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How did Freddy kill Kainaaz and Raymond?  
How did Freddy kill Kainaaz and Raymond?  

How did Freddy kill Kainaaz and Raymond?  

Freddy is a newly released psychological thriller available on Disney+ Hostar. 

Directed by Shashanka Ghosh and written by Parveez Sheikh, the film follows a story of a dentist named Freddy Ginwala, who is currently aged 28 and is looking for marriage. 

Freddy is an introverted guy who is shy and doesn’t know how to start a conversation with women. 

Most of the women reject him by looking at his behaviour. 

Freddy’s only best friend is his pet turtle named Hardy. 

Freddy had a tough upbringing, especially when he was little. He saw his mother getting killed by his father, and then his father committed suicide. 

After that, he is taken care of by his aunt Persis. 

Freddy spends most of his time in his dental clinic ‘Smile’ and the rest of his time making and painting miniature aeroplanes. 

One day at a family function, he comes across a girl named Kainaaz Irani. 

He approaches her at the function and tells her he saw her looking at him but only then finds that she is married and her husband Rustom is also there, who then trashes Freddy for messing with his wife. 

Later the next day, Kainaaz visits Freddy’s Smile clinic to extract her wisdom teeth. 

Freddy advises that it needs to be extracted as soon as possible, so she comes to the clinic to remove the wisdom teeth the next day. 

Once Freddy extracts the tooth, he tells her that she would again have to visit him the next day for a post-checkout of the procedure to ensure the extraction is fine and there is no pain. 

In the meantime, Freddy madly falls in love with Kainaaz. 

He extracts the information on where she lives, then goes to her home and spends hours outside the parking to catch a glimpse of her. 

He also finds out that Kainaaz’s husband, Rustom, is abusive and beats her daily. 

Kainaaz never visits Freddy after the procedure, and Freddy calls her, insisting she meets him somewhere. 

When Kainaaz arrives, Freddy sees the bruised marks on her face and understands her husband, Rustom, has beaten her. 

Freddy, who had a traumatic childhood, thinks if Kainaaz is not saved, she will also eventually die as his mother died. 

Kainaaz eventually lures Freddy. 

He makes him feel loved, and once Freddy falls in love with Kainaaz, he thinks of killing Rustom so they can be together. 

Freddy eventually kills Rustom to save Kainaaz, only to learn later that Kainaaz was pretending to be in love with Freddy so that she can inherit her husband’s property, i.e. the restaurant Light of Persia. 

So how did Freddy take his revenge on Kainaaz and her boyfriend, Raymond? Did Freddy kill Kainaaz and Raymond?

How did Freddy kill Kainaaz and Raymond?  
How did Freddy kill Kainaaz and Raymond? (Image Credit: Disney+ Hotstar)

How does Freddy get his revenge on Kainaaz and Raymond? How did Freddy kill Kainaaz and Raymond?  

Freddy, after feeling betrayed, just wanted an apology from Kainaaz, but neither Kainaaz nor Raymond were apologetic for what they did to Freddy. 

So Freddy thinks of getting his revenge. 

He first gets a duplicate key to Kainaaz’s apartment. 

Then, when Kainaaz and Raymond are outside, he breaks into the apartment of Kainaaz, mixes sleeping pills in their food, and pours dishwashing detergent (which contains sodium lauryl sulfate) into Kainaaz’s facewash. 

Freddy knew Kainaaz was allergic to dishwashing detergents; hence he wanted to give more pain to her. 

After that, when Kainaaz and Raymond passed out due to sleeping powder. 

Freddy broke into their apartment, opened their mobile phones, deleted all the chats, and photos also sent some cryptic SMS from her cell phone to Freddy’s number. 

Freddy also removed the fluid liquids from the brakes of Raymond’s car. 

The next day when Kainaaz and Raymond woke up, they got a call from the restaurant Light of Persia that the Food Quality department was closing the restaurant because one of the customers had reported her restaurant of serving food which contained Lizard, the post was published in Zomato. (It was Freddy)

Hence Kainaaz rushed to the restaurant, and Freddy used this time again to break into Kainaaz’s home again and delete all the evidence they had on him from their laptop. 

Further to torment Kainaaz, he posted a private picture of Kainaaz and Raymond on Kainaaz’s official social media account. 

On the other hand, as Raymond was driving, he noticed the car brakes were not working, and the car crashed, but both Kainaaz and Raymond were saved, and nothing happened to them, luckily. 

