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Who does Kisaki love? Does Kisaki love Hinata?
Who does Kisaki love? Does Kisaki love Hinata?

Will Hinata die in Tokyo Revengers? Why Hinata dies every time in Tokyo Revengers?

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I’m sure Tokyo Revengers fans will have questions such as Will Hinata Die in Tokyo Revengers? Why does Hinata Tachibana die every time? and Will Takemichi be able to save Hinata?

Tokyo Revengers is about a boy named Takemichi, currently 26 years old, and his ex-girlfriend, Hinata, who was murdered by one of the executives of Toman (Tokyo Manji Gang).

Then upon meeting with Hinata’s little brother Naoto Tachibana, Takemichi discovers that if he and Naoto shake hands, Takemichi can go back in time.

Therefore, Takemichi decides to use this ability to save Hina’s life.

But no matter how many times he tries, he finds that Hina dies every time.

Therefore I’m sure, as fans, you will have the question: Does Hina die in the Tokyo Revengers? Or is she saved by Takemichi at the end?

Here are the details. 

Will Hinata Die in Tokyo Revengers?

Will Hinata die in Tokyo Revengers
Will Hinata die in Tokyo Revengers? (Image Credit: SportsKeeda)

Hinata Tachibana is the central character of the series, and the whole plot of Tokyo Revengers is based around her death.

In the anime, it was revealed that Akkun killed Hinata, one of Toman’s top executives.

In order to save Hinata, Takemichi travelled back in time to change the past, which could alter the reality in the present, and Hinata could be alive.

Although when Hinata died in the series, at that time, Takemichi and Hina had already broken up, but Takemichi still loved Hina deeply.

On the other hand, Hinata also loved Takemichi and wanted to be with him.

Therefore when Takemichi first heard the news of Hinata’s death, he was depressed at first, but upon figuring out the secret ability to travel back in time by shaking Naoto’s hand, he decided he would give everything to save Hina.

In the series so far, Takemichi has travelled back 3 times, but upon returning, he gets the same news that Hinata died, and he can’t alter the reality which would save Hina.

Although he managed to save Naoto by altering his death, he was supposed to die on 1st July 2017, which gave him some confidence to travel back and still try to alter Hina’s death by reshaping the past.

And finally, in Chapter 278 of Tokyo Revengers, Takemichi manages to save Hinata, and they both even get married.

This means there is a happy ending for both Takemichi and Hina in Tokyo Revengers.

Why Hinata dies every time in Tokyo Revengers?

Why Hinata dies every time in Tokyo Revengers?
Why Hinata dies every time in Tokyo Revengers? (Image Credit: Manga Thrill)

From the beginning of the series Kisaki Tetta was behind the murder of Hina.

All the allegations about Mikey that he was behind the killing of Hina turned out to be false when Takemichi finally uncovered the truth that Kisaki was obsessed with Hina.

He didn’t want anyone except him to be with Hina; hence as Hinata was in love with Takemichi, he didn’t want both of them to get married, which is why he ordered the killing of Hina every time.

In Junior School, Kisaki was a nerd and a very introverted guy who used to top the school, but nobody liked him because of his geeky nature.

Hinata was the only one who was nice to Kisaki then and was friends with him.

Because of this, Kisaki eventually gets obsessed with Hina’s beauty and falls in love with her, but Hina, on the other hand, doesn’t have any feelings towards Kisaki. She was in love with Takemichi.

And that is why she rejects Kisaki every time, and because of this, Kisaki goes mad and orders the killing of Hinata, plus he was also the reason for Mikey’s death.

That is the reason why altering Hina’s death was so difficult for Takemichi because, ultimately, Kisaki was a psychopath.

He can kill anyone to achieve goals, which is why Takemichi travelled back multiple times to alter the present because in every timeline, Kisaki survived and killed Hina. 

Finally, Takemichi understood that he needed to neutralize Kisaki without resorting to murder.

Finally, in Chapter 187 of Tokyo Revengers, Kisaki died in a car accident.

As Kisaki died, there was no threat to Hina’s or Mikey’s life, and because of this, both survived, and Takemichi finally married Hina in Chapter 217.

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