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One Piece: Is King Dead? Did Zoro Kill Him?
One Piece: Is King Dead? Did Zoro Kill Him?

One Piece: Is King Dead? Did Zoro Kill Him?

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Currently, One Piece is one of the most hyped anime series of 2023.

It has its fair share of strong characters and epic battles.

In this article, we are going to talk about the most recent fight that took place between the Vice-Captain of the Straw Hat Pirates, Roronoa Zoro and the King of the Beast Pirates.

This epic fight finally reached its conclusion in episode 1062 of the series.

This fight is regarded as one of the best fights in the Wano Country arc and the whole series.

In this article, we are going to tell you if King is alive or not and what his fate will be from now.

After realizing that King depends on his flames to strengthen his defences, Zoro waits for the right moment to attack King making him vulnerable to Zoro’s attacks.

Zoro then uses his powerful three blades, namely Wado Ichimonji, Sandai Kitetsu and Enma, to slash King and finish him off.

King was seen flying off Onigashima and surviving the fall in the manga. But, a week later, King was apprehended by Marine Admiral Ryokugyu.

The rest of the article will focus on King and his fate in the One Piece series.

King is one of the most interesting and dynamic villains in the whole Wano Country arc, so it’s only natural for the fans to be interested in knowing what happened to him after the fight.

Therefore, we decided to write this article.

Please note that this article contains spoilers from the One Piece manga.

One Piece: Is King Dead? Did Zoro Kill Him?

King lost to Zoro after an epic battle, but he did not die

After getting revived from the Mink’s medicine, Zoro didn’t waste any second and jumped to battle the Lead Performers along with Sanji.

Both of them charge at King and Queen together before they can kill Marco the Phoenix. King got knocked by the attack but is unaffected. Both King and Queen get back up quickly.

King grabs the opportunity and tries to attack an undefended Sanji with his sword but is deflected by Zoro.

Queen hints to King that Sanji’s burning leg was an illogical talent for a human like him, implying that Sanji wasn’t from the Lumerian tribe.

Zoro and Sanji discuss that if they win this battle, they will finally be able to see a glimpse of Luffy becoming The King of the Pirates.

After seeing King’s swordplay, Zoro questions him about being a real swordsman, to which King says that it isn’t necessary to adhere to conventional sword tactics.

Later, Zoro breaks the top left corner of King’s mask. King then starts using his devil fruit abilities and starts attacking everyone nearby after getting angry by the damage caused to his mask.

He unleashes a series of ariel attacks from his Pteranodon wings that causes serious damage to both his allies and opponents.

One of his attacks hits Zoro, which blasts him off into the main corridors of the tower where Franky was.

King pursues Zoro, relentlessly attacking Zoro with his wings, against which Zoro attacks back, causing further damage to his mask.

King then overpowers Zoro and blasts him even further, and Zoro pierces the Skull Dome’s outer walls.

King was going to strike Zoro again and kick him off of Onigashima, but Zoro was barely able to dodge that attack.

Zoro tells King to at least use his sword to make the final slash, as anything else would be a sign of disrespect to Zoro and his skills as a swordsman, to which King replies that he would dement Zoro for the same.

At the same time, Zoro’s sword Enma started to aggressively drain his Haki, which distracted Zoro.

Seizing this opportunity, King starts approaching Zoro but refrains from assaulting the swordsman.

King only defended Zoro’s attack, which was aimed at his gut. That attack went off and created a huge explosion.

Zoro was barely able to avoid the explosion by using his Haki. When the smoke clears, Zoro sees that King is unaffected and standing.

Without wasting any time, Zoro attacks King with his ‘One Sword Style Re-sheath: Lion’s Song’, but like every time, the attack does not work on King.

King then unleashes a second wave of his attacks.

One Piece: Is King Dead? Did Zoro Kill Him?
One Piece: Is King Dead? Did Zoro Kill Him? (Image credit: Fiction Horizon)

Enma’s ‘rebelliousness’ allowed King to deal a substantial amount of damage on Zoro while Zoro was still struggling to control his sword and trying to dodge King’s attack at the same time.

Due to King’s attacks, Zoro is sent down to the lower levels of Kaido’s castle, with King further pursuing him.

Zoro then uses his newly awakened Conqurer’s Haki to knock down the members of the Beast Pirates that were on the lower level.

Zoro then starts daydreaming about his past and the secret of his swords. After some brainstorming, Zoro grabs Enma, confident that he can control it now.

After that, Zoro strikes King again with all of his might which leads to the destruction of King’s mask, revealing his face.

After that, Zoro soon figures out that when the flames from King’s back disappear, he becomes faster but vulnerable to sword attacks.

This was all the advantage Zoro needed to deal with his opponent.

The remaining of his mask was removed by King, resulting in his minions seeing his face and revealing the fact that Government is offering 100 million berries for this information.

King is instantly identified as a Lunarian. Zoro then uses his Rengoku Oni Giri to attack King, which does not affect him, making Zoro realise that King’s fire has returned.

King throws a fire dragon towards Zoro, which he manages to avoid, after which they both collide with their swords.

King again tries to take Zoro’s swords with his Swordbreaker, but Zoro’s Haki and determination to protect those fine blades send King flying.

As King starts moving fast again, Zoro quickly realises that King is vulnerable and manages to instantly cut through his vulnerable body.

King states that no human is biologically capable of defeating his race and that he will always remember Zoro as a respectable and skilled swordsman, to which Zoro replies that he detests these kinds of statements the most.

One Piece: Is King Dead? Did Zoro Kill Him?
One Piece: Is King Dead? Did Zoro Kill Him?

Zoro also says that he wishes for King to survive so that he will never forget his defeat at the hands of a human swordsman.

King then leaps into the air and summons an even larger flaming dragon approaching Zoro. In response to that, Zoro leaps into the fray without any hesitation, cutting the dragon with Firefox Style as he approaches King with his Santoryu attack.

This results in a portion of King’s right-wing being cut off and his sword shattered into pieces. Zoro has now won the battle.

King was seen falling off of Onigashima and landing on the ground somewhere.

In the manga, it was later revealed that King had survived that battle. He was later seen in the former Prision Mine alongside Queen and other members of Kaido’s crew.

At this point, Kaido was also defeated by the captain of the Straw Hat Pirates, Monkey D. Luffy, but his current whereabouts are unknown.

King and other prisoners are found by Marine Admiral Ryokugyu, who impales Queen with his Devil Fruit abilities, dehydrating him and thus considerably decreasing him in size, after which Queen is brutally kicked by the Admiral.

King was not seen getting assaulted by the Admiral, but he is officially alive and is presumably under Marine’s imprisonment.

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