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One Piece 1062 Ending Explained: Zoro vs. King
One Piece 1062 Ending Explained: Zoro vs. King

One Piece 1062 Ending Explained: Zoro vs. King

With the release of episode 1062 of One Piece this weekend, anime-only fans finally got to see the battle finale of the fight between Pirate Hunter Zoro and King the Wildfire.

This episode also marks the fall of the final member of Kaiso’s Calamities. The Three Calamities of the Beast Pirates include ‘King the Wildfire’, ‘Queen the Plague’ and ‘Jack the Drought’.

These three are considered the strongest fighters on Onigashima.

Now, all that remains is for Luffy, Law and Kidd (The Supernova Captains) to defeat the two Yonkos, Big Mom and Kaido.

The fans finally witnessed the long-awaited King of Hell attack from their favourite Vice-Captain Roronoa Zoro.

But unfortunately, the anime series does not explain exactly how the technique works.

In this article, I will be covering the summary of Episode 1062 “The Three-Sword Style of the Supreme King! Zoro vs. King!” and will share some interesting facts about the episode with you.

One Piece 1062 Ending Explained: Who won the battle Zoro or King? 

Zoro vs King
Zoro vs King

With the victory of Vinsmoke Sanji against Queen the Plague in the previous episode, not it’s time for our favourite swordsman to shine.

The episode starts with Zoro and King facing each other and King telling Zoro that as long as Kaido and him are still standing, he cannot fulfil the promise that he gave to his captain and best friend, Monkey D. Luffy.

Zoro starts attacking King with his three swords covered in Busoshoku Haki, but his attacks are useless against King.

While dodging King’s deadly attacks, Zoro thinks of ways to cut his opponent. Zoro then launches a named attack, ‘Three-Sword Style: Ultra Tiger Hunt,’ covered with both Busoshoku Haki and Haoshoku Haki.

This attack made King bleed for the first time, and Zoro finally realises how he can hurt King. Zoro concludes that when the flames on King’s back go out, he gets faster, but his defence gets weaker.

Due to Zoro’s attack, King’s mask gets broken, and his face is finally revealed.

One of the soldiers of the Beast Pirates utters those words, “Black wings, white hair and brown skin. You’ll get 100 million berries for informing the Government.He’s the rare…” write before King the Wildfire burns him with his Imperial Flaming Wings attack.

Zoro mocks King for burning his subordinates and wonders what tribe King is really from. King starts launching continuous attacks on Zoro while his sword Enma is still sucking up Busoshoku Haki from his body.

Zoro realises that if he takes too much time, his sword will take his life.

King states that Kaido will become King of the Pirates, to which Zoro replies by releasing one of his most powerful and oldest named attack in his new form ‘ King of Hell: Three Sword Style! Purgatory Oni Giri!’.

After taking that powerful attack from Zoro, King starts remembering the first time he met Kaido. This memory is from Lab PH-006 of Punk Hazard Island. Kaido has broken through his confinement and starts rampaging over the whole laboratory.

There he meets a child who is tied to a table. Kaido states that the child is a Lumarian and why the Government wants to keep him there. K

aido tells the child about his plan of leaving the island and starting a new pirate group and asks the child to join him.

The child asks Kaido if he can change the world, to which Kaido says that only he can change it.

One Piece 1062 Zoro vs King
One Piece 1062 Zoro vs King

The Navy soldiers are helpless against the duo that was standing in front of them. Kaido asks the child his name to which the child replies, ‘Alber’.

Kaido tells the child to call himself King from now on and tells the child to stay behind him. This is how Kaido met his right-hand man King the Wildfire.

Back to the present day, King launches his ‘ Imperial Flaming Wings’ against Zoro, which Zoro is barely able to dodge and finds out that King’s flames are as hot as magma.

King tries to strip Zoro of his swords again but Zoro’s determination of not letting King take those fine swords helps him overcome King’s attack. Zoro then observes that King is moving fast so he can cut him and uses a named attack ‘Bird Dance!’ to put a cut on his chest.

King finally becomes aware that Zoro figured out the mechanics of his strength and starts attacking Zoro with more brutality. Zoro manages to dodge those attacks and launches his named attack ‘Ultra Tiger Hunt!’ against King.

When King blocks Zoro’s attack, Zoro mocks King as King earlier stated that his Zoro’s attacks do not affect him.

This angers King even more and he leaps into the sky making giant concentric rings of fire around him.

King launches his most powerful version of ‘Imperial Flaming Wings’ which upon descending, is divided into numerous dragon-headed flaming beasts. Zoro starts ascending towards King by cutting those flaming beasts through Firefox Style, which he learned from Foxfire Kin’emon, the leader of the Nine Red Scabbards.

Zoro then launches his final named attack ‘King of Hell, Three-Sword Serpent! 103 Mercies! Dragon Damnation!’ This is the moment of the showdown between these two great fighters.

This is the attack that will decide the victor of this battle. In response to Zoro’s attack King releases his ‘Extra Large Imperial Flaming Wings!’ which leads to a huge clash between the two in which Roronoa Zoro emerges victorious.

King remembers his conversation with Kaido from the past, where he thinks that Kaido is Joyboy, to which Kaido laughs. King states that Kaido must remain the strongest and that he will never lose.

King pledges to make Kaido The King of The Pirates. But King failed and is now falling from Onigashima.

On the other hand, Zoro remembers the pledge he made to Luffy after losing to Dracule Mihawk to never lose again until he becomes a master swordsman and defeats Mihawk.

He promises Luffy to become the Strongest Swordsman in the World. Zoro then declares himself as ‘King of Hell’.

King finally falls from Onigashima, and Zoro leaps back to the island. This concludes the battle of the Right-Brain Tower outside the Skull Dome, with Zoro emerging victorious.

One Piece 1062 Ending Explained: Zoro vs. King
One Piece 1062 Ending Explained: Zoro vs. King

Interesting Facts

This episode was released in theatres in Japan just like the previous episode 1061 ‘The Srtike of an Ifrit! Sanji vs. Queen’

The animation quality of this episode was far superior to any other episode of One Piece, and a lot of work was put into animating this episode.

In the manga, Zoro using Rengoku Oni Giri against King took place after the flashback, while in anime, the attack took place before it instead.

In the manga, part of King’s right wing is shown cut off; while this does happen in the anime, the part of it that was cut off is not shown in the anime.

At the end of this episode, all three top performers of Kaido’s crew have lost.

In the next episode, ‘Luffy is on the Move! A Turning Point to a New Era’ we will finally see our beloved captain Monkey D. Luffy make an appearance after so many episodes.

We will also get to see Usopp maintaining his determination to survive, even if it is unsightly and the samurai, who believe in the Straw Hats and are determined to live on.

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