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Was Himeno in love with Aki? Who was Himeno's love interest?
Was Himeno in love with Aki? Who was Himeno's love interest?

Was Himeno in love with Aki? Who was Himeno’s love interest?

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Chainsaw Man anime is about a boy named Denji who makes a pact with a chainsaw devil named Pochita by giving his blood. 

Pochita becomes Denji’s pet, and Denji evolves into a devil hunter and works under Yakuza as he used to owe a debt to him. 

Denji used to kill devils for money, and those were traded off in the black market so that Yakuza could profit from that. 

One day Yakuza crossed Denji by contract with a Zombie devil. 

Yakuza did manage to kill Denji. 

But before Denji died, he made a pact with Pochita that if he ever killed in any of his assignments, Pochita would merge with Denji and take over his body.

Therefore when Denji is killed by the Zombie devil Pochita, aka the chainsaw devil, merges itself with Denji and gives his heart to Denji. 

Because of this, Denji resurrects himself as a hybrid (half devil + half man) known as Chainsaw Man. 

After that, Denji killed the Zombie devil. 

After that, a Government Devil Hunter group from the Public Safety Division, led by Makima, reached the spot where it happened, and she saw Denji’s hybrid Chainsaw Man; hence she persuaded Denji to join their ranks and help people. 

In the series, we have come across a beautiful character Himeno, who is quite beautiful. 

In Episode 10, we see Himeno confessing about her love interest to Denji, so who is she in love with? 

Let us find the answers below. 

Was Himeno in love with Aki? Who was Himeno's love interest?
Was Himeno in love with Aki? Who was Himeno’s love interest?

Was Himeno in love with Aki? Who was Himeno’s love interest?

Himeno was a beautiful lady from Division 4 of the Public Safety Department, who was the partner of Aki. 

She had a beautiful build and looked stunning with her dark hair and eye-patched on her left eye. 

Himeno was always in love with Aki since she partnered with him in Division 4. 

Most earlier members of Himeno’s squad had already died before Aki joined. 

Because of Aki’s caring nature and attractive looks, Himeno fell in love with Aki. 

But Himeno couldn’t confess to Aki about her feelings because she tragically sacrificed her life in the Kantana Man arc to save Aki. 

Himeno only discloses her true feelings for Aki to Denji back in Episode 9 when she gets drunk after they defeat Eternity Devil. 

Himeno even fulfilled Denji’s wish by french kissing him in front of Makima and also tries to make Aki jealous. 

But it ended horribly, with Himeno vomiting inside Denji’s mouth. 

Himeno then takes Denji to her home, where drunken Himeno tries to take advantage of Denji. 

But Denji was only interested in Makima, so he passed Himeno’s offers.

Later, she confessed that she had always liked Aki and even asked Denji what he and Aki see in Makima, that no one notices her and always talks about her. 

Even the next day, she made a pact with Denji that if he helped her to land Aki, she would help him to land Makima.

But we couldn’t see more of Denji and Himeno’s friendship evolving as she tragically died in the Kantana Man arc.

Aki finally went through her letters in Episode 11 which he received from Himeno’s elder sister, who came to visit him in the hospital.  

He noticed that Himeno had mostly talked about her father’s health and Aki in her letters. 

In one of her letters, she mentioned that she is scared of losing Aki and wants Aki to leave the Public Safety Department and go private. 

Therefore Aki, in Episode 11, after going through Himeno’s letters, finally figures out Himeno’s feelings. 

People who have read the manga would know that Aki also cared for Himeno because when he died, he left 50 per cent of his earnings in Himeno’s name for her father’s treatment. 

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