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Chainsaw Man Episode 11 Ending Explained: Did Aki contract with Future Devil? Does Aki die in Chainsaw Man Episode 11? 
Chainsaw Man Episode 11 Ending Explained: Did Aki contract with Future Devil? Does Aki die in Chainsaw Man Episode 11? 

Chainsaw Man Episode 11 Ending Explained: Did Aki contract with Future Devil? Does Aki die in Chainsaw Man Episode 11? 

The Chainsaw Man anime is about a character named Denji who makes a pact with a chainsaw devil named Pochita by giving his blood. 

Later on, the duo develops a bond with each other, and one day, when Denji dies at the hands of the Zombie devil, Pochita saves his friend by fusing himself with Denji. 

After this fusion, Denji becomes a hybrid known as Chainsaw Man. 

Later on, Makima, who currently runs the Public Safety Department, offers Denji to join their ranks and help the people by eradicating devils. 

In Chainsaw Man anime Episode 11, we saw that Aki finally gets a contract with Future devil under one condition. 

Makima, on the other hand, visits Yakuza, who was involved in the ambush of the Special Division. 

This Yakuza is different from the Debt collector Yakuza, who earlier had a contract with Zombie devil and killed Denji in episode 1. 

In this episode, we again see Makima using her powers to get the names out of the people involved in the ambush. 

Read along to know in detail what happened in Chainsaw Man episode 11. 

Chainsaw Man anime Episode 11 Recap: Did Aki contract with Future Devil? 

Chainsaw Man Episode 11: Does Aki contract with Future Devil?
Chainsaw Man Episode 11: Does Aki contract with Future Devil?

As we have hinted in our previous article, Aki does manage to get a contract with Future Devil in Episode 11. 

The Future Devil seems pretty cool with humans, mainly because he already has contracts with a few more members of the Public Safety Department. 

As stated by Kurose and Tendo, the earlier two members already have made the contract with the Future devil: 

1. The first one gave up half of his lifespan.

2. The second member gave both his eyes along with the sense of taste and smell. 

When Future Devil interacts with Aki, he tells Aki to shout “The Future Rules” as well. 

But Aki gets straight to the point on what the Future Devil wants with him. 

The Future Devil tells him to stick his head onto his gut to see his future first and decide on the trade next. 

The Future Devil then see Aki’s future and laughs, and tells him that he is going to live inside his right eye, and that’s how he can lend him use his powers. 

The Future Devil also tells Aki that his death in future will fu#king rule. 

As Future Devil is disclosing further about Aki’s death, he stops him and states he is not interested in hearing about how he will die.

As long as he can kill his targets, the rest doesn’t matter. 

Aki then tells the Future devil to get into his eyes, and the Future devil agrees and goes inside his eyes. 

With Future devils’ powers, Aki could now see a few seconds into the future and predict what attacks the Enemies would do, and he could deal with those accordingly. 

Apart from that, he can also summon the Future devil by just stating ‘The Future Rules’.

Chainsaw Man Episode 11 Recap: Did Makima kills Yakuza and his men? or does Yakuza reveals the names involved in the ambush? 

In Chainsaw Man Episode 11, Makima visits Yakuza and asks him to reveal the names of all the people involved in the ambush of Divisions 1, 2,3, and 4. 

But Yakuza denies doing so cause it would lead to another conflict with Gun Devil that he doesn’t want. 

Then Makima reveals a piece of paper which contains all the eyes of the family members of the gang members present in the room. 

Then she immediately kills one of Yakuza’s members by using the Control Devil’s powers. 

The person dies instantly with a bleeding nose. 

Then Makima ultimately gets the names of all the people involved in the onslaught, and after that, I think she probably killed everyone, including Yakuza. 

Although this hasn’t been showcased yet, based on what she said, at last, we think Yakuza is dead.

Makima’s words in response to Yakuza in Chainsaw Man Episode 11: 

When you talk about “necessary evil”, you are using that term to justify the acts you commit. 

Society doesn’t need your excuses. It’s not a true necessary evil unless the Nation itself is holding the leash and maintaining control. 

