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Govinda Naam Mera Ending Explained: Did Govinda kill Gauri in Govinda Naam Mera? 
Govinda Naam Mera Ending Explained: Did Govinda kill Gauri in Govinda Naam Mera?  (Image Credit Disney+ Hotstar)

Govinda Naam Mera Ending Explained: Did Govinda kill Gauri in Govinda Naam Mera? 

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Govinda Naam Mera is the latest comedy thriller film released on Disney+. 

The film stars Vicky Kaushal as Govinda Waghmare, Bhumi Pednekar as Gauri Waghmar (Govinda’s wife), and Kiara Advani as Sukubai Deshmukh, aka Suku (Govinda’s girlfriend). 

The film surrounds Govinda, a dance choreographer with a struggling marriage life. 

He is always at war with his wife, Gauri. 

He threatens to give his wife a divorce, but Gauri demands almost two crore rupees for the divorce settlement. 

According to Gauri, 2 crores is the amount her father invested in her wedding, and she wants the same amount for the divorce settlement. 

If Govinda doesn’t give that amount, she will not agree to divorce. 

Govinda is bossed around the house by his wife, Gauri, and the household worker Manju. 

He has 0 respect in the house, and there is an ongoing case going on concerning Govinda’s bungalow. 

Who was Govinda’s father, and what are the issues that surround Govinda’s life? 

Govinda’s father, Gopi Vishwakarma, was an action director, and he met Gopi’s mother, Asha Waghmare, during the filming of the Bollywood film “Aag Laga Dunga.”

Gopi Vishwakarma already had a family in Tamilnadu. 

Gopi’s first wife’s name is Charulatta Vishwakarma, and his son’s name is Vishnu Vishwakarma. 

He married Asha as his second wife and had a child with her, i.e. Govinda. 

When Gopi died, he left the bungalow in Mumbai after his second wife, Asha’s name. 

But after Gopi’s accident, his first wife, Charulatta, and his son Vishnu fired a court case against Govinda and his mother, Asha. 

The case has been ongoing for 14 years, but there has yet to be an outcome. 

Govinda and his lawyer friend Kaustubh Godbole were about to lose the case because of the false evidence they provided of Gopi Vishwakarma and Asha Waghmare’s marriage. 

To make matters worse, Kaustubh, Govind’s lawyer friend, indirectly informed the judge that Govinda’s wife, Gauri, was demanding two crores rupees for divorce and his family situation was not good.

The judge comprehended that Govinda and his mother took dowry for the marriage. 

Govinda Naam Mera Ending Explained: Did Govinda kill Gauri in Govinda Naam Mera? 
Govinda Naam Mera Ending Explained: Did Govinda kill Gauri in Govinda Naam Mera? (Image Credit Disney+ Hotstar)

Hence he warned them of giving criminal charges for taking dowry and told them to provide all the bills for the marriage and solid evidence of his mother’s marriage with Gopi. 

In the film, we see that someone has killed Gauri, and to cover up the murder, Govinda cremates Gauri’s body in the backyard and the drugs he collected from Ajit Dharkar’s son Sandy; he gave those to Suku to keep somewhere safe.

But later on, we learned that Suku was playing a double game with Govinda as she was with Vishnu from the beginning. 

She just made Govinda fall in love with her so that she could work as a snitch with Manju and give the insight details of the home to Vishnu and help him win the case. 

Once that is done, Vishnu, as promised, will give Suku her 1 crore rupees and 3 BHK apartments in Mumbai. 

Suku earlier also helped Vishnu by informing him about the fake pictures of the marriage that Govinda and Kaustubh presented to the court via her informant Manju (the household worker at Govinda’s bungalow). 

Govinda Naam Mera Ending Explained: Did Govinda kill Gauri in Govinda Naam Mera? How did Govinda plan everything? 

Well, we were trying to figure out who killed Gauri for the majority of the second half. 

But much later, in the film’s final climax, we see that Gauri is not dead. 

She is still alive and was aware of Govinda’s plan from the beginning. 

Govinda explained that when his father and mother, Gopi and Asha’s wedding pictures were exposed in the court, he understood there was some snitch inside the house. 