Kainaaz then understood from the patterns that all of these were Freddy’s doing as he tried to get revenge on her. 

Hence Kainaaz now decides she would do the same with Freddy. 

She and Raymond first went to Freddy’s home to beat him up, but luckily Freddy was already aware of this, and he called the Police beforehand. 

As Freddy endured the beatings, the Police came. 

Kainaaz complained to the Police that Freddy killed her husband, Rustom and that he had been stalking her for a long time. 

How did Freddy kill Kainaaz and Raymond?
How did Freddy kill Kainaaz and Raymond? (Image Credit: Disney+ Hotstar)

When Police asked for evidence, Kainaaz checked her mobile but couldn’t find any evidence. 

Police warned them that they would be questioned for beating up an innocent doctor and added that if Freddy were willing to complain, they would be thrown into jail. 

But luckily, Freddy didn’t launch any complaints because he wanted to torment them more and kill them. 

As we go towards the climax, we see Kainaaz was so frustrated that one day when Freddy was at his clinic, both she and her boyfriend broke into Freddy’s house and killed Freddy’s best friend, Hardy, the tortoise. 

They also butchered the poor soul, made soup out of it and ate it. 

When Freddy heard this, he was heartbroken and decided to kill them. 

But before that, when Police got a lead that the murder was done in Freddy’s car, they went to Freddy’s clinic to ask him questions. 

Freddy had already staged the evidence by that time, so he told the Police that Kainaaz’s boyfriend, Raymond, had borrowed his car during the time of Rustom’s murder. 

When they returned the car, there were blood marks, and the car bonnet was destroyed. 

He had informed Kainaaz that he would reveal everything to the Police, but they kept forcing Freddy to keep his mouth shut and broke into his house a couple of times like the day Inspectors were there when Kainaaz and her boyfriend beat Freddy. 

They had also broken into his house a couple of days later, killed his pet tortoise Hardy, and sent a cryptic message not to tell the Police that Raymond had borrowed his car (This was actually done by Freddy earlier in the film when he broke into Kainaaz’s home.)

He forwarded all the evidence to Police so that they could take them into custody. 

So a few hours later Police called Kainaaz to come to the station for a routine inquiry, and as Kainaaz cut off the phone, she got another call from Freddy. 

Freddy tells her that he had informed everything to the Police that she and Raymond had killed Rustom with his car. 

He also recorded the time they broke into his house and took Hardy with them only to butcher and cook him later on. 

How did Freddy kill Kainaaz and Raymond?
How did Freddy kill Kainaaz and Raymond? (Image Credit: Disney+ Hotstar)

Freddy says all the evidence has been forwarded to Police, and they will be under IPC section 302, with 14 years of minimum jail time. 

Kainaaz and Raymond asked Freddy what does he want? Freddy replies he wants a sorry and that they need to meet him in his Farmhouse at Karjat. 

He also told them to bring a suitcase as he wanted to bring some stuff of his late mother from the Farmhouse. 

Kainaaz and Raymond plan to kill Freddy in the Farmhouse; on the other hand, Freddy has already planned how to kill them both. 

First, Freddy plays like a victim by bringing up his empty gun and intentionally giving it to Kainaaz so that she can think she has the upper hand. 

But when Kainaaz takes the gun and pulls the trigger, she realizes the gun is empty. 

Freddy shows his true face and asks, “If the patient will give the pill? Then what will the doctor do?”

Then Freddy takes out the teaser and first injures Rustom and then Kainaaz. 

Afterwards, he brought them into an isolated room, strapped them into the dental chair, and tortured them. 

Freddy asked them about who killed his best friend, Hardy. 

He says if a tortoise is cut off from its shell and then boiled, it gives soup aphrodisiac qualities. Did they eat Hardy like that? He asks again.

Kainaaz says Raymond killed Hardy. She didn’t do anything. 

Kainaaz again tries to play mind games with Freddy by saying, “She knows he still loves him? can we start over?”

Freddy also gave Kainaaz a chance to play the Cello, which she had earlier told him she had learnt after being inspired by Freddy’s mother. 

As Kainaaz probably lied about that, so she couldn’t play the Cello, Freddy now mocks her again by saying, “Another lie”. 

He takes the Cello back and forces Kainaaz to lie back, bringing out both Kainaaz and Raymond’s teeth and burying them alive. 

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