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Heavenly Deusion Episode 9 Expalined
Heavenly Delusion Episode 9 Ending Explained: Can Maru And Kiruko Discover The Truth Behind The Bird Emblem?

Heavenly Delusion Episode 9 Ending Explained: Can Maru And Kiruko Discover The Truth Behind The Bird Emblem?

Heavenly Delusion episode 9 continues the exploration of this bizarre world after the “great disaster” through the journey of our main characters Maru and Kiruko in their endeavour to excavate the truth of this world.

This episode encounters multiple aspects of the story and reveals tiny bits of information that will help us understand this terrifying world a little better.

But it raises even more questions about the true nature of the facility that houses the children and the mysterious power that these children seem to possess.

This episode feels like a well-thought-out buildup for a grand reveal, and as we continue to follow the story, we are left with a certain sense of impatience at the prospect of solving this mystery.

Heavenly Delusion Episode 9: A Thorough Recap

Heavenly Delusion episode 9, “Children of the Nursery,” starts off by shedding some light on the back story of the abnormal character “Asura.” Currently presumed dead, Asura has continued to influence the psyche of characters in the facility.

Through this flashback, we learn more about Asura’s supernatural powers and their ability to manipulate space and technology in the facility.

Asura uses that power to shut down all the cameras in the facility to say a last goodbye to his friend “Kona” before committing suicide. Asura’s death has left the viewer in complete perplexity with the mystery surrounding their origin and reason for committing suicide.

However, even after their death, Asura continues to haunt the mind of Tokio, and in this episode, we also learn that Mimihime can see Asura too. It’s still unclear whether it’s their mind playing tricks on them or if it’s something supernatural.

con artist
Heavenly Deusion Episode 9 Expalined

Back on the outside, however, Maru and Kiruko still continue to look for Maru’s double and the place called “Heavenly.”

With the recent developments in episode 8, they discovered that Usami possessed the same emblem that they have on their Kiru beam.

Now, they finally have a lead, and they are looking for the town Usami used to live in. In their hopes of finding the whereabouts of this town, they come across an eccentric character who looked like a bandit.

He made money by selling information. Kiruko thought that they could get information about the emblem or the people they were looking for, but in the end, he just turned out to be a con artist who scammed them out of their money by telling them bogus stories about the mysterious disaster and the origin of “Man Eaters.”

When the duo figured it out, they pointed a gun at him, and he skedaddled away from there. However, Kiruko’s sharp eyes noticed the same emblem on a bulletin board that they have on kiru beam, and upon investigating the building, they discovered cardboard boxes that had the same emblem.

This was proof enough that they had come across a branch of the facility they were looking for. Upon further inspection, they discovered some documents that revealed that this was some sort of orphanage plus cram school called the “Takahara Academy.”

They also discovered graffiti on the walls that somewhat resembled the bird emblem on their gun. This was a major discovery in the journey, one they were excited to find out about, but there was also something unsettling about the whole situation.

The building they were in was decrepit, and there was no sign of life, but they realised that if they wanted to find the truth about all the mysteries surrounding the emblem, the facility, and the disappearance of the doctor and Robin, then this was the only lead they had.

The document also showed that the two main branches of the facility were in Ibaraki and Nara, so this is probably where the story is going to take us next.

Heavenly Deusion Episode 9 Expalined
Heavenly Deusion board meeting to discuess future actions

The final scenes of the episode were especially surprising, as the director of the Takahara Academy arranged an emergency meeting with what seemed like all the important members of the committee that rules the academy.

The focal point of this meeting was something that no one had expected: the sudden and unforeseen pregnancy of Tokio.

This took the entire fandom and the committee by storm because the concept of sex or even different genders was never taught to the children.

It is possible that the supernatural appearances of Asura have something to do with this, but nothing is certain.

As the story progresses, all the mysteries get unravelled little by little, and we are shown tidbits of the full picture, but as these things are getting resolved, more questions pop into the minds of audiences than there are answers. This keeps the audience on the edge of their seats at all times.

The anticipation for episode 10 is already sky high with the prospect of learning more about the true nature of this world and the facility that contrasts so drastically with the outside world.

Who are these people? Why have they imprisoned these kids? And where did man-eaters come from? These are questions that will continue to baffle the minds of viewers as episode 9 ends on a huge cliffhanger.


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