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Is Makima a devil or a human? 
Is Makima a devil or a human? 

Is Makima a devil or a human? 

Chainsaw Man is one of the most popular ongoing anime series, filled with dark themes and harsh storylines.

 The anime series has become hugely popular. 

The story is about a boy named Denji who makes a pact with a chainsaw devil named Pochita by giving his blood to heal itself. 

Pochita becomes Denji’s pet, and Denji becomes a devil hunter and works under Yakuza as he used to owe a debt to him. 

Denji used to kill devils for money, and those were traded off in the black market so that Yakuza could profit from that. 

Yakuza used to mistreat Denji. He used to give him very little money because he wanted Denji never to repay his debt. 

One day Yakuza backstabbed Denji by contract with a Zombie devil. 

Yakuza did manage to kill Denji and decomposed his body piece by piece. 

But before Denji died, he made a pact with Pochita that if he ever died in any of his assignments, Pochita would merge with Denji and take over his body. 

Therefore when Denji’s body is cut into pieces by the Zombie devil and dumped in a dustbin, Pochita, aka the chainsaw devil, merges itself with Denji and gives his heart to Denji. 

Because of this, Denji resurrects himself as a hybrid (half devil + half man) known as Chainsaw Man

Then he goes on killing the Zombie devil. 

After that, a Government Devil Hunter group from the Public Safety Division, led by Makima, reached the spot where it happened, and she saw Denji’s hybrid Chainsaw Man; hence she persuaded Denji to join their ranks and help people. 

So far, we have come across the character named Makima, and initially, she looks like a calm, composed person who cares about Denji and intends to help him. 

But in episode 9, we see her true powers when she kills most of Kantana Man and Akane’s men using her powers.

Now some of the fans have questions:  Is Makima a devil? Or is she a human? Well, let us find the answers below. 

Is Makima a devil or a human? 
Is Makima a devil or a human?

Is Makima a devil or a human? 

Yes, Makima is indeed a devil in Chainsaw Man anime. 

She is the resurrection of the Control Devil. 

The Control devil is one of the most powerful devils in the Chainsaw Man anime, part of the legendary four horsemen the Famine Devil, the War Devil, the Conquest Devil, and the Death Devil.

Makima possesses the power of the Control Devil, which can control any being she thinks is inferior to her. 

The control devil can embody anyone by their name and kill a person instantly, although the true powers of the Control devil haven’t been revealed fully in the Chainsaw Man anime series yet. 

But we have seen Makima can easily take down her targets by using her power from miles away.

She first uses a sign called human sacrifice, which requires a person’s name and a vessel body of another human being to work.  

Once the name is taken, the Control devil channels its powers through the vessel to the original target and kills it instantly by crushing the target’s body.

Both the victim as well as the vessel die at the same time.

As per, Makima can control her victims such that her victims can lose their memory when they are under her control.

She has the ability to control Humans, Hybrids, Devils, Fiends and even corpses.   

Makima possesses the powers of the Future Devil, the Angel Devil, the Punishment Devil, the Snake Devil, and the Zombie Devil. 

As we have seen in the first episode, the Zombie devil can control corpses; hence as Makima possesses the powers of the Control devil, she also can control corpses. 

The series initially looked like Makima cared for Denji, but much later in the series, we got her true side: she is one of the major antagonists.

She intends to form a relationship with Chainsaw Man and Pochita and wants to correct all the world’s misdeeds.

Once done, she wants to spend her days happily with the Pochita. 

She is the main antagonist in the Public Safety Arc. 

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