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Under The Queen’s Umbrella Episode 11 Spoilers: Release Date and Where To Watch?

Under The Queen’s Umbrella Episode 11 Spoilers: Release Date and Where To Watch?

With an average rating of 8.5 /10 under the Queen’s umbrella is taking a really interesting turn, enough to get you hooked.

As the Netflix title reads, “A spirited queen tries to rein in her rowdy sons in order to make one of them the next king of Joseon, while her competitors vie to snatch the throne.”

The story takes place in Joseon Era in a palace where the quest for the throne continues generation wise and the present Queen must prepare her sons to become to princes ideal enough for the throne.

Life in a palace is never easy. Be it the King, the officials, the Queen or even the crown prince. With energies all around, reaching the throne is quite difficult an accomplishment.

If you’ve been following this one, you may be curious to find out what happens next. Who of the princes finally claims the throne. Well, wait no more.

Here’s everything you need to know about Under the Queen’s umbrella episode 11. The date and time of release and where to watch it.

Where to watch Under the Queen’s Umbrella?

The historical drama is a TvN original and will be available on TvN for inhabitants of South Korea at 21.10 KST and for Netflix users at 23.00 KST.

Under the Queen’s Umbrella Release Date

Under the Queen’s Umbrella The episodes are usually for a duration of 1 hour and 10 mins. So you can expect the same to be the case here.

Under The Queen’s Umbrella Episode 11 Spoilers: Release Date and Where To Watch?
Under The Queen’s Umbrella Episode 11 Spoilers