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How Many Episodes Will Spy x Family Have? 
How Many Episodes Will Spy x Family Have? 

How Many Episodes Will Spy x Family Have? 

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How Many Episodes Will Spy x Family Have?: Spy X Family is one of the most loved anime series. With a unique story and amazing characters, it has won everyone’s hearts.

The Spy father, Loid Forger, the Secret assassin mother, Yor Forger, and a psychic mind-reading daughter make the show one of the funniest series on Netflix. 

Though this is a “Build up Family”, it is nothing less than a normal one.

Anya is the cute adorable daughter that every parent would want (not just the telepathic mind-reading ability, though). 

The fantastic duo of Loid and Yor makes each episode more interesting.

Spy X Family Season 1 part 2 is now available on Netflix and Crunchyroll. But how many episodes does the Spy x Family have? 

How Many Episodes Will Spy x Family Have?

As per, Spy X Family Season 1 will have 25 Episodes.

The series was released in two parts.

The first half of the series was released in early April 2022, and we got to see only 13 episodes. 

The second part and the new episodes have released in the second half of October 22 and are still ongoing. 

The second part will have a total of 12 episodes.  

The recent episode of Spy X Family Part 2, i.e. Episode 22, is supposed to release on December 3, which means only three episodes to follow before the season 1 finale, which will be premiering on December 24 2022. 

All the episodes of Spy X Family are exclusively available on Netflix and Crunchyroll.

Fans worldwide can tune into their favourite streaming services to watch the weekly episodes after their release on TV-Tokyo in Japan. 

The English dubbed version of the series is only available on Crunchyroll. 

How Many Episodes Will Spy x Family Have? 
How Many Episodes Will Spy x Family Have?

Spy x Family anime release schedule: How many episodes in Spy x Family Season 1?

spy x family season 1 will be going to have a total of 25 episodes, as discussed earlier in the article.

The series is supposed to release as a two-part season first part has already been completed from April 22 to October-22 first half and the second half has been released now from October 22 second half, till December 24 2022.

Below is the Spy x Family episode list for season 1: Credit: Spy X Fandom

  1.  Episode April 1 9, 2022 OPERATION STRIX  
  2.  Episode April 2 16, 2022 SECURE A WIFE  
  3.  Episode April 3 23, 2022. PREPARE FOR THE INTERVIEW
  4.  Episode April 4 30, 2022 THE PRESTIGIOUS SCHOOL’S INTERVIEW 
  5. Episode May 5 7, 2022 WILL THEY PASS OR FAIL?
  6. Episode May 6 14, 2022 THE FRIENDSHIP SCHEME  
  7. Episode May 7 21, 2022 THE TARGET’S SECOND SON  
  9. Episode June 9 4, 2022, SHOW OFF HOW IN LOVE YOU ARE     
  10. Episode June 10 11, 2022 THE GREAT DODGEBALL PLAN
  11. Episode June 11 18, 2022 STELLA  
  12. Episode June 12 25, 2022, PENGUIN PARK 
  13. Episode October 13 1, 2022 PROJECT APPLE   
  14. Episode October 14 8, 2022 DISARM THE TIME BOMB  
  15. Episode October 15 15, 2022 A NEW FAMILY MEMBER     
  16. Episode October 16 22, 2022 YOR’S KITCHEN / THE INFORMANT’S GREAT ROMANCE PLAN  
  17. Episode October 17 29, 2022 CARRY OUT THE GRIFFIN PLAN / FULLMETAL LADY / OMELET RICE    
  18. Episode November 18 5, 2022 UNCLE THE PRIVATE TUTOR / DAYBREAK    
  19. Episode November 19 12, 2022 A REVENGE PLOT AGAINST DESMOND / MAMA BECOMES THE WIND    
  21. Episode November 21 26, 2022 NIGHTFALL / FIRST FIT OF JEALOUSY   

Is Spy X Family Completed?

No Spy X Family manga, as well as the anime, is not finished. It is still ongoing as anime series are mostly based on manga chapters, so as of now, Spy X Family Manga has a total of 71 chapters, and more will release in time, so; therefore, the series has not been completed. It will continue for a couple of seasons more. 

How Many Episodes Will Spy x Family Have? 
How Many Episodes Will Spy x Family Have?

What is the story of the Spy X Family? 

Loid Forger, a Secret Spy code-named Twilight, was tasked to monitor and undercover any planned attacks from the East; hence he had to build a family and live like a normal couple to complete his mission, Operation Strix. 

As part of Operation Strix, Loid’s orders were to stop the National Unity Party’s leader Donovan Desmond who was looking to harm the peace between Ostanian and Westalian governments. 

Loid’s orders were to get close to Donovan Desmond and monitor his activities. 

But Donovan Desmond’s appearance was very private. People hardly used to see him outside his house. 

Hence Loid, with his extensive research, identified that Donovan’s son Damian Desmond studies in the prestigious Eden Academy, and Donovan only used to make public appearances at the prestigious ceremonies conducted by the school.

Hence, the only chance for Loid to get close to Donovan Desmond is to get married, have a child, enrol that child on the prestigious Eden Academy, and monitor the activities of Donovan Desmond. 

Then he adopts Anya Forger, “Test Subject 007”, having the telepathic ability, and Yor Briar, aka Thorn Princess, a high-profile assassin who agreed to play Anya’s mother. 

Now the three of them behave like a normal family to outsiders, and Loid’s goal is to make his adopted daughter Anya an Imperial Scholer and befriend Damian (Donovan’s son) in order to get close to his subjects. 

The funny thing about Anya here is that she has the telepathic ability, which means she can hear what other people think, and Loid doesn’t know that Yor is an assassin, and Yor doesn’t know that Loid is a spy. 

This is where the series gets funnier during normal interaction, Anya quickly understands what her mother and father are thinking, and the reaction to those scenarios is very humorous.

Another thing is Yor’s brother Yuri Briar who also works in the State Security Service, pretends to be an ordinary civil servant at the foreign ministry.

And Yuri is also looking for the secret Spy that is Loid, unaware that it’s in his sister’s Family. 

The whole interaction between these four and the challenges they face along the way is the reason to watch Spy X Family. 

Do tune into Netflix to stream the series. 

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