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Who is Denji's love interest in Chainsaw Man? Does Denji love Makima? 
Who is Denji's love interest in Chainsaw Man? Does Denji love Makima? (Image Credit: Fiction Horizon)

Who is Denji’s love interest in Chainsaw Man? Does Denji love Makima? 

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Chainsaw Man is about a boy named Denji who makes a pact with a chainsaw devil named Pochita by giving his blood. 

Pochita becomes Denji’s pet, and Denji becomes a devil hunter and works under Yakuza as he used to owe a debt to him. 

Denji used to kill devils for money, and those were traded off in the black market so that Yakuza could profit from that. 

One day Yakuza backstabbed Denji by contract with a Zombie devil. 

Yakuza did manage to kill Denji. 

But before Denji died, he made a pact with Pochita that if he ever killed in any of his assignments, Pochita would merge with Denji and take over his body. 

Therefore when Denji’s body is cut into pieces by the Zombie devil and dumped in a dustbin, Pochita, aka the chainsaw devil, merges itself with Denji and gives his heart to Denji. 

Because of this, Denji resurrects himself as a hybrid (half devil + half man) known as Chainsaw Man. 

Denji then killed the Zombie devil and became known as the Chainsaw Man. 

The Public Safety Division, led by Makima, reached where it happened, and she saw Denji’s hybrid Chainsaw Man; hence she persuaded Denji to join their ranks and help people. 

One of the fans’ questions about Denji is whether he has any love interest. 

Does Denji love Makima? or is it someone else? Well, let us find the details below. 

Does Denji love Makima?

Does Denji love Makima?
Does Denji love Makima?

Yes! Denji’s actual love interest in the series has always been Makima. 

Although Makima had betrayed Denji by killing most of his friends, to Denji, it was always Makima as she was the one who was ever nice to him. 

Before meeting with Makima, Denji used to live in a junkyard and used to work for Yakuza, who mistreated him and demeaned him every step of the way. 

If he had not met Pochita during his father’s funeral, Yakuza would have also killed him. 

But when he met with Makima, she gave him everything from home, food to money. 

Although to Denji’s eyes, it looked like Makima deeply cared about him, in reality, she only cared about Pochita, aka the Chainsaw devil. 

Makima’s ultimate goal was to lead a happy life with Pochita, but given she was the control devil, she could not create any meaningful relationship. 

In the Chainsaw Man manga Chapter 96, Denji killed Makima by eating her and by which he became one with Makima as technically he was getting her blood. (That is considered a contract)

As Makima died, she became one with Denji and bypassed the contract given by the Prime Minister of Japan. 

The contract was that if Makima worked for Japan (Public Safety Department Arc), then if there were any fatal injuries she faced, they would be bypassed to random citizens of Japan via Control devil. 

As Denji had eaten Makima, it bypassed the contract given by the Japanese prime minister. 

Once Makima died, Nayuta was born, who was the reincarnation of the Control Devil. 

Denji’s love for Makima was so deep that he even took care of Nayuta and Makima’s seven dogs after her death.  

Does Denji love Power?

Does Denji love Power?
Who is Denji’s love interest in Chainsaw Man Anime? Does Denji love Power?

No, Denji does not love Power. 

Initially, we thought Denji had feelings for Power as she agreed to let Denji rub her breasts if he saved Meowy. 

After Denji successfully saves Meowy and kills the Bat Devil to save Power.

Power fulfilled Denji’s wish by letting him feel her. 

But actually, Denji and Power have platonic love, which doesn’t involve sexual favours since Denji isn’t even attracted to Power physically.

One of the most prominent examples is after the Assassination Arc/run-in with the Darkness Devil. 

When Power had her PTSD, Denji and Power showered and slept together. 

Denji was there to comfort her, and at that time, Denji stated he didn’t feel anything sexual towards her. 

Does Denji love Himeno?

Does Denji love Himeno?
Who is Denji’s love interest in Chainsaw Man Anime? Does Denji love Himeno?

No! Denji does not love Himeno. 

But in the Eternity Devil arc, Denji was somewhat attracted to Himeno.

The reason being she had an attractive body, and she agreed to french kiss him if he defeated the eternity devil. 

After successfully defeating the eternity devil, she eventually kissed Denji, but that ended horribly with Himeno vomiting inside Denji’s mouth. 

Himeno was actually in love with Aki at that time. 

She was trying to make Aki jealous because he was attracted to Makima. 

Denji and Himeno did end up in her apartment after that night, and Himeno tried to take advantage of Denji by offering to couple. 

But Denji was devoted to Makima, so he passed it. 

Later morning both discussed what happened last night, and Denji was cool about it. 

Himeno asks Denji to help her land Aki, and she will help him land Makima. 

But this friendship didn’t go any further because Himeno died tragically in the Kantana Man arc. 

Does Denji love Kobeni?

Does Denji love Kobeni
Who is Denji’s love interest in Chainsaw Man Anime? Does Denji love Kobeni? (Image credit: Entriesfromanintrovert)

Technically, Kobeni is not in love with Denji neither Denji was in love with Kobeni, but Kobeni is the temporary girlfriend of Chainsaw Man. 

Initially, in Eternity Devil Arc, Kobeni backstabbed Denji to get out of Eternity Devil’s trap. 

But, later on, she redeemed herself by saving the protagonist in the Kantana Man arc by inuring Kantana Man and Akane and stopping them from getting away with Chainsaw Man’s half-sliced body. 

Kobeni, in the end, retired from the Public Safety department, but before she retired, she was the temporary girlfriend of Chainsaw Man. 

Both Denji nor Kobeni didn’t have anything serious between them because none of them was attracted to the other. 

Does Denji love Reze? 

Does Denji love Reze?
Who is Denji’s love interest in Chainsaw Man Anime? Does Denji love Reze? (Image Credit:

Reze or Lady Reze is the Bomb Devil in Chainsaw Man anime. 

Denji was serious about Reze as she seduced him.

Initially, she lured Denji to make him feel special and even flirted with him, and they went on a couple of dates together. 

Denji, as usual, fell into the trap and was willing to run away with her leaving the job in the Public Safety department. 

But much later, when Reze revealed her true intention to murder Denji and get his hybrid heart in the Bomb Girl Arc. 

She was killed by Makima and saved Denji.

Who is Denji’s love interest in Chainsaw Man Anime?

No, as of now, the Chainsaw Man manga has 113 chapters, but after the death of Makima in chapter 96, Denji has not fallen in love with anyone. 

His love for Makima was serious. 

He only cared about her even though she had killed most of his friends in the Kantana Man arc. 

But Makima only cared about Pochita.

She never had any interest in Denji. 

Plus, as she was the Control Devil, she could not develop any bond with Denji or the Chainsaw Man. 

Therefore after her death, there is no love interest for Denji in the manga, but that being said, we would love to see Denji fall in love with someone soon. 

The poor boy had already suffered enough. 

He needs redemption. Let us hope Tatsuki Fujimoto has something good planned for Denji in the near future. 

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