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Does Tetta Kisaki Die? How Does Kisaki Die?
Does Tetta Kisaki Die? How Does Kisaki Die?

Does Tetta Kisaki Die? How Does Kisaki Die?

Tetta Kisaki is the major antagonist in Tokyo Revengers. 

As a Tokyo Revenger fan, we all have questions like, what happens to Kisaki Tetta at the end? Did Tetta Kisaki die? Who killed Tetta Kisaki? and most importantly, how did Tetta Kisaki die? 

Tetta Kisaki is one of the most intelligent characters in the anime and is behind the killing of Hinata and Mikey in every timeline. 

Does Tetta Kisaki Die? How Does Kisaki Die?

Kisaki Tetta died in Chapter 187 of Tokyo Revengers when he tried to run from Takemichi after they confronted each other. 

Kisaki and Takemichi had a brawl with each other where Kisaki held Takemichi at gunpoint; Kisaki Tetta told Takemichi that he was too a time leaper like him. 

He had also travelled multiple timelines and killed Hina in one of them, but that turned out to be false. 

Later Kisaki states that he was in love with Hina from the beginning, but she didn’t have any feelings for him, which broke his heart every time she chose Takemichi instead of him. Therefore, that was why he killed Hinata. 

This enraged Takemichi, and he threw the gun out of Kisaki’s hands and chased Kisaki, and as Kisaki tried to run away from Takemichi, he suddenly stopped in the middle of the street where a truck came and hit him, and he died. 

Does Tetta Kisaki Die? How Does Kisaki Die?
Does Tetta Kisaki Die? How Does Kisaki Die?

Can Tetta Kisaki Time Travel?

Kisaki Tetta cannot time travel like Takemichi, but he sure knows about Time leaps. 

As reported by SportsKeeda, Kisaki, although he was not a Time Leaper, was aware of the concept, which means he was acquainted with someone who had the same ability as Takemichi. 

Kisaki Tetta was very intelligent from his early childhood and was considered a child prodigy. 

He used this skill to master his plans and killed Hina and Mikey in every timeline and even managed to suspect that Takemichi was time travelling. 

Why Kisaki calls Takemichi his hero?

The reason why Kisaki calls Takemichi his hero is simple, Kisaki, during middle school, was a nerdy boy who used to top his class, but nobody used to like him. 

On the other hand, Takemichi was an extrovert and helpful towards others’ needs, which was the main reason why Hinata loved Takemichi from the beginning. 

When Kisaki closely observed Takemichi, he thought he needed to be more like him to impress Hinata; hence, he used to respect Takemichi. 

But eventually, his heart got clouded with revenge, which is why he completely changed and went after Takemichi’s girlfriend, Hina. 

Does Tetta Kisaki Die? How Does Kisaki Die?
Does Tetta Kisaki Die? How Does Kisaki Die?

Does Kisaki Know Takemichi Travel Through Time?

No, Kisaki doesn’t travel through time in Tokyo Revengers, but he suspected that Takemichi might be travelling through time as most of the plans turned out to be failures in the final arc. 

That is when he imagined that Takemichi might be travelling through time, and he is the one jeopardising his plans. 

But moments before his death, he revealed that he was not travelling through time, but he suspected that Takemichi might be doing that, so imagine the level of intelligence Kisaki possesses. 

If he could have time leapt as well, then I bet not even Takemichi could have stopped Hinata and Mikey’s fate

Does Kisaki Love Hina?

Yes! Kisaki loved Hina from his middle school days. 

As Kisaki was a geek and no one used liked him or talked to him on the other hand, Hinata was the only one who was ever friendly to Kisaki, which made Kisaki obsessed with Hina and madly fall in love with her.

But Hina only had an eye for Takemichi, which is why Kisaki wanted to be better than Takemichi to impress Hina. 

Still, as Hina rejected him every time, his heart clouded with revenge plots, which is why he killed Hina in every timeline. 

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