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Black Knight
Black Knight

Top Post-Apocalyptic Korean Shows to Watch on Netflix

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South Korean cinema and television industries are well renowned for their rom-com.

These also include serious dystopian dramas like “Squid Game.” They have never stopped dazzling audiences with their post-apocalyptic programming.

South Korean dystopian sci-fi films have challenged Hollywood with their masterful CG.

They also have strong character development and excellent storylines.

The sector has been at the top of Netflix’s global charts and shows no signs of slowing down.

According to Statistics, the country exported movies worth more than $71.4 million in 2022. It showcases a rise of about $30 million from the year before.

Enjoy the post-apocalyptic dystopian genre of Korean movies and TV shows this weekend.

“Black Knight” (2023)

Black Knight
Black Knight (Image Credit : Netflix)

In the dystopian society in “Black Knight,” migrants are denied access to food, water, and oxygen. In 2071, after a comet affected Earth decades earlier.

Seoul became a wasteland, and essential resources are now in short supply. But the dystopian society’s social strata receive supplies like water and oxygen via couriers.

The “black knights,” a clandestine group of deliverymen, bring water, food, and other supplies to “refugees.”

These social misfits are rejected by society and denied aid.

An oppressive tech organization called Cheonmyeong rules a post-apocalyptic planet. It reflects in the South Korean science fiction series Black Knight.

In a society these couriers deliver oxygen and other necessities are respected. Episodes 5-8 is a legend, thanks to his unmatched abilities. With the help of Major Seol-ha and her adopted brother, Sa-Wol, he confronts Cheonmyeong. CEO reveals the government’s relocation plan as a heinous conspiracy against the refugees.

‘Black Knight’ explores class injustice, bigotry, and power exploitation through its dystopian setting. The theatrical program emphasizes the value of resistance in the face of injustice. It centers on a power-hungry regime.

“Jung_E” (2023)

Jung-E (Image Credit : Netflix)

The movie is set in a post-apocalyptic future where Earth is no longer habitable. It stars Kim Hyun-Joo as Jung En. He is a clone of a famed mercenary. He, who fell into a coma after failing a mission, depicts Jung E’s journey of self-discovery.
During the current AI revolution, “Jung_E” examines the long-standing complexity of human emotions. His identity connects to AI through a humanistic viewpoint.
The Last of US (2023)

The adventure drama series “The Last Of Us” was created by Neil Druckmann and Craig Mazin. Along with Nick Offerman, Merle Dandridge, and many others. These also include Pedro Pascal, Bella Ramsey, and other actors. They have significant roles in the program. The television show is set in a dystopian world. It is the place where humans have been transformed into zombie-like monsters by a fungus. It is based on the 2013 video game of the same name. An anti-fascist resistance group called The Fireflies. It is battling FEDRA to reclaim power for the US populace.

“The Silent Sea” (2021)

The_Silent_Sea (Image Credit : Netflix)

” The Silent Sea” gives the time-tested subject of extraterrestrial life an original spin. The themes of space terror and extraterrestrial life have persisted for centuries. “The Silent Sea” outperforms all expectations.

Scientists and military personnel are sent to the moon to retrieve an unidentified resource. It resembles water in a post-apocalyptic drama where water is scarce, and Earth’s resources have run out. The suspenseful tale tells several deft turns. It also includes betrayals and a shocking discovery that brings it all together. Above all, the show’s fluid computer graphics make it simple to get lost in the narrative.

Time to Hunt (2020)

Time-to-Hunt (Image Credit : Netflix)

The dystopian society in “Time to Hunt” was decimated by a global financial collapse. “Time to Hunt” depicts living in a dystopian future. It is when the nation is devastated by an economic apocalypse. It is in contrast to most environment-related interpretations of a post-apocalyptic future. The gripping movie centers on a group of pals. They are looking to escape their dismal life. It is an impoverished society planning a heist on a high-security casino. It is an explosive and satisfying viewing because of its fluid action scenes and relaxed pacing.

“Space Sweepers” (2021)

Space Sweepers
Space Sweepers (Image Credit : Netflix)

The comedy in “Space Sweepers” lightens the tone while delving into serious subjects. Shortly after 2092, Earth is no longer habitable. The lowlife members of the dystopian society are compelled to work as “space sweepers” to collect space junk. “Space Sweepers” follows a gang of space misfits. It is rife with humorous elements that address complex subjects. These include the human condition and the climate problem. It is the ideal comfort program for sci-fi enthusiasts. It is because of the rapport between the characters and the endearing conclusion.


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