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Who killed Rustom? Why did Freddy Killed Rustom? 
Who killed Rustom? Why did Freddy Killed Rustom? How did Freddy kill Rustom? (Image Credit: Disney+ Hotstar)

Who killed Rustom? Why did Freddy Killed Rustom? How did Freddy kill Rustom? 

Freddy is a newly released psychological thriller available on Disney+ Hostar. 

Directed by Shashanka Ghosh and written by Parveez Sheikh, the film follows a story of a dentist named Freddy Ginwala, who is currently aged 28 and is looking for marriage. 

Freddy is an introverted guy who is shy and doesn’t know how to start a conversation with women, and the women mostly reject him by looking at his behaviour. 

Freddy’s only best friend is his pet turtle named Hardy. Freddy had a tough upbringing, especially when he was little. He saw his mother getting killed by his father, and then his father committed suicide. 

After that, he is taken care of by his aunt Persis. 

Freddy spends most of his time in his dental clinic ‘Smile’ and the rest of his time making and painting miniature aeroplanes. 

One day at a family function, he comes across a girl named Kainaaz Irani. 

He approaches her at the function and tells her he saw her looking at him but only then finds that she is married and her husband Rustom is also there, who then trashes Freddy for messing with his wife. 

Later the next day, Kainaaz visits Freddy’s Smile clinic to extract her wisdom teeth. 

Freddy advises that it needs to be extracted as soon as possible, so she comes to the clinic to remove the wisdom teeth the next day. 

Once Freddy extracts the tooth, he tells her that she would again have to visit him the next day for a post-checkout of the procedure to ensure the extraction is fine and there is no pain. 

In the meantime, Freddy madly falls in love with Kainaaz. He extracts the information on where she lives, then goes to her home and spends hours outside the parking to catch a glimpse of her. 

He also finds out that Kainaaz’s husband, Rustom, is abusive and beats her daily. 

Kainaaz never visits Freddy after the procedure, and Freddy calls her, insisting she meets him somewhere. 

When Kainaaz arrives, Freddy sees the bruised marks on her face and understands her husband, Rustom, has beaten her. 

Freddy, who had a traumatic childhood, thinks if Kainaaz is not saved, she will also eventually die as his mother died. 

So what did Freddy do next? Did he kill Rustom? 

Who killed Rustom? Why did Freddy Killed Rustom? 
Who killed Rustom? Why did Freddy Killed Rustom? How did Freddy kill Rustom? (Image Credit: Disney+ Hotstar)

Who killed Rustom? Why did Freddy Killed Rustom? 

Freddy killed Rustom in the film because he was in love with Rustom’s wife, Kainaaz, and he wanted to be with Kainaaz anyhow possible. 

Hence he thought of killing Rustom so that they could be together. 

Freddy thinks Kainaaz is his soul mate, so he proposes to Kainaaz in the park and asks if she will marry him. 

Kainaaz replies she is already married.

Freddy says he will get rid of Rustom for her so they can be together.

When Freddy proposes killing Rustom, at first, Kainaaz plays along to showcase that she is worried. 

But as it was her ultimate plan to kill Rustom via Freddy, so later on, she agreed to kill her abusive husband. 

From the beginning, Kainaaz was using Freddy to get rid of Rustom. 

Hence she makes Freddy feel that she is in love with him. 

Her original goal was to inherit Rustom’s restaurant Light of Persia. 

How did Freddy kill Rustom?

Freddy stalked Kainaaz since she had her wisdom teeth removed from his chamber. 

Freddy, because of his regular stalking of Kainaaz, eventually became aware of Rustom’s timings. 

Hence one fine night, when Rustom is just going for an evening walk, he runs over Rustom and kills him. 

Freddy follows him, and when he finds a clean road with no CCTVs and no one to observe his movements, Freddy accelerates his car and hits Rustom.

Then, to confirm Rustom is dead, he brings his car back in reverse and goes over his body once more. 

After that, Freddy goes to Farmhouse Kajrat, far away from the city, to stay low for a couple of days. 

He quickly fixed the damages to the Car bonnet and engines that occurred during the murder so that no one could think it was him. 

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