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Does Mikey die in Tokyo Revengers? Does Takemichi save Mikey? 

Does Mikey die in Tokyo Revengers? Does Takemichi save Mikey? 

Tokyo Revengers is about a boy named Takemichi and his ex-girlfriend, Hinata, who apparently died because of Toman (Tokyo Manji Gang). 

One of the most prominent members of Toman is Manjiro Sano, aka Mikey, the leader of the Tokyo Manji Gang and the deuteragonist of the series. 

Mikey is a chill guy who apparently loves Takemichi, Draken and his friends, but in the present timeline, Takemichi learns that Mikey eventually turns evil and orders the killing of Hinata and later dies because of Kisaki Tetta. 

Mikey is a tremendous fighter capable of taking down his opponents with wild kicks.

He is also known for his martial arts, charisma and endurance. 

Mikey and Takemichi are more like brothers, and Mikey respects Takemichi for being an innocent and honest man.

Plus, Takemichi and Draken are the only ones who know about Mikey’s past, such as his elder brother’s death which motivated him to join Toman and dethrone the previous leader of Toman.  

In Tokyo Revengers, Mikey is subject to constant tragedy.

He ends up dead all the time, so as fans, I’m sure you will be curious to know what ultimately happens to Mikey. Well, read the spoilers below. 

Does Mikey die in Tokyo Revengers?

Does Mikey die in Tokyo Revengers
Does Mikey die in Tokyo Revengers? (Image Credit: Ken Wakui/Kodansha)

Well, the good news for Mikey fans is that Mikey is alive at the end of Tokyo Revengers manga, but to save him ultimately at the end, Takemichi had to go through a lot of troubles and had to time leap almost 15 times. 

After doing multiple time leaps, Takemichi ultimately learns that Mikey will eventually end up dead if he becomes a part of Toman.

Therefore, Takemichi, in the final leap to save Mikey, decides he would need to go back to an earlier timeline when Mikey was little. 

Therefore at first, he confronted Mikey in the current timeline and then went back in the past to inform little Mikey not to join Toman.

But in the final arc, Takemichi fights Mikey from the present timeline, and during the fight, Takemichi is stabbed by Mikey in the abdomen because the Karmic curse on Mikey made him berserk

As Takemichi is about to die, some miracle happens, and he, along with Mikey, eventually gets teleported to the past when they were both children.

When they meet, they remember what happened in the past timeline and then decide both will be working together to save themselves, Hina and their friends. 

Both works together as a team, and eventually, Mikey disbands the Toman gang, and finally, Mikey is alive at last; he even attends Takemichi’s wedding with Hina.  

Therefore the answer is Yes! Takemichi successfully saves Mikey and gets a happy ending for himself. 

Does Takemichi save Mikey?

Yes! Takemichi manages to save Mikey by confronting him in the final arc, where after meeting with Mikey in 2018, Takemichi returns to the past in 2008 to save his friend. 

Both eventually fight one another, and Mikey stabs Takemichi in the abdomen. 

As Takemichi was about to die, a miracle happened, and they moved back to the past when they were both kids. 

They realize that they are both aware of what happened to them in the past timeline, so they decide to work together for the safety of their friends.

As a result, Mikey disbands the Toman gang, and in the end, he survives and even attends his best friends’ wedding with Hinata. 

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