Govinda first suspected Manju to be the snitch, so when he followed her to where she used to live, he saw Suku giving money to Manju. 

Then he started following Suku. 

He found out that Suku was with Vishnu. 

He was heartbroken at that time but understood they were all trying to screw him.

Vishnu also revealed that the first day her mother saw Charulatta and Vishnu stepping foot into their home, Asha understood from that time that they were there to take the house. 

So she started playing the paralysis act from that point to gain sympathy from the judge.

Govinda also apprehended that the house was never his father’s. 

It belonged to Government, and BMC will take it over soon. 

Plus, with Ajit Dharkar’s frequent threats, he had no other option but to do something. 

Therefore as part of his first plan, he revealed to his lawyer friend Kaustubh everything from his mother’s paralysis to Vishnu and Suku’s mischievous plans. 

Then he also involved Gauri (who was not dead and agreed to help Govinda with his plan). 

Govinda told Gauri that she would have to act dead in order to make it successful. 

Furthermore, Gauri was actually in love with Govinda, she just wanted his affection, and Baldev was not actually Gauri’s boyfriend. 

Baldev was the life insurance seller from where Gauri had taken the insurance for Govinda and his mother’s name. 

Govinda understood that his idea about Gauri was wrong from the beginning. 

She was an amazing wife to him always. 

She was just jealous of Suku, which is why she used to behave like that.

Therefore, as the team was set, Govinda, Gauri, Asha and Kaustubh started the execution of the plan step by step. 

Govinda Naam Mera Ending Explained
Govinda Naam Mera Ending Explained (Image Credit Disney+ Hotstar)

Step 1: At first, Govinda lured Sandy in and stole five crores worth of cocaine (2 bags). 

Step 2: He then called Suku on the spot, but before calling Suku, he also called his mother Asha and Gauri to set the stage for acting dead. 

After that, when Govinda brings Suku into the house and makes her realise that Gauri is dead. 

He then told her that he would bury Gauri’s body in the garden, and she would have to destroy the other pieces of evidence. 

But in reality, Govinda was buying time so that Suku could stay busy with vanishing the shreds of evidence of false murder. 

Step 3: While Suku was busy doing her thing, Gauri mixed inositol and baby powder to create a false drug which looked like cocaine and placed it in Sandy’s bag. 

Step 4: Asha followed Suku secretly when she was trying to hide the evidence.

Asha secretly burned all the evidence after Suku left the spot so that it could not be retrieved anymore. 

Asha then also went to Suku’s home and placed the false drug made by Gauri. 

Step 5: They had to set up Javed next. 

As he had whopped Govinda for one gun, he understood what he would do for the drugs worth five crores. 

Javed was actually Ajit Dharkar’s man. 

He used to do the dirty work for him. 

Therefore Govinda also sent his mom Asha to act as a servant who is in dire need of a job, and by going to Javed’s home, Asha secretly placed the gun that Javed had earlier sold him and also the packet of 750 gm of original cocaine they got from Sandy. 

Govinda Naam Mera Ending Explained
Govinda Naam Mera Ending Explained (Image Credit Disney+ Hotstar)

Step 6: Govinda also played Dharkar and Sandy by luring them in by selling them the remaining packet containing 750 gm of cocaine for rupees 5 crores. 

Kaustubh hand-delivered the cocaine to Sandy and retrieved the 5 crores. 

Step 7: Next was Baldev, as he helped Govinda retrieve the two crores worth of insurance out of the false murder of Gauri; Govinda had to give him 1 crore. 

After receiving the money, Baldev left Mumbai for good. 

Step 8: The last step was selling the bungalow, which was about to be taken over by BMC. 

Govinda sold that house to Vishnu for 2 crores, so Govinda got a total of 7 crores, and after receiving the money, Govinda, Gauri Asha, and Kaustubh left Mumbai and settled in Goa. 

Govinda also made Suku, Vishnu and his mother drink virgin pina colada mixed with sleeping powder so that he would be unconscious after hearing the complete story and that time they could use to get out of the place without leaving any evidence. 

Even if they now reveal all these stories to Police, none of them would believe them. 

Govinda Naam Mera is an excellent comedy thriller available on Disney+ Hotstar. If you have watched it yet, we recommend you stream it soon. 

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