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True to Love (Bo-Ra! Deborah) Finale
True to Love (Bo-Ra! Deborah) Finale (Image Credit : Viki)

True to Love (Bo-Ra! Deborah) Finale: Unraveling Twists and Ending Explained

This week, Amazon Prime bid farewell to its latest Korean drama sensation, “True to Love (Bo-Ra! Deborah).”

This captivating series revolves around the lives of Yeon Bo Ra, a dating coach who values strategic approaches to dating, and Lee Soo Hyuk, a publishing planner at Jinri book publishing house who believes in the power of sincerity in relationships.

With two contrasting perspectives on love, the stage is set for an exhilarating journey filled with twists and turns.

Background: Noh Joo Wan’s Infidelity and Bo Ra’s Heartbreak

In the world of love and relationships, Yeon Bo Ra had high hopes for a picture-perfect ending with her boyfriend, Noh Joo Wan, the CEO of a renowned chicken franchise.

However, her dreams were shattered when she discovered his infidelity.

To make matters worse, the other woman was introduced to Bo Ra as Joo Wan’s cousin, casting a dark shadow of deceit over their relationship.

As a dating coach who prided herself on offering advice to others, Bo Ra found herself experiencing a heartbreaking setback in her own love life, despite diligently following her own teachings.

Unlikely Alliance: Lee Soo Hyuk and Bo Ra’s Emotional Journey

Enter Lee Soo Hyuk, who initially starts off on the wrong foot with Bo Ra. Accidentally witnessing her every breakdown and embarrassment, he gradually begins to understand her.

As fate would have it, they find themselves working together to publish the latest work of writer Deborah, Bo Ra’s pen name.

Raw from his own breakup, Soo Hyuk empathizes with Bo Ra and becomes a source of support as they navigate their respective emotional journeys.

Along the way, a deep connection develops, and Soo Hyuk finds himself developing feelings for Bo Ra.

While Bo Ra is not immune to his charm, his inexpressiveness confuses her, adding a layer of complexity to their blossoming relationship.

The Battle for Bo Ra’s Heart: Ex-Boyfriend’s Persistence and Soo Hyuk’s Confusion

On the other hand, Bo Ra’s cheating ex-boyfriend makes persistent attempts to win her back.

Despite her reluctance, he goes to great lengths, even resorting to intimidating Soo Hyuk in the process.

While Bo Ra remains unfazed by his efforts, it starts to affect Soo Hyuk emotionally as he knew of her initial plan to reconcile with her ex.

The Unpredictable Choice: Bo Ra’s Bold Move

Keeping up with the progress of Korean dramas these days, it’s often hard to predict whether the main female lead will ultimately end up with the viewer’s expected male lead; see Love Alarm.

Similar uncertainty surrounds the progress of our story here, especially considering the events that unfolded in the penultimate episode.

Soo Hyeok, still shaken by Joo Wan’s intimidation, struggles to express his feelings even when directly confronted.

On the other hand, Bo Ra, armed with lessons from her past relationship, takes matters into her own hands and confesses her true feelings.

Soo Hyeok hesitates, unsure if diving into a new relationship is the right step for them. While Bo Ra feels a tinge of sadness, she has no regrets about her bold move.

In a typical Joo Wan fashion, he takes Bo Ra out for dinner and the entire conversation revolves around updating Bo Ra on the latest happenings of the franchise.

Some things never change, it seems. But then, in a dramatic twist, Joo Wan presents a takeout package that includes an unexpected surprise—a ring.

However, it’s a less-than-flattering proposal, coming too late for Bo Ra’s desires.

Long-Awaited Confessions: Joo Wan’s Late Proposal and Soo Hyuk’s Declaration of Love

To make matters more complicated, Da Mi, the woman Joo Wan cheated on Bo Ra with and is now apparently dating, enters the scene.

Having tracked his location and tapped his conversation, something Bo Ra had mentioned when she caught them kissing, she crashed the dinner “date” and ended up splashing wine on Joo Wan.

Cheers! And to add to the chaos, Soo Hyuk shows up at the restaurant as well.

Despite the difficulties, Bo Ra finally gets the long-awaited confession from Soo Hyuk, although it almost feels like she has to pull the words out of him.

It must have been quite a challenge for him, as he seemed ready to faint by the end. Their kiss marks the beginning of a cute, albeit cringey and cheesy, romance; quite close to the end of the drama.

Bo Mi and Jin Ho: Overcoming Challenges and a Joyful Announcement

Exciting news is on the horizon as Bo Mi and Jin Ho announce their pregnancy. The couple radiates joy and love, but it’s hard to ignore the financial challenges that come with raising a child.

Bo Ra expresses her concerns, yet Bo Mi remains optimistic and wholeheartedly believes that they can overcome any obstacles together.

With unwavering determination, they set their sights on a permanent future and tie the knot on Christmas, surrounded by their loved ones.

As the closing montage unfolds, a heartwarming picture of twins reveals the beautiful journey that lies ahead for this adorable couple.

Yu Jeong and Jin Woo: Rediscovering Love and Growing Closer

Yu Jeong finds herself at a crossroads, questioning the viability of her marriage.

Seeking guidance, she receives advice from an unexpected source to hear her husband out before making any decisions.

Determined to confront Jin Woo directly, she accidentally overhears a heartfelt conversation between Jin Woo and Jin Ho about their married life.

Listening to Jin Woo’s genuine expressions of love and their subtle acts of affection, Yu Jeong’s perspective begins to shift.

Inspired by the depth of their connection, she decides to give her marriage another chance.

With newfound openness, Yu Jeong and Jin Woo embark on a journey of rediscovering their love, growing closer, and becoming more attuned to each other’s needs.

Sang Jin and U Ri: Embracing Second Chances

In a surprising turn of events, Sang Jin reconsiders his initial decision to reject U Ri before she even has a chance to confess her feelings.

Realizing the potential for a connection, he recreates the coffee scenes, allowing U Ri to express herself.

This time, he listens attentively and wholeheartedly accepts her confession, allowing their relationship to bloom.

True to Love (Bo-Ra! Deborah) Review: Balancing Realism and Longing for Korean Drama Romance

The show could have benefited from more meaningful conversations, flirting, and dating moments in general between Bo Ra and Soo Hyuk.

The process of getting over a breakup felt dragged out and could have been handled more efficiently.

However, the series excelled in its realistic portrayal of relationships, which was both its best and worst aspects.

While I missed the typical flair of Korean drama romance at times, overall, it was a fairly good and, dare I say, educational drama.

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