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What are the powers of Upper Demon 4 Hantengu? Who Killed Hantengu?
What are the powers of Upper Demon 4 Hantengu? Who Killed Hantengu?

What are the powers of Upper Demon 4 Hantengu? Who Killed Hantengu?

Hantengu is an Upper Moon 4, while Gyokko is an Upper Moon 5. 

Both of them are going to appear in the new season of Demon Slayer this year. 

They are sent on a mission to take down the swordsman village. To give the message to the demo slayer crops that don’t mess with us.

Hantengu and Gyokko are two of the Upper Moon demons in the “Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba” anime and manga series.

Hantengu is the Upper Moon 4 demon who possesses the ability to manipulate his flesh to create Khakkhara and wood manipulation. 

He is a very intelligent and cunning demon who likes to manipulate his opponents and can be quite difficult to defeat.

Hantengu first appears in the Swords Smith Village arc, where he fights against the members of Demon Slayer Corps Tanjiro, Nezuko, Genya Shinazugawa, Nezuko and Mitsuri Kanroji.

Gyokko is the Upper Moon 5 demon who has the same flesh manipulation abilities as Hantengu. 

He is a sadistic and cruel demon who enjoys inflicting pain on others. 

Gyokko is also introduced in the manga’s Swords Smith Village arc, where he is one of the secondary antagonists and fights against Muichiro Tokito.

Both Hantengu and Gyokko are powerful and dangerous demons, and their battles against the Demon Slayer Corps are some of the most intense and memorable moments in the series.

What are the powers of Upper Demon 4 Hantengu? 

Hantengu possesses the ability to manipulate his flesh to create Khakkhara means he channels his Blood Demon Art and shapes his flesh into a Khakkhara.

Upper Demon 4, Hantengu, is a powerful demon in the “Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba” series who possesses a unique ability such as flesh manipulation, size alteration, lightning generation using his Khakkhara, sonic scream, wood manipulation etc. 

  1. Flesh Manipulation: Hantengu has the ability to manipulate flesh to create Khakkhara, which he later on uses to generate lightning bold to attack his opponents, the Khakkhara is created by his blood demon art, and hence therefore, it is one of his primary attacks to harm his opponents. 
  2. Body manipulation and Size Alteration: Hantengu has the ability to manipulate his body in various ways, such as stretching his limbs or turning his hands into blades and also altering the size of his body to appear big in front of the Demon Slayer Corps.
  3. Sonic Scream: Hantengu can manipulate sound waves to create powerful sonic attacks that can harm his opponents. This attack is so deadly that it can easily damage a person’s ears. 
  4. Wood Manipulation: This is Hantengu’s strongest attack, where he manipulates the wood in his surroundings to create 5 massive wooden dragons to attack his opponents. This attack is known as countless striking trees where blood demon art manipulates woods and creates the 5 massive dragons. 

The dragons attack the opponents unless they are knocked unconscious or dead. 

Hantengu is a formidable opponent who is very intelligent and cunning.

His ability to manipulate woods and flesh, which makes him difficult to predict, and his mastery of various techniques makes him a dangerous adversary for the Demon Slayer Corps.

Who Killed Hantengu?

In the “Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba” manga and anime series, Tanjiro Kamado killed Hantengu, the Upper Moon 4.

During the Swords Smith Village Arc events, Hantengu is one of the demons who attempts to stop Tanjiro Kamado and the demon slayer corps. 

Tanjiro and Misturi’s swordsmanship and ability to quickly analyze their opponent’s weaknesses played a key role in defeating Hantengu, who was considered one of the more difficult demons to defeat due to his unique abilities.

During their fight, when Tanjiro was about to use the Hinokami Kagura, In response, the identical clone of Hantengu, Urami used the Wood Manipulation technique to generate 4 giant dragons who hurled Tanjiro into the air to disbalance his attacks, further Hantengu used a sonic shriek burst Tanjiro’s eardrums so that he loses his balance. 

Nezuko and Genya, trapped at that time, could not help Tanjiro

But Mitsuri Kanroji intervenes and splits the dragon’s head in half, where Tanjiro is trapped. 

After this, she also demands the upper demon 4 to release Nezuko and Genya. 

In response, Urami launched one of his powerful attacks called Crazed Cry of Thunder Death and Blood Demon Art: Countless Striking Trees, which Mitsuri somehow managed to dodge using her Sixth Form: Catlegged Winds of Love and then she used Love Breathing, Fifth Form: Swaying Love Wildclaw to kill Urami but Zohakuten the most potent form of Hantengu attacks her from a point blank range and inflicted severe damage to her. 

In response, Tanjiro, Genya and Nezuko push Mitsuri away, so she doesn’t inflict further pain. 

But as Misturi was the strongest and Urami and Zohakuten were continuously attacking them with the wooden dragons; therefore, although Misturi was injured, I thought that she, Tanjiro, Genya and Nezuko would all attack him differently. 

Zohakuten attacks Tanjiro Genya and Nezuko, but Nezuko uses her blood demon art and Tanjiro uses his Hinokami Kagura to stop him.  

Genya takes down most of the trees with his attacks, and Tanjiro and Nezuko’s coordinated attacks burn down the trees, but they soon discover that Hantengu’s body is nowhere there and is gone. 

Later on when Tanjiro identified where Hantengu was hiding.

Tanjiro uses his newly developed total concentration breathing technique and blitzes towards Hantengu with immense speed.

When he was about to decapitate Hantengu, Hantengu grows his body into Urami again, and he grabs Tanjiro by the skull and tries to crush him to the ground. 

But Genya intervenes and stops him from crushing Tanjiro.

In response, Nezuko leaps towards Urami and again uses her blood demon art to set him on flame. 

The attack was so powerful that even Genya with Tanjiro had to flee from that move as it would also burn them. 

After Nezuko’s attack, everyone falls to the ground, including Taniro, and Genya, but Urami still somehow manage to stand up and starts to run.

Tanjiro then used his Thunder dance and flash, instantly combining Hinokami Kagura and Thunder Breathing, decapitating Urami. 

As this was happening, the sun started to come up Tanjiro understood that this would be deadly for Nezuko as she was still in open ground and Demons could not survive sunlight. 

As the sun starts to arrive, Nezuko’s body starts to burn, but still, during her dying moments, she tells Tanjiro that Hantengu is still alive.

As Hantengu starts to flee, Nezuko pushes his brother away from her and tells him to complete his duty by killing Hantengu. 

Therefore Tanjiro used his supersense to capture the surrounding smells and looked for a fleeing demon body. As soon as he figures out Hantengu’s body, he attacks him and decapitates his head, killing Upper Demon Moon 4 Hantengu once and for all. 


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