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Tale Of The Nine Tailed 1938 K-Drama Season 2 Episode 2
Tale Of The Nine Tailed 1938 K-Drama Season 2 Episode 2

Tale Of The Nine Tailed: 1938 K-Drama Season 2 Episode 2 Ending Explained

Tale Of The Nine-Tailed: 1938 is the new K-drama sequel released on Amazon Prime. 

In the sequel, Gumiho Lee Yeon is taken from his happy ending and transported back to 1938.

There he once again encounters Ryu Hong-Joo and his brother Lee Rang.

He must find out how to return to the present and his loved one, but he will find this challenging.

So what happens in the second episode? Please go through the recap portion to know the details. 

Tale Of The Nine-Tailed 1938 K-Drama Season 2 Episode 2 Recap

In a flashback, Lee Yeon asks Taluipa for help returning home, but the woman hesitates to aid him and instead assigns him an errand.

Returning to the present, Lee Yeon is searching for a flute in a Japanese soldier’s possession.

Lee Rang stops Lee Yeon and informs him that he has a better idea while giving the impression that a tunnel is about to appear.

Lee Yeon wants to confront every Japanese person in their compartment.

Ryu Hong-Joo boards the train simultaneously and prepares for a forthcoming function.

Shin-ju learns where they are going and recalls the circumstances surrounding the location where they will perish.

He then talks about escape with the other prisoners and convinces them.

As soon as the tunnel appears, pandemonium ensues.

Lee Rang causes mayhem by robbing the cabin’s occupants. Shin-ju sets fire to the cops’ improvised prison, forcing them to flee as the onslaught starts.

Hong-Joo also leaves when her assistant obtains the flute for her.

When Lee Rang’s lieutenants show up where she is and attempt to take the flute, Hong-Joo isn’t one to mess with them and gives them a lesson.

However, she soon finds herself struggling with the Japanese, who are carrying the flute.

Soon after learning that the man isn’t human, she throws him off the train.

The men then inform Lee Rang of what transpired before sending Lee Yeon and Lee Rang to Hong-Joo.

Later, when Hong-Joo arrives in front of him, the latter realizes that there is something off about how he is being welcomed to the cabin and quickly learns what it is.

She offers to marry him and provides him with the flute.

However, Lee Yeon rejects her, so Lee Rang receives the flute and is instructed to flee.

However, Hong-joo is now enraged and commands her assistant to retrieve the flute while she launches an assault on Lee Yeon.

Lee Rang and Hong-Joo also start fighting in the background.

But the Japanese forces looking for their captured people, quickly broke the brawl.

Lee Rang doesn’t focus much on the interaction between the soldiers and his people.

But when he notices a dog running in the path of the gunfire, he steps in and quickly shoots the soldiers.

Tale Of The Nine Tailed 1938 K-Drama Season 2 Episode 2 Ending Explained
Tale Of The Nine Tailed 1938 K-Drama Season 2 Episode 2 Ending Explained (Image Credit: Digital Mafia Talkies)

Lee Yeon and Hong-Joo continue their attack exchanges on the train’s roof elsewhere.

But Hong-joo eventually smashes through the roof and falls into the vehicle with her grasp around Lee Yeon’s neck.

When Lee Yeon approaches Lee Rang, the latter ignores her request for assistance as she flees.

After throwing Hong-Joo outside the train, Lee Yeon feels satisfied that he has finally gotten rid of her.

However, Hong-Joo is not one to give up easily, and he quickly runs up to the train’s rear end and stops it.

When she arrives at Lee Yeon’s location, he has already left with Lee Rang, who has returned to retrieve him.

On the other hand, Eun-ho is scrutinized by her family and checked for a bullet wound on her shoulder.

But nothing is discovered there, which surprises her.

When she returns to Moo-young to ask him about it, he gives her a laughable response that she finds unbelievable.

She asks him about it when she sees him constructing a coffin.

But she only receives a suggestion to lie inside it to check.

The two then converse about their siblings, and then we learn how angry Moo-young is with the person who killed his brother.

Lee Yeon, meanwhile, travels to Taluipa with the flute only to learn that the gate will open the night of the lunar eclipse, 29 days from now. He must remain in 1938 while keeping the guardian stone secure until then.

He chooses to live with Lee Rang for the ensuing 29 days.

But when the latter declines, Lee Yeon attracts his attention by enticing him with the cell phone.

The two-go shopping next, and when they return to Myoyeongak, they are greeted by Hong-Joo, who runs the establishment.

Lee Yeon tries to flee but cannot defeat Hong-Joo, so she commits to staying at her business.

Later, when Hong-joo’s subordinate inquires whether this is all worthwhile. she explains that she must have Lee Yeon, even if it means turning him into taxidermy.

In the meantime, Lee Rang’s men rob Shin-joo of his possessions.

Shin-Joo is now travelling while dressed as a beggar in search of Lee Yeon.

After learning about Hong-Joo’s position in the present day, Lee Yeon asks her for help in locating the man wearing the red-and-white mask.

She consents to his request in return for assistance with a matter related to an occasion that will occur later that day.

When Lee Yeon is forced to fill her position as a judge for the Miss Joseon competition, he meets Eun-ha.

But he is immediately struck by how similar she is to Yu-ri.

As the contest draws to a close and the winner is proclaimed, certain anomalies are noticed in the victor.

She rapidly changes forms and starts assaulting everyone in the area.

Hong-Joo asked Lee Yeon to investigate this situation, and in doing so, he managed to stop her and save Eun-ha.

While Lee Yeon interrogates Eun-ha about these attacks, the event’s winner flees and is apprehended by Moo-young, who is waiting outside.

He inquires about the parallels between them and finds Lee Rang at a beauty parlour.

He urges Lee Rang to change into a woman so that he can investigate, but when she flatly refuses, he points to the notice for the salon’s hiring of help.

Even though it goes against her policy of not hiring male workers, the salon owner is taken by their beauty and chooses to recruit them.

While being bombarded by women trying to hit on them in the salon, the two start looking into the clients and items there.

As Lee Yeon sends one of the goods to Eun-ha to investigate, they see that every mirror in the salon is damaged and ask Lee Rang’s men to get a new mirror.

Tale of the Nine-Tailed Tiger, 1938, Episode 2 – Ending Explained

Tale Of The Nine Tailed 1938 K-Drama Season 2 Episode 2
Tale Of The Nine-Tailed 1938 K-Drama Season 2 Episode 2 (Image Credit: leisurebyte)

Episode 2 of Tale of the Nine-Tailed Tiger (1938) concludes with the two receiving no benefit from the product and returning to the salon busier than the day before.

Suddenly, Lee Rang goes outside as his guys arrive with a small mirror, but when he turns to enter, he sees the customers all fighting among themselves. They then resume washing the clients’ hair and delivering them coffee.

He quickly enters the store, aids Lee Yeon in fighting these women, and ties them all up.

The timid shop employee is the person they turn to look for.

She is a minor kitchen god who does not enjoy the recent changes but becomes more composed as Lee Yeon suggests how much worse things will get.

She then discloses that the man with the red-and-white mask was the source of the bugs that invaded the bodies of these victims before burning them down and passing away.

The two are startled when the picture changes to Moo-young in the woodland admiring the contest winner, who has become the ideal outcome of his test.

When Hong-joo suddenly attacks him, he discovers that he is the man wearing the red-and-white mask who has been wreaking havoc all along.

She disregards everything, though, and expresses gratitude that he arrived home safely.

After returning the women to reality, Lee Yeon and Lee Rang leave the salon.

Lee Yeon, however, is astonished to hear the same song being sung by someone else. He turns around to see Shin-joo following him, and they finally have a lovely reunion.

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