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Pathaan Ending: What was Rakht Beej? How did Pathaan Manage to stop Jim? Is Jim dead? 
Pathaan Ending: What was Rakht Beej? How did Pathaan Manage to stop Jim? Is Jim dead? 

Pathaan Ending Explained: What was Rakht Beej? How did Pathaan Manage to stop Jim? Is Jim dead? 

YRF’s and Sidharth Anand’s most awaited Pathaan has arrived on the big screen, and the fans have poured immense support and praises for the film. 

Starting SRK’s character as Pathaan, John Abraham’s antagonist role as Jim to Deepika Padukone’s role as Rubina, everyone has praised the film for its action-packed storyline and power-packed performance from the actors. 

Those who have watched the film would know that the film’s plot surrounds the aftermath of the abolition of article 370, where the Indian Government granted Jammu and Kashmir a special status. 

This decision resulted in General Qadir hiring a group of mercenaries called Outfit X, who especially worked for money and power. 

Outfit X is led by Jim, who was earlier a RAW agent but later went rogue after his pregnant wife was killed by a terrorist group in a foreign land. 

During that time, the Terrorist group wanted 10 crores in exchange for their lives from the Indian Government, but Indian Government refused to deal with the terrorists, which is why John’s wife was killed in front of his own eyes. 

Now Jim wanted vengeance from India, and that’s why he was looking for the right opportunity to get his revenge, and he got that from General Qadir. 

In the film, we see Shahrukh Khan’s character Pathaan and Dimple Kapadia’s character Nandini, establish JOCR (Joint Operations and Covert Research), which enrols highly skilled members of the army personnel who retire early due to some injuries. 

As JOCR was born, they got intel that Outfit X would attack the President of India in Dubai, where a Scientific Conference was about to take place. 

At the conference, the President of India, Prakash Belawadi’s character Dr Sahani, and Prem Jhangiani’s character Dr Farooqui will be arriving in the same convoy at the conference. 

Upon getting the intel Colonel Sunil Luthra changed the route of the President’s arrival and maximized the security for the president.

On the other hand, the two scientists didn’t have any security, and later on, Pathaan figured that Jim was not after the President. He was after the scientists. 

Then a chase sequence took place where Jim managed to get hold of Dr Sahani, but Pathaan managed to save Dr Farooqui. 

What was Rakht Beej?
What was Rakht Beej? (Image Credit: Mint)

Pathaan Ending Explained: What was Rakht Beej? How did Pathaan Manage to stop Jim? Is Jim dead? 

In Pathaan, it was revealed that John had kidnapped the scientist to develop a biological weapon which could wipe out a city in a couple of days. 

Rakht Beej is a smallpox virus kept safe by the Russians so that they could research it later on, but as we have witnessed in the first half of the film, Rubina outplays Pathaan and betrays him hand delivered Rakht Beej to Jim. 

Once Rakht Beej was delivered to Jim, he developed the deadly mutated virus and planned to target an Indian City to get his personal revenge on the Indian Government. 

In the second half of the film, however, we see Rubina change sides, and this time, she agrees to help Pathaan to retrieve Rakht Beej back, as she didn’t go along with Jim’s interest in killing innocent lives. 

Then Pathaan, Rubina and other members of the JOCR attacked the secret facility where Jim had developed the virus with the help of Dr Sahani. 

Pathaan managed to retrieve one of the two metal orbs, but Jim managed to get away with the second one. 

After taking the first metal orb, Pathaan wanted to destroy it, but Colonel Sunil Luthra didn’t agree to that idea and brought that back to an Indian facility where Dr Farooqui and his team were tasked to retrieve what was inside that orb. 

Also, Colonel Luthra took Rubina into custody as it was because her Rakht Beej fell at the hands of Jim. 

After Dr Farooqui and his team opened the orb, they found nothing except mineral water at the centre. 

The scientists were all clueless why there wasn’t any sample of Rakht Beej inside the orb. 

Then suddenly, the whole system of the lab got hacked, and they got a video call from Jim, who then explained that Rakht Beej was in the third layer of the orb and in the second layer, there was an invisible cohesive gas which is now already spread inside the facility. 

Jim reveals it was his plan from the beginning to take revenge on the Indian Government, and this was just the beginning. 

As Nandini learns that the virus has been spread, she orders the lockdown of the whole facility. 

Then she ordered Col Luthra to destroy the facility with RDX. 

At the same time, she motivated everyone who was exposed to the virus to sacrifice themselves and become martyrs to stop the spread. 

Pathaan, Col Luthra and the other members of JOCR watched their colleagues die helplessly. 

Then upon questioning Raafe, whom Pathaan had taken into custody earlier, he got to know that Jim was now in Afghanistan, where he would be delivering the virus to General Qadir, but he didn’t know the exact location. 

Is Jim dead
Is Jim dead? (Image Credit: YRF)

Therefore Pathaan now staged a performance where with the help of the Afgan Government and the Indian Government, he staged that one of the cities approx 200 km away from the secret facility had been attacked with the same kind of virus that Jim had developed. 

When Jim received the news, he sent his men over to have a look, and then Pathaan used that opportunity and killed Jim’s men after getting the location of the facility. 

Then Pathaan, Rubina and the members of JOCR managed to reach Outfit X’s secret facility in Afghanistan, where most of the members of Outfit X and General Qadir’s men were killed, but Jim again managed to escape. 

Pathaan followed Jim, and there was a stunning air sequence. 

Elsewhere in the facility, Rubina figured that missile was just a diversion.

The actual location of the real orb is already in India inside the ac duck of an aeroplane and is about to spread within 6 minutes. 

Upon finding the real location of the second orb, Rubina informed Col Luthra, and Luthra ordered Pathaan to stop Jim anyhow possible else it would mean the end of Delhi where the plane was flying. 

Then Jim challenged Pathaan to get the detonator to stop the spread of the virus from him, and both fought with each other against all odds; Pathaan managed to defeat Jim at last with 2 seconds left and saved everyone in the plane from dying. 

Then Pathaan and Jim continued their fight, where Jim ultimately fell off the clips and died. 

It would be safe to assume that Jim had died but based on the response John’s character Jim is getting, it wouldn’t be wrong to believe that he might be resurrected in the next part or there might be a prequel to Jim’s story as well. 

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