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Does Nezuko die at the end of the Manga? What happens to Nezuko near the Demon Slayer's manga conclusion?
Does Nezuko die at the end of the Manga? What happens to Nezuko near the Demon Slayer's manga conclusion?

Does Nezuko die at the end of the Manga? What happens to Nezuko near the Demon Slayer’s manga conclusion?

The ongoing Demon Slayer anime series has introduced us to a new world where powerful demons exist and devour humans. In response to those demons, powerful demon slayer corps are there under the command of Kagaya Ubuyashiki and his disciples called hashiras. While the anime is currently streaming The Swordsmith Village arc, the manga came to an end on May 18, 2023.

The manga comprises 205 chapters in total. The fans are still arguing about the fate of the characters.

Nezuko Kamado, sister of the protagonist Tanjiro Kamado is one of the main characters in the Demon Slayer series.

Currently, in The Swordsmith Village arc, she is battling Hantengu in all of his might alongside her brother Tanjiro and other demon slayers.

Although, as Hantengu proves to be a difficult and very powerful demon who is only Upper-Rank Four, with three upper moons still alive alongside the demon king Muzan Kibutsuji himself, those who have not completed the manga yet are wondering if Nezuko dies at the end of the series. But will she die?

Does Nezuko die?
Does Nezuko die?

Does Nezuko die at the end of the Manga? What happens to Nezuko near the Demon Slayer’s manga conclusion?

Nezuko Kamodo is the second most important character of the Demon Slayer series. She and her brother Tanjiro Kamado are the only surviving members of her family.

Nezuko was transformed into a demon by Muzan at the start of the series. Nezuko, like other demons, is powerful with a unique Blood Demon Art. Still, despite this, she is different from other demons as she shows incredible control over her hunger for human flesh. 

Nezuko is the only demon who can resist Muzan’s control over her. Nezuko also plays a key role in The Swordsmith Village arc, and by the end of the arc, she will also be able to conquer the sunlight, an astonishing feat that even Muzan is not able to accomplish in a thousand years.

However, unlike many other characters in Demon Slayer, Nezuko will not die at the end of the manga.

However, she will revert back to her human form during the Final Battle arc.

If you can remember, in the first season’s Asajusa arc, Lady Tamayo promised Tanjiro that she can test Nezuko’s blood as well as the blood of powerful demons like the Twelve Upper Moons. She might be able to turn Nezuko back into a human once again.

In the manga, Lady Tamayo eventually succeeds in making a treatment for Nezuko.

During the Final Battle arc, Nezuko will change back into a human.

This will be shown when Sakonji Urokodaki visits the Butterfly Estate and looks after Nezuko. During this, he will tell everyone that he has the remedy for Nezuko from Lady Tamayo, which is supposed to make her human again. Although Uorkodaki is not sure if it will have any effect. 

Later as the story proceeds, it is seen that Nezuko sleeps for a while longer, but she will suddenly awakens, startling Urokodaki. Urokodaki then tries to figure out Nezuko’s state of mind but does not get any response from her. 

Along with Urokodaki, Tengen Uzui and Rengoku will also be seen standing guard outside Nezuko’s room to defend her from any threats.

However, the moment Nezuko awakes, she flees from the estate with Urokodaki as her pursuer.

Soon Nezuko will get away from Urokodaki.

Urokodaki witnesses Nezuko jumping off of a cliff which startles Urokodaki as he concludes that Lady Tamayo’s remedy to make her human again failed as Nezuko lands safely down the cliff and keeps running. 

Does Nezuko die at the end of the Manga?
Does Nezuko die at the end of the Manga?

Later, we will see Nezuko running towards where Muzan and the other demon slayers are fighting.

The moment Muzan sees Nezuko, he becomes extremely concerned as he discovers that one of Nezuko’s eyes has returned to normal.

This verifies that Tamayo’s medicine did indeed work, but the reversion process was slow and time-consuming.

Nezuko will then slowly make her way to the city, where the epic battle between Muzan and the demon slayers is taking place.

Nezuko will gradually recall Muzan’s attack on the Kamado Family.

She will be further flooded with memories as she will see glimpses of the people and events she and her brother encountered during their travels.

As a result, Nezuko will fall to the ground, unable to walk, as new memories take over her mind.

She then remembers the time she and her brother spent together, the numerous adventures they had, their interactions with different hashiras like Tengen Uzui and Giyu Tomioka, and their visit to the Butterfly Estate.

After regaining her balance, Nezuko stands up only to find her hand transforming back into a human hand.

She will then grab her head and start sobbing as she becomes a human again by the end of Demon Slayer

This concludes Nezukko’s journey as a demon in the Demon Slayer manga. Later in the series, she would even help Tanjiro fight against Muzan from within him, which would free Tanjiro from the influence of Muzan.

Later on, Tanjiro will revert back to his human form and ultimately defeat the demon king Muzan Kibutsuji.

After the defeat of Muzan, Nezuko lives on and eventually marries Zenitsu Agatsuma and starts a family with him.


  • Nezuko became the first demon ever to join the Demon Slayer Corps.
  • Nezuko ranked 3rd in the first popularity poll with 3,319 votes and 11th in the second with 5,000 votes.
  • Nezuko cannot bind her hair anymore now that she has become a demon, and her brother Tanjiro is not good at doing it for her either. 
  • Nezuko shares a deep connection with the Love Hashira Mitsuri Kanroji and likes to braid her hair like Mitsuri’s. We can see Tanjiro trying to braid it for her in Chapter 105.
  • Nezuko always dreams of her family and all the good times she had with them. Zenitsu, Inosuke and Mitsuri, as well as other people who have been nice to her, make their appearances as well.
  • Nezuko’s favourite dish is konpeitō, Japanese-colored sugar sweets shaped like tiny orbs with small bulges all around them. They include a different variety of flavours like vanilla, strawberry, plum, yoghurt, mango, cherry and peach.
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