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Citadel Season 1 Episode 5 Recap and Ending Explained
Citadel Season 1 Episode 5 Recap and Ending Explained

Citadel Season 1 Episode 5 Recap and Ending Explained

Citadel is a combination of drama and action thriller.

In Episode 5, the first significant revelation is Mason’s earlier proposal to Nadia.

She declines after learning that Mason was involved in using cutting-edge technology.

The same technology that was used on them to erase her friends’ memories. A lot has happened in episode 5, and here is a brief recap of it. 

Citadel Season 1 Episode 5 Recap

Roland Miller portrays twins in Citadel.

But in the opening scenes, Season 1, Episode 5,

Dahlia Archer shoots one of his twin brothers in the head.

She holds Stanley Tucci’s Bernard Orlick hostage to get her hands on the nuclear weapon codes.

Nine years ago, Mason was in love with Nadia.

He purchased her a diamond to get her to say yes to his marriage proposal. But Nadia thought that Mason was tricking her.

But he is in love with her. Mason, as we all know, never lies, especially to Nadia.

He erased Celeste’s memories without first discussing the Oz Key with Nadia.

Nadia received a message from an unidentified source revealing what happened to Celeste.

The statement also depicts that Bernard was in charge.

Nadia was incensed and questioned Bernard about it.

Her sole concern was if Mason was aware of it.

Nadia was so outraged that she decided to allow Mason to defend himself. But when he again lied to her, she lost all control.

Besides, Mason deleted Celeste’s file because of his love for Nadia.

But he never inquired about what Nadia had done with the Oz Key!

The Oz Key was destroyed by Nadia so that nobody could use it. It includes the Silje brothers, Manticore, or Citadel.

Mason had also questioned everything about her life from his observations.

As a spy, Nadia claims she can love anyone, not Mason. Mason claims he still loves Nadia.

She is unfortunate since there is yet another significant obstacle.

Nadia finds out that she is expecting Mason’s child.

She decides to keep it a secret by enlisting the aid of known Manticore terrorist Rahi Gambhir.

Bernard believes he contributed significantly by informing Anders that Briel was still alive.

But to his utter dismay, Dahlia shoots Anders in the head as soon as she sees him releasing Bernard.

It makes no difference if he is a devoted Manticore member or intelligent enough to develop the Oz Key.

Dahlia’s only want now is Bernard’s passkey to his nuclear weapons.

Dahlia shows Bernard how the Wyoming home—i.e., his and Kane’s family—is her aim.

Thomas is a man Bernard describes.

After seeing the lady Dahlia has transformed into, I would feel remorse.

She claims that Bernard has no right to use his name.

She carries out the instructions of Thomas to remove weapons and military force from the planet. Citadel is the most potent weapon available.

She warns Bernard that his family will be cluster bombed if he doesn’t reveal the secret. Bernard stays silent until she starts the launch, but he has to give her the code.

But Dahlia decides to “clean up” in Wyoming.

She sends Bernard to Brazil for some effective plans, so it doesn’t matter.

Dahlia notifies Davik of his brother’s passing.

She reveals that Bernard, who had escaped, was responsible.

Dahlia has also eavesdropped on conversations between Nadia and Rahi.

Since they can seize any assets, Nadia has been concealing with Rahi for all these years—they are not yet aware that it is a child.

Nadia and Mason attempt to liberate Carter, but he doesn’t want to go with her because he believes she is the mole.

But this is his only option. They leave as Manticore agents show up.

They exit the vehicle outside of Fez so that Carter can question Nadia.

He refers to her as the mole and claims that Mason was aware of it at all times. Kyle also challenges Carter’s assertions in light of Nadia’s recent actions.

Citadel Season 1 Episode 5 Recap and Ending Explained
Citadel Season 1 Episode 5 Recap and Ending Explained

Citadel Season 1 Episode 5 Ending Explained: Revealing Rahi Gambhir

Carter reminds Nadia that she collaborated with Rahi, a known terrorist. Even he is a Manticore member.

When Nadia breaks down, she admits she was nine years pregnant.

It happened when she hid underground in Valencia. Mason immediately suspected she was a spy after she told him she had destroyed the Oz Key. Still, Nadia couldn’t let anyone know.

Especially not Mason, as their daughter would become a problem for them. She approaches him because Rahi is Nadia’s father.

Nadia went on a mission in Italy eight years ago. Six months after their daughter was born, she wanted to be honest with Mason.

Because lying would make her more like him, she no longer wished to keep their daughter hidden from him. Nadia still had strong feelings for Mason eight years later when her memory returned.

When Yamazaki, Dahlia’s man, shows up, he informs Mason that he has a message for him from Dahlia. The problem is that the nukes have a backup line of defence even with the code.

Only Mason Kane has complete biometric access to them.

Dahlia now has their daughter Asha because Rahi’s communications are being intercepted.

Dahlia asks Yamazaki to display Nadia’s bracelet on her hand all those years prior as proof.

Eight years later, Nadia’s sole opportunity to see her daughter again is now.

Carter is holding a memory vial, which is to be Mason’s.

Carter seems to recall everything but backstopped. Dahlia discusses using the Citadel secrets with a person.

This person might be Nadia, Mason, or Carter, and the conversation could be in the past.

Only Citadel will be able to tell us next week. So keep watching!!

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