s Illness

Amidst the frustration of numerous failed diagnoses, Choi Seung Hi dedicates herself to finding answers for Deok Rye’s mysterious illness.

Working tirelessly through the night, she delves into medical cases and seeks advice from a former colleague in the United States who may have encountered a similar condition.

Driven by her intuition, Seung Hi orders specific tests and confirms her suspicions.

Here Jeong Suk gets ready to transfer her mother to another hospital. Realizing it, Seung Hi approaches Jeong Suk with conclusive results and a comprehensive treatment plan.

Deok Rye might be the mother of her love rival, but she was her patient first.

Jeong Suk calls Seung Hi to the rooftop and expresses her gratitude. But her resentment runs too deep to be able to forgive her. Seung Hi tells her about I Rang’s visit.

Children’s Suffering Solidifies Cha Jeong Suk’s Decision

The suffering experienced by Jeong Suk’s children, Eun Seo and I Rang, becomes a significant factor in Jeong Suk’s decision to proceed with the divorce from In Ho.

At the beginning of the episode, In Ho’s actions cast a shadow over a pleasant evening, begging Seung Hi and Eun Seo not to enter the restaurant, effectively ruining their time together.

This prompts Eun Seo to question why Seung Hi continues to see In Ho when they are not legally married and have no custody issues tying them together.

Feeling the weight of the children’s distress and recognizing that they are being subjected to unnecessary hardship during a crucial stage of their education, Jeong Suk becomes resolute in her choice to pursue a divorce.

Cha Jeong Suk Pursues Divorce

After firmly deciding to proceed with the divorce, Jeong Suk confronts In Ho by presenting him with a completed application for mutual divorce and custody rights. 

In Ho adamantly refuses, insisting that she take the matter to court and declaring his willingness to exhaust his entire fortune to prevent the divorce.

Jeong Suk treats her loyal friend Baek Mi Hee to drinks at an upscale establishment. In a drunken state, Mi Hee passionately encourages Jeong Suk to follow through with the divorce, emphasizing the importance of her happiness and well-being.

Meanwhile, In Ho, driven by his own emotions, finds himself drawn to a familiar pojangmacha, a small outdoor drinking establishment that he used to frequent with Seung Hi.

There, he coincidentally encounters Seung Hi and joins her. However, his excessive drinking leads him to become unruly and burdensome for Seung Hi to manage.

The following morning, In Ho is confronted with the reality of court orders. Jeong Suk had taken a decisive step by filing a divorce petition, signalling her unwavering commitment to ending their marriage.

Doctor Cha Episode 14: The Profoundness of Roy Kim’s Emotions

In a poignant flashback sequence in Doctor Cha Episode 14, Baek Mi Hee is shown inviting Roy Kim for a drink following their regular run.

During their conversation, Mi Hee inquires about Roy Kim’s feelings toward Jeong Suk, to which he promptly denies having any romantic sentiments.

Aware of the potential repercussions and challenges that could arise from such emotions and the potential difficulties they could cause Jeong Suk, Roy Kim chooses to suppress his feelings for the time being.

Doctor Cha Episode 14: Seo Jung Min Contemplates Enlistment

In the aftermath of the tragic death of patient Ji Seon, Jung Min feels the need to step back from the hospital and take a break.

Despite being aware that enlisting may not be the most favorable decision for his career, he decides to go ahead with it.

This break would not only allow him to process his emotions and recover but also give him the opportunity to explore his true passion within the medical field. He had blindly followed in his father’s footsteps and chose surgery without much thought.

Jung Min expresses his understanding if Jeon So Ra chooses not to wait for him during his enlistment. However, she urges him to be true to his feelings. 

He requests her to wait for him, revealing his desire to continue their relationship despite the upcoming challenges.

The cafe becomes witness to their emotional connection as So Ra embraces him, unbothered by the gazes of passersby.

Doctor Cha Episode 14 Ending Explained: Roy Kim Finds His Family

Roy Kim receives a call from the police informing him that his family had been located.

He confides in Jeong Suk, sharing his nervousness about the upcoming meeting, and requests her to accompany him. Jeong Suk agrees, cautioning against setting high expectations for the reunion.

On the day of the meeting, Jeong Suk maintains a calm exterior, but it is evident that she is just as, if not more, anxious than Roy.

As he finally comes face to face with his long-lost family, the encounter takes a devastating turn. Roy’s greatest desire to meet his biological mother is shattered when he learns that she had passed away much earlier.

Instead, he meets his two older brothers, two older sisters, and their gravely ill father.

To Roy’s dismay, it becomes apparent that his family’s motive for reaching out to him was anything but affection.

His father was diagnosed with acute leukaemia, and the family had hoped to find a suitable bone marrow donor within their newfound connection.

Cha Jeong Suk’s Alarming Health Issues

The long-standing concerns surrounding Cha Jeong Suk’s inconsistent medication and missed follow-up appointments have come to a climax in a deeply troubling development.

Overwhelmed by sadness after the meeting with Roy’s family, Jeong Suk’s intuition prompts her to rush back to the hospital, despite being ill-prepared for the occasion.

In a spontaneous act, Jeong Suk and Roy purchase matching shoes and embark on a gruelling 9.8-kilometre run to reach the hospital.

The following day, Jeong Suk visibly displays the effects of the strenuous exercise. However, her exhaustion takes a backseat when she receives news that she has been named the Resident of the Month.

Filled with joy and a sense of accomplishment, she captures the milestone by snapping selfies with her poster, basking in recognition for her dedicated efforts.

Unfortunately, amidst her elation, Jeong Suk’s health takes a drastic turn for the worse. While washing her hands in the ladies’ room, she experiences a sudden bout of dizziness followed by a coughing fit. Following a violent cough, she pales to find blood on the tissue.

Doctor Cha Episode 14 Review

It is a well-established fact that Seo In Ho is a scum. There was some sympathy for the man during the surprise party scene but that went down the drain later in the episode.

Roy Kim’s restrained and considerate approach is highlighted when in contrast with In Ho’s accusation of Jeong Suk’s decision to divorce being influenced by “Roy Kimberly”. 

Roy Kim had consciously chosen to prioritize Jeong Suk’s well-being and refrain from expressing his feelings, while In Ho displays a colossal lack of understanding and empathy for Jeong Suk’s situation.

Oh Deok Rye should have been brought into the loop sooner. Her casual dropping of wise words throughout the episode is much appreciated.

Oh Deok Rye’s letter to Seung Hi after her discharge is very touching. Hope it helps Seung Hi deal with her unsettled emotions.

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