Chainsaw Man Episode 11 Recap: Did Kishibe confront Makima on knowing about the assault on Special Divison? 

Does Makima kill Yakuza?
Does Makima kill Yakuza?

Yes! in Episode 11 of Chainsaw Man, we see Kishibe confronts Makima and asks her if she already knew about the attack on Special Division. 

Makima replies she was too under attack. 

But Kishibe answers and says he doesn’t care what she does and how many of his hunting dogs (Devil Hunters) she has killed so far. 

She gets a pass as long as she is serving Mankind’s interest. 

Makima says she wants to save as many people as possible from the devils. 

She also adds if the new operation succeeds, Division 4’s existence will become a part of the public record which will gain them some freedom, and therefore they can save more people from devils.

Kishibe calls her a “Liar”, and the scene goes to the next one, which is the operation which Makima was talking about, that is, to kill Kantana Man and Akane with the use of snake devil and Ghost Devil by only using the Division 4 members. 

Chainsaw Man Episode 11 Ending Explained: Does Aki die in Chainsaw Man Episode 11? 

Chainsaw Man Episode 11 Recap and Ending Explained: The Future Devil
Chainsaw Man Episode 11 Recap and Ending Explained: The Future Devil

In Episode 11 finale, we see Denji, Power, Kobeni, and Aki arrive on the mission. 

Kishibe, the captain of Division 4, leads them into the building where Kantana Man and Akane are. 

The Special Division 2 Furuno and Shiina from the Kanagawa prefectural PD ask Kishibe about the plan. 

Kishibe tells them the police and Divison 2 will only be on the lookout.

The mission will be carried out solely via Division 4. 

Kishibe also tells them to be careful because all the members of Division 4 are not humans. 

They are hybrids, and if one of them gets loose out in the city, it will cause more havoc than Kantana Man and Akane. 

Kishibe then informs them about the characteristics of each of the Division 4 members.

We see some new faces this time. 

  1. Shark Fiend: Shark Fiend can swim inside surfaces, including walls and floors, and can also transform into his devil form when required. 
  2. Violence Fiend: The violence Fiend wears a mask that dispenses poison gas no matter what the mask stays on.
  3. Spider Devil: In her human form, she is friendly, but in her Spider Devil form, she is dangerous. 
  4. Angel Devil: Angel Devil can easily wipe out half of anyone’s lives by just touching them. Plus, Angel devil has no enmity towards humans. 

We also see Aki, Denji, Power and Kobeni joining them in the mission. 

Aki helps Angel devil by giving him his handkerchief. 

In turn, Angel Devil helps Aki by saving his life from a bullet. 

Aki then orders Denji, Power and Kobeni to split up and find Akane and the Kantana Man. 

Aki arrives at the top floor of the building, where a few gangsters surround him, but Makime, by that time, we think, has already got the names from Yakuza. 

She uses her powers again and kills them instantly, allowing Aki to confront the Snake Woman Akane. 

Chainsaw Man Episode 11 Recap The Ghost Devil
Chainsaw Man Episode 11 Recap: The Ghost Devil

Later on, we see Aki confronting Akane, where the latter spawns the Ghost Devil to fight Aki and Aki tries to fight her without using the Future Devil or the Curse Devil. 

The Future Devil, which resides in Aki’s right eye, insists Aki use his powers, but Aki then ignores the Future Devil and tries to fight Akane with just the curse devil’s sword. 

Although Aki thinks about fighting, in the end, The Ghost Devil grabs him by his neck and tightens her grip, and it seems like Aki is about to pass out.

But those who have already read the manga would know that Aki will not die in the fight because Ghost Devil earlier had a contract with Himeno, and Himeno had sacrificed her life to save Aki in the Kantana Man arc episode 9. 

Therefore The Ghost Devil will not kill him.

Instead, she will drop him on the ground and offer him a cigarette, similar to what Himeno used to do. 

Then Aki would recall the moments with Himeno when she had told him that Ghost Devil could sense fear, and once Aki stopped feeling the fear, Ghost Devil would let Aki climb up to her body and let him decapitate her head using his sword. 

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