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Upcoming NEW anime projects teased and MAPPA STAGE 2023 event Recap for any news you might have missed!

An event showcase on Attack On Titan, Jujutsu Kaisen 2nd Season, Chainsaw Man and more.

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MAPPA, a renowned anime studio in Japan, have established their presence around the world with many impressive anime adaptations that have become a lot mainstream in the recent years.

They are known for pushing the boundaries in animation and visual storytelling with lot of memorable beloved characters. One can always expect some crazy action scenes and heartfelt backstories.

They found its current success in big anime titles that include Jujutsu Kaisen, Attack on Titan Final Season, Chainsaw Man, Vinland Saga Season 2, and Hell’s Paradise.


[ MAPPA STAGE 2023 ] is a showcase organized for anime fans to have a glimpse into their current and upcoming projects.

The event began with a special opening of curated works and, later on, presented many panelists of the voice cast members, directors, producers, music performers and staff sharing their experience and news on upcoming shows.

[ MAPPA STAGE 2023 ] LIVE broadcast took place at 3:30 pm JST/12 pm IST Sunday, 21st May 2023.

The event was held in Tokyo Garden Theater and LIVE streamed on MAPPA’s Official Youtube Channel.


        • Hell’s Paradise: Jigokuraku is a new ongoing anime series that airs 9pm IST Every Saturday and the panelists included Yumiri Hanamori (Sagiri), Chiaki Kobayashi (Gabimaru), Rei Takahashi (Yuzuriha) and Chikahiro Kobayashi (Shion) shared their production experience and attempted a fun quiz based on the show.
        • Campfire Cooking in Another World with My Absurd Skill (Tondemo Skill de Isekai Hourou Meshi)
          Yuma Uchida (Tsuyoshi Mukouda) cooked a stew dish on stage for the voice cast team members.
        • Attack on Titan panelists included Yuki Kaji (Eren Yeager), Yui Ishikawa (Mikasa) and Romi Park (Hange Zoe) acted out their lines and gave an incredible stage performance. We got to see Yuichiro Hayashi (Director) share his thoughts on The Final Chapter Special 2 for Attack on Titan, along with the new poster!


Comment from Director Yuichiro Hayashi: 
” The key visual for the second part of the conclusion has also been released, and the animation “Attack on Titan” is steadily pushing towards the end. However, the work is still in the middle, so I don’t feel like I’m done.

Will the end really come? As for the key visual, I think this will be the final visual for The Final Season.

It may come as a surprise to you that it’s going in the exact opposite direction from the character piles up until now, but I’ve decided to go with a simple route for the last from a long time ago. I think that there is something that appeals to the imagination as much as there is nothing.

There are some things that are interesting, but it’s unsophisticated to explain, and it will be a spoiler, so I hope you can all expand your imagination and look forward to the final part.”

        • Vinland Saga Season 2 panelists included Yuuto Uemura (Thorfinn), Shunsuke Takeuchi (Einar), Hiroya Hasegawa (Producer) and Shuuhei Yabuta (Director) streamed the Final Trailer for Vinland Saga Season 2. We also get to see a clip of Makoto Yukimura, the creator of Vinland Saga sharing his own experience.
        • Chainsaw Man panelists included Kikunosuke Toya (Denji), Ai Fairouz (Power) and Shougo Sakata (Aki Hayakawa) had to make it up for not sharing any news on the upcoming season of Chainsaw Man by having a Pochita mascot on stage and played a lucky draw for the audience to win some Chainsaw Man merchandise.
        • Jujutsu Kaisen panelists consisted of Junya Enoki (Yuuji Itadori), Yuuma Uchida (Megumi Fushiguro), Asami Seto (Nobara Kugisaki) and Megumi Ogata (Yuta Okkotsu) presented a great comprehensive talk on the first stage and the theatrical cut. The fan-anticipated new trailer for 2nd Season was finally revealed!!
          Jujutsu Kaisen 2nd Season premieres on Thursday, July 6th, 2023 , at 11:56 pm JST/8:26 pm IST.
        • BUCCHIGIRI?! – new original anime project was announced with a quite inviting Teaser Trailer drop!
          Premieres in January 2024. Directed by Hiroko Utsumi, the director of Banana Fish.
        • The Mourning Children: Nagiko and the Girls Wearing Tsurubami Black – a new animated feature film!
          In association with Contrail, a studio established by Katabuchi, director of Black Lagoon.
          They only teased a visual and didn’t show any teaser or trailer. It’s still in the works.
        • Maboroshi – First original theatrical animated movie to be released on September 15, 2023. Directed by Mari Okada. A visually breathtaking 2nd Trailer was revealed at the end of the event.


[ MAPPA STAGE 2023 ] didn’t have much news on their upcoming projects like One Punch Man Season 3 and was rather a fun shared experience among the voice cast panel, directors, producers and staff members.

The disappointment was also left for the Chainsaw Man fans as they anticipated news on the upcoming season and the musical performances by Shinsei Kamatate on Attack on Titan Final Season Part 1 Opening, Anonymouz singing the Vinland Saga Opening, and Who-ya‘s performance on Jujutsu Kaisen S1 weren’t broadcasted LIVE.

An experience left to enjoy by the audience present in the theatre hall did bring some sad bitterness in the heart of many at home who were excited to see them give their performance on stage. But we did get to see Romi Park (Hange) give a spectacular performance with great voice line deliveries with all that screaming that left goosebumps in the end. She even teared up while sharing her experience working on the role for Attack on Titan.

Yuma Uchida‘s tasteful cooking was mouthwatering and he brought lot of good energy during this event.

MAPPA did their best to organize a really fun event and made sure to let the people know that they are working on a lot of big projects which they can’t wait to show their anticipated fans around the world.

Leave a comment on what was your favourite part of the event or which upcoming anime you are excited for!

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