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Shark Fiend Explained: Who is Shark Fiend? What are Shark Fiend's Powers? and Why does Shark Fiend worship Chainsaw Man? 
Shark Fiend Explained: Who is Shark Fiend? What are Shark Fiend's Powers? and Why does Shark Fiend worship Chainsaw Man? 

Shark Fiend Explained: Who is Shark Fiend? What are Shark Fiend’s Powers? and Why does Shark Fiend worship Chainsaw Man? 

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In Chainsaw Man anime Episode 11, we have been introduced to a new character named Shark Fiend. 

Towards the Chainsaw Man anime Episode 11 ending, we see Denji, Power, Kobeni, and Aki arrive for their mission to take out Kantana Man and Akane. 

Kishibe, the captain of Division 4, leads the team into the building where Kantana Man and Akane were last located. 

After that, Special Division 2 captain Furuno and Shiina from the Kanagawa prefectural PD ask Kishibe about the plan. 

Kishibe tells them the police and Divison 2 will only be on the lookout. The task will be carried out exclusively by the Division 4 team. 

Kishibe also informs them to be careful because all the members of Division 4 are not humans. 

They are hybrids, and if one of them gets loose out in the city, it will cause more havoc than Kantana Man and Akane. 

Kishibe then informs them about the characteristics of each of the Division 4 members.

We see some new faces this time. 

  1. Shark Fiend: Shark Fiend can swim inside surfaces, including walls and floors, and transform into his devil form when required. 
  2. Violence Fiend: The Violence Fiend wears a mask that dispenses poison gas no matter what the mask stays on.
  3. Spider Devil: In her human form, she is friendly, but in her Spider Devil form, she is dangerous. 
  4. Angel Devil: Angel Devil can easily wipe out half of anyone’s lives by just touching them. Plus, Angel devil has no enmity towards humans. 

We also see Aki, Denji, Power and Kobeni joining them in the mission. 

In this article, we will discuss the Shark Fiend, who is the Shark Fiend in Chainsaw Man, and what Shark Fiend’s powers are. 

Who is Shark Fiend? 

Shark Fiend Explained Who is Shark Fiend
Shark Fiend Explained: Who is Shark Fiend? (Image credit: Dual Shockers)

Shark Fiend’s real name is Beam in Chainsaw Man. 

Beam possesses a muscular body, and his face resembles a Shark’s head. 

When in his full form, his complete face changes with Shark with three eyes, but if he is not in his full form, then his face only resembles a Shark’s fin. 

Shark Fiend was first introduced in Chainsaw Man Episode 11, and as informed by Kishibe, he can swim through solid objects like concrete walls and floors. 

Just like Sharks in his full form, he can use his bite strengths to cut enemies in half and can easily kill them. 

Beam basically has a contract with Shark Devil and embodies the fear of sharks. 

Beam certainly enjoys fighting and can keep fighting his enemies and never get tired. 

Natsuki Hanae, who also gives his voice for Tanjiro Kamado in Demon Slayer, is the voice actor of Beam, aka The Shark Fiend in Chainsaw Man. 

Shark Fiend’s Relationship with Chainsaw Man: Why does Shark Fiend worship Chainsaw Man? 

Shark Fiend is a devotee of Chainsaw Man, that is, Pochita

In our previous article, we have told that a few characters in Chainsaw Man hate Chainsaw Man because he possesses which can wipe out every devil in the universe.

But there are a few devils, such as Makima(Control Devil) and Beam(Shark Fiend), who are devotees of the Chainsaw Man and can do anything for Chainsaw Man. 

The same we saw in the Bomb Devil arc (Chapter 40-Chapter 52) of Chainsaw Man, where both Beam and Denji help one another to defeat Reze and even Beam almost endangers his life to protect Chainsaw Man.

Plus, Denji and Beam have a brother-like bond. Both fight with each other a lot but also respect one another; they are also kinda mad, which makes them get along quite well. 

What are Shark Fiend’s Powers?

What are Shark Fiend's Powers?
What are Shark Fiend’s Powers? (Image credit: Dual Shockers)

Beam, aka The Shark Fiend, is not the strongest character in Chainsaw Man, but his devotion to Chainsaw Man and his skills does make him a key sidekick of Chainsaw Man in fights against powerful enemies such as Reze (Bomb Devil) and Curse Devil and Hell Devil (International Assasins Arc). 

In his full avatar, Shark Devil, Beam can swim through concrete walls and floors easily as Sharks do in ocean water. 

In his Shark Devil avatar, his complete head gets bigger and becomes Shark, and he gains enormous strength to bite off enemies’ body parts, the same we have seen in Episode 11, how Shark Fiend was cutting through the herds of Zombie Devil’s army. 

Plus, Shark Fiend has an excellent sense of smell, and with that scent, he can easily find out about people’s devil form, the same we have seen Chainsaw Man Bomb Devil Arc, where he smelled Reze and comprehended that she is the Bomb Devil. 


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