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Does Denji love Power? Do Denji and Power end up together? 
Does Denji love Power? Do Denji and Power end up together? 

Does Denji love Power? Do Denji and Power end up together? 

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Chainsaw Man anime is about a boy named Denji who makes a pact with a chainsaw devil named Pochita by giving his blood. 

Pochita becomes Denji’s pet, and Denji becomes a devil hunter and works under Yakuza as he used to owe a debt to him. 

Denji used to kill devils for money, and those were traded off in the black market so that Yakuza could profit from that. 

One day Yakuza backstabbed Denji by contract with a Zombie devil. 

Yakuza did manage to kill Denji. 

But before Denji died, he made a pact with Pochita that if he ever died in any of his assignments, Pochita would merge with Denji and take over his body. 

Therefore when Denji’s body is cut into pieces by the Zombie devil and dumped in a dustbin, Pochita, aka the chainsaw devil, merges itself with Denji and gives his heart to Denji. 

Because of this, Denji resurrects himself as a hybrid (half devil + half man) known as Chainsaw Man

After that, Denji killed the Zombie devil. 

After that, a Government Devil Hunter group from the Public Safety Division, led by Makima, reached the spot where it happened, and she saw Denji’s hybrid Chainsaw Man; hence she persuaded Denji to join their ranks and help people. 

In Episode 3 of Chainsaw Man, we come across another hybrid named Power, a blood fiend who was also a part of Makima’s special squad. 

One of the questions the fans have about Power is whether Denji loves Power? or Do Denji and Makima end up together. 

If you are looking for an answer, you have managed to land on the right page. 

This article will explain everything in detail. 

Does Denji love Power?

Initially, we thought Denji had feelings for Power as she agreed to let Denji fondle her breast if he saved Meowy. 

After Denji successfully saved Meowy because it reminded him of his pet Pochita and killed the Bat Devil. 

Power let Denji feel her up, but their relationship soon turned into some sibling relationship. 

They used to fight for an apple and even fight with one another like crazy. 

Therefore, as far as the manga is concerned, Denji doesn’t love Power. Their relationship is basically of siblings. 

The theory from Reddit  by users JeanneDAlter and Harriz_Burhan also makes sense to what we have stated above: 

Love exists in 3 forms, Familial love (the love you have towards your friends, siblings and family), sexual love (the one you feel for someone special) and Platonic love. 

Denji and Power have platonic love, which doesn’t involve any sexual favours since Denji isn’t even attracted to Power physically.

One of the most prominent examples is after the Assassination Arc/run-in with the Darkness Devil. 

When Power had her PTSD, Denji and Power showered and slept together. 

Denji was there to comfort her, and at that time, Denji stated he didn’t feel anything sexual towards her. 

Other characters also collaborate with this, such as Makima, who mocks Denji for giving him a “bratty little sister” and then taking her away.

Does Denji love Power? Do Denji and Power end up together? 
Does Denji love Power? Do Denji and Power end up together?

Do Denji and Power end up together? 

Unfortunately, Denji and Power do not end up together because Power has to give her blood to save Denji from dying in chapter 91. 

Power eventually became a part of Denji as she was a blood fiend; if a blood fiend makes a contract with someone human, that is a contract. 

She wanted to save Denji. Hence she gave all her blood to him, merged herself with him and became one indefinitely. 

Their bond was of platonic love. They loved each other in their way but didn’t have any feelings for one another sexually. 

Denji, even after being backstabbed by Makima, always wanted to be with her. 

On the other hand, Power didn’t have any clue regarding love, and she didn’t have any interest towards Denji either; therefore, the two didn’t end up together in Chainsaw Man manga. 

“Denji, Go find Blood Devil and find blood devil back into Power again.

Find them and make friends with them somehow.

I will give you my blood. It is a contract, come and find me.”



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