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1899 Episode 3 Ending Explained: Did Daniel make Kerberos disappear? 
1899 Episode 3 Ending Explained: Did Daniel make Kerberos disappear?  (Image Credit: Netflix)

1899 Episode 3 Ending Explained: Did Daniel make Kerberos disappear? 

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Directed by the makers of Dark Jantje Friese and Baran bo Odar, the new german mystery thriller 1899 has been released on Netflix today. 

In the third episode of 1899, we see the backstory of one of the Chinese ladies, Ling Yi; the episode starts again with a bad dream where Ling Yi sees herself caged inside a box and thrown into the water. 

Luckily as she wakes up from the nightmare, we see the same triangle mark on her kimono dress which was also present in the tiled shaft of Eyk’s room. 

Then breakfast, Ling Yi and her mother, Yuk Je, are persuaded by Mrs Wilson, who plans to set Ling Yi up with Lucien as he is interested in sleeping with her. 

Mrs Wilson checked up on Ling Yi in her chamber and noticed that she was still a virgin; hence she would get more money out of Lucien. 

On the other hand, after the little girl’s dead body was identified in episode 2, Dr Reginald Murray revealed in the postmortem that there was no sign of strangling or any blood loss. ‘

All her body bones are intact; hence, the death must be of natural causes. 

The crew members asked Captain Eyk whether they should inform the family members, especially Tove, as it was her sister who died, but Eyk informed his crew not to inform anyone as of now; they would inform the family later on. 

1899 Episode 3 Ending Explained: Did Daniel make Kerberos disappear? 
1899 Episode 3 Ending Explained: Did Daniel make Kerberos disappear? (Image Credit: Netflix)

Captain Eyk and Maura plan to go to Prometheus again to retrieve the ship logs from the captain’s cabin. 

Eyk assumes something must have happened on the ship.

Only by stepping into Prometheus can they identify exactly the case with that ship. 

Therefore with the fog and low visibility, Eyk decides that he, along with Maura, will go to Prometheus to retrieve the ship logs. 

Eyk also tells Maura that he had received his daughter’s ribbon earlier on the Prometheus, but her wife and two daughters had died two years ago. Then how did he receive that on that ship?

1899 Episode 3 Ending Explained: Did Daniel make Kerberos disappear? 

After they visit the Prometheus, they notice that the log book has been destroyed, and just like other ships, this ship also had a tiled shaft, but why would they build a tiled shaft over there? 

Eyk says that a few months ago, a fleet of 3 german ships was sold to a British investor Henry Singleton; the ship was in dry docks for three months. 

They put in a new communication system and refurbished everything. 

The triangle sign on the top is the ship company’s symbol. 

They put them here, and there is something else they changed. 

Elsewhere Ling Yi faces the nightmare from her past. 

It is revealed that her sister Mei Mei was supposed to be on board the ship from England and go to America, but Ling Yi killed her sister by accident so she could go instead of her. 

1899 Episode 3 Ending Explained Did Daniel make Kerberos disappear
1899 Episode 3 Ending Explained Did Daniel make Kerberos disappear (Image Credit: Netflix)

After that, as Ling Yi gets ready for Lucien and goes to his room, she performs a traditional Japanese dance first, and after that, Lucien becomes violently ill and falls to the ground; we were not sure if he is dead because we did see him choking.

Back in Prometheus, Eyk and Maura find a control panel that is supposed to measure steam pressure and send signals up to the bridge, but it never worked on Kerberos.

They think it has been put in place for something else; they notice an incinerator nearby. 

Maura asks what temperature this incinerator generates Eyk replies approx 900 degrees celsius; hence it is pretty close to a cremator. 

Maura thinks whoever has killed the people on the ship must have burned bodies in the incinerator; therefore, they try to see if they can find any bones or anything inside the incinerator. 

Eyk finds a page containing the names of the passengers who board Prometheus, but he quickly hides and doesn’t tell Maura. 

Then soon, he says they need to return to their ship and leave Prometheus; Maura feels strange about what happened to Eyk and what he is hiding. 

Back on the ship, we see there have been three more dead bodies, now all killed similarly; now one, the captain’s right-hand man Franz thinks it is the sink ship’s (Prometheus) curse, and therefore he goes to the lower deck and motivates the people there to fight back, take control of the ship, and re-route to its original destination, America. 

1899 Episode 3 Ending Explained 2
1899 Episode 3 Ending Explained (Image Credit: Netflix)

All the people back there agree with Franz, and they now take their gun and goes to the captain’s room to force him to turn the ship back to its original course. 

On the upper deck, Maura now meets Daniel, the spooky guy from episode 1 who swam away from Prometheus to Kerberos. 

He says Eyk is mad that he is putting 1100 people’s lives in danger and changing the ship’s course, but Maura defends the captain and says he is not mad he lost everything he ever loved, and his past experiences cloud his judgements. 

But the passengers weren’t so friendly. Ramero informs the captain that the ship is about to be taken over by the rebels, but it is already too late. 

They all appeared in front of the Eyk with the guns and said they were taking over the ship. 

Lastly, we see Daniel bring some strange device from his pocket and type some code. 

After that, the Prometheus engine starts automatically, the fogs disappear, and so does the Kerberos ship.

We think Daniel is the one who killed Tove’s sister and the other three people on the ship, and he is the one who just made Kerberos disappear, but what will happen next? 

Will Eyk and Maura will be able to identify the black pyramid and Daniel? Stay tuned. We will be back with more updates. 

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