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Why did pochita fuse with Denji? 
Why does Pochita look like a dog? and Why Pochita became a dog? 

Why did Pochita fuse with Denji? 

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Chainsaw Man anime is about a boy named Denji who makes a pact with a chainsaw devil named Pochita by giving his blood. 

Pochita becomes Denji’s pet, and Denji evolves into a devil hunter and works under Yakuza as he used to owe a debt to him. 

Denji used to kill devils for money, and those were traded off in the black market so that Yakuza could profit from that. 

One day Yakuza crossed Denji by contract with a Zombie devil. 

Yakuza did manage to kill Denji. 

But before Denji died, he made a pact with Pochita that if he ever killed in any of his assignments, Pochita would merge with Denji and take over his body.

Therefore when Denji is killed by the Zombie devil Pochita, aka the chainsaw devil, merges itself with Denji and gives his heart to Denji. 

Because of this, Denji resurrects himself as a hybrid (half devil + half man) known as Chainsaw Man. 

After that, Denji killed the Zombie devil. 

One of the fans’ questions about Pochita is why did Pochita fuse with Denji? Why would Pochita, a devil, give his heart to a human, Denji, to save his life?

Well, we have the answers to that. Please read along to know the details.

Why did pochita fuse with Denji? 
Why did pochita fuse with Denji?

Why did pochita fuse with Denji? Did Pochita take over Denji?

In Episode 1 of Chainsaw Man, we saw that after Yakuza and the Zombie devil killed Denji, his body was chopped into pieces and left in a dustbin. 

Then we see Denji remembering the final moments, from bonding with Pochita at his father’s funeral to their struggle when they tried to survive as a devil hunter and worked under Yakuza. 

Then we witnessed a moment where Denji told Pochita that if anything happens to him in any of the missions, then, in that case, Pochita can take over his body. 

But Pochita deeply cares about Denji; hence, instead of taking over his body completely, he ultimately fuses with Denji, gives his heart to Denji and saves his life. 

After that, Denji becomes a hybrid known as Chainsaw Man and kills the Zombie demon. 

Pochita had always cared for Denji, and after becoming his pet, he loved how Denji treated him and how he used to share his dreams with Pochita.

Pochita loved hearing about Denji’s dreams. 

Because of this, Pochita ultimately developed a strong bond with Denji. 

So when his friend who had earlier saved him by giving his blood was in dire need of help, Pochita willingly sacrificed herself and merged himself with Denji’s body. 

He did that so that Denji could fulfil all his wishes which Pochita enjoyed hearing. 

As the series progressed, we saw this bond only growing as Chainsaw Man had a different avatar in his hybrid form. 

Pochita would not cause any trouble to humans. 

Instead, he would only try to help them, and he will forever remain with Denji as his best friend. 

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