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Is there a post-credit scene in Pathaan? 
Is there a post-credit scene in Pathaan? 

Is there a post-credit scene in Pathaan? 

YRF’s and Sidharth Anand’s most awaited Pathaan has been released, and the fans have poured immense support and praises for the film. 

Starting SRK’s character as Pathaan to John Abraham’s antagonist role as Jim and Deepika Padukone’s role as Rubina, everyone has praised the film for its action-packed storyline and power-packed performance from everyone. 

The film surrounds the aftermath of the abolition of article 370, where the Indian Government granted Jammu and Kashmir a special status. 

This decision resulted in General Qadir hiring a group of mercenaries called Outfit X, who especially worked for money and power. 

Outfit X is led by Jim, who was earlier a RAW agent but later went rogue after his pregnant wife and children were killed by a terrorist group in a foreign land. 

In the film, Jim kidnaps the scientist to develop a biological weapon which could wipe out a city in a couple of days. 

The virus known as Rakht Beej was a smallpox virus kept safe by the Russians so that they could research it later on, but as we have witnessed in the first half of the film, Rubina outplayed Pathaan and betrayed him hand-delivered Rakht Beej to Jim. 

Once Rakht Beej was delivered to Jim, he developed the deadly mutated virus and planned to target an Indian City to get his revenge on the Indian Government. 

In the second half of the film, however, we see Rubina change sides, and this time, she agrees to help Pathaan to retrieve Rakht Beej back, as she didn’t go along with Jim’s interest in killing innocent lives with that virus. 

At the end of the film, Pathaan, Rubina, and the members of JOCR manage to reach Outfit X’s secret facility in Afghanistan, where they killed most of Jim’s and General Qadir’s men, but Jim again manages to escape. 

Where Pathaan followed Jim, and there was a beautiful air sequence. 

Elsewhere in the facility, Rubina figured that missile was just a diversion. 

The actual location of the real orb is already in India inside the ac duck of an aeroplane and is about to spread within 6 minutes. 

In the finale, Jim challenged Pathaan to get the detonator to stop the spread of the virus from him, and both fought with each other against all odds; Pathaan managed to defeat Jim at last with 2 seconds left and saved everyone in the plane from dying. 

Then Pathaan and Jim continued their fight, where Jim ultimately fell off the clips and died. 

As fans, I’m sure you will want to know about the film’s post-credit scene. Here is our explanation of the post-credit scene and the possible future of Pathaan. 

Is there a post-credit scene in Pathaan?
Is there a post-credit scene in Pathaan?

Is there a post-credit scene in Pathaan? What does the post-credit scene signify in Pathaan? 

There is a post-credit scene in Pathaan where both Tiger and Pathaan are sitting on the railway tracks after killing the Russians from the Black Prison. 

However, the post-credit scene could have revealed more about what we can expect in the Pathaan sequel or Tiger 3. 

But they were talking about who among the younger generation of Bollywood could take their place in the future, and they were just making fun of them without taking any names. 

Although the Post-credit scene didn’t reveal much about the next instalments, in the train sequence, Tiger revealed that he would be going on a big mission where he would require Pathaan’s help, which means we can surely SRK’s Pathaan in the next instalment of Tiger, i.e. Tiger 3. 

We already know that SRK will have an extended cut in Tiger 3. 

Lastly, as mentioned by Colonel Luthra, he would require everyone, Kabir, Tiger and Pathaan, to work together to save India from future attacks, which means there would be Hrithik Roshan’s Kabir as well in the next instalment. 


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