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Does Loid Forger Die In Spy X Family?
Does Loid Forger Die In Spy X Family?

Does Loid Forger Die In Spy X Family?

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Does Loid Forger Die In Spy X Family? Spy X Family is one of the most loved anime currently. With a unique story and amazing characters, it has won everyone’s hearts.

The Spy father, the Secret assassin mother, Loid Forger and Yor Forger and a psychic mind-reading daughter Anya Forger make the show one of the funniest series available on Netflix. 

Though this is a “Build up Family”, it is nothing less than a normal one.

Anya is the cute adorable daughter that every parent would want (not just the telepathic mind-reading ability, though). 

The fantastic duo of Loid and Yor makes each episode more interesting.

One of the most asked questions by the fans is whether Loid Forger dies in the Spy X Family anime. Well, let us find the answers below. 

Does Loid Forger Die In Spy X Family?- Loid in Spy X Family
Does Loid Forger Die In Spy X Family?- Loid in Spy X Family

Does Loid Forger Die In Spy X Family?

No, Loid Forger doesn’t die in Spy X Family. 

But as earlier reported by Sports Keeda Anime, Loid Forger had a close call in Episode 14 of Spy X Family. 

In Episode 14, Keith and his comrades are tasked to kill Westalis’ Foreign Minister Brantz and begin a new war, and he uses innocent dogs as suicide bombing subjects. 

But luckily, Sylvia got informed about Keith’s operations, and WISE managed to intercept a few terrorist vans that found innocent dogs and a few terrorists who were planning to plant bombs to kill Minister Brantz. 

But the main antagonist, Keith, thought of accomplishing the mission alone, and he strapped the bomb in one of the dogs. He was determined to kill the Minister. 

At the same time, Loid and his team reached the summit where the explosion was supposed to occur. 

Anya with her dog Bond arrived at the building where the explosion was about to occur in 30 minutes, and Loid was about to die, so the desperate attempt to find the bomb started. 

They eventually come across Keith and the bomb dog, and as the dog notices a child, it tries to run after her, but Keith stops the dog, and they decide to hop onto the car; the bomb has been planted inside the room. 

Anya and her dog Bond try desperately to find it, and after looking for a few minutes, she manages to relocate the bomb inside one of the rooms.

The bomb was fitted to the door so that if she tried to open it, it would explode, but just beside the door was a small window. 

Hence Anya jumped onto that tiny window and climbed inside. 

She then noticed the bomb and was trying to decipher how to defuse it; she recalls the scenarios showcased in cartoons with red, green, and blue wires, but all the wires were black in this case. 

Hence Anya was clueless about what to do. She became desperate, thinking she would lose her father, Loid, if this bomb went off. 

She thought of informing some people nearby that there was a bomb nearby, but that would reveal her powers. 

Then she looked around the room and found a bottle of ketchup. 

She thought she could write a warning sign in the door so that if Loid reached, he could understand something fishy was going on there and then defuse it. 

Does Loid Forger Die In Spy X Family
Does Loid Forger Die In Spy X Family? (Image Credit: Crunchyroll)

As a result, when Loid Forger approached the door, he noticed the warning sign, took charge of the matter and noticed a bomb inside before he and the WISE (Westalian Intelligence) came to defuse the bomb. Secret Police arrived, and they defused it. 

Back outside, when the time for the explosion, Anya’s dog Bond had another vision where Anya saw her father was alive and she, Loid and Yor being a family again. 

Hence she understood her father; Loid is not dead. 

Because of Anya and Bond Loid’s efforts, Loid later managed to get hold of Keith by disguising himself as Minister and keeping the actual Minister Brantz safe in his room. 

After a wild chase by Keith, they finally arrived at abandoned construction sites, where Loid finally confronted Keith and put an end to his plans. 

Keith Kepler is considered one of the evilest antagonists in the Spy X Family Doggy Crisis arc. 

Keith doesn’t have any humanity as he used innocent dogs as suicide bombers; not only that, he had not left even innocent children as part of his warmongering conspiracy. 

It is good that Loid finally put an end to his plans and finally locked him up. 

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