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Why did pochita fuse with Denji? 
Why does Pochita look like a dog? and Why Pochita became a dog? 

Why does Pochita look like a dog? and Why Pochita became a dog? 

Pochita’s appearance as a dog raises questions like why a powerful devil-like Chainsaw Devil would look like a dog.  

In Chainsaw Man, Pochita’s appearance as an orange-coloured dog with a chainsaw popping through his head has been a talk of discussion in the community. 

In this article, we will explain why Pochita looks like a dog. 

Why does Pochita look like a dog? 

Pochita is one of the main protagonists in Chainsaw Man anime. 

We have seen that Pochita’s appearance as an orange canine raises questions for the fans: why does he look like a dog? 

The answer is that the orange canine form of Pochita is his weakened state or near-death form. 

It is said that in the anime series earlier, Pochita fought with the 4 horsemen Control Devil, War Devil, Famine Devil, and Death Devil, and while fighting with them, Pochita, a powerful Chainsaw Devil reached his near-death state, which is why he looked like a dog. 

In the series originally, Pochita never cared about human beings at first, but later on, when Denji saved his life by giving his blood, Pochita eventually starts caring about Denji. 

Then, when Denji died at the hands of the Zombie devil, Pochita saved Denji’s life by merging his heart with Denji’s, giving his friend Denji a new life. 

Pochita becomes a symbol of love and affection between the human and the devil and the sacrifices that one must be made to protect the people he cares about.

In conclusion, Pochita’s transformation into a dog in Chainsaw Man symbolises the complex yet beautiful relationship between demons and humans. 

Through his transformation, Pochita eventually becomes a hybrid of human and Chainsaw Devil and becomes the Chainsaw Man. 

Why does Pochita look like a dog? and Why Pochita became a dog? 
Why does Pochita look like a dog? and Why Pochita became a dog?

Why Pochita became a dog? 

Pochita didn’t become a dog at his will; he transformed into his weaker or near-death state when he fought the four horsemen Control Devil, War Devil, Famine Devil, and Death Devil in the manga (revealed in chapter 87 of the manga). 

When he fights with the four horsemen, he eventually transforms into his weakened or near-death form and is gravely injured, but this is when Denji decides to give his blood and save Pochita’s life. (Devils can heal themselves after consuming human blood). 

After this point, Pochita also helps Denji by working with him as a demon hunter and killing other devils to pay off the hefty debt that Denji’s father had left for him to Yakuza. 

Then when Yakuza kills Denji by being in a contract with Zombie devil, Pochita saves his life by fusing his heart with Denji’s and saving his friend’s life. 

Why does Pochita look like a dog? and Why Pochita became a dog? 
Why does Pochita look like a dog? and Why Pochita became a dog?

Pochita’s forms in Chainsaw Man 

Pochita has a total of three forms in Chainsaw Man. 

  1. Devil Form
  2. Weakened or near death form
  3. Hybrid Form

Devil Form

This is Pochita’s most powerful form in Chainsaw Man, where Pochita looks like a muscular human being with four arms and a chainsaw attached to his head and all the arms. 

In this look, Pochita’s intestines are also wrapped around his neck, and there is stone-like armour attached to his head. 

It is said that Pochita, in this form, is the most powerful and can wipe out all the devils from the world. 

The above is why most of the devils fear Pochita and are after Pochita’s hybrid heart. 

Weakened or near death form

This is Pochita’s weakest form. 

In this form, Pochita looks like an orange-coloured puppy with a small tail and chainsaw attached to his head. 

Pochita helped Denji with this form as a devil hunter to wipe out other devils so that Denji could repay his debt to Yakuza. 

Pochita, in Weakened form, is not capable of fighting on his own but can be used as a weapon. 

Hybrid Form

The hybrid form is Pochita and Denji’s fusion form, where Pochita is powerful again and can be transformed into Chainsaw man if Denji pulls the cord attached to Denji’s chest. 

Compared to the original devil form Denji and Pochita’s hybrid form has 2 hands instead of 4, and the chainsaw is intact on his forehead. 

As this is a hybrid form, the devil’s regeneration ability is slow in this case. 

If Chainsaw Man gets injured or cuts off any of his body parts, it takes around 1-2 days to regenerate the body entirely. 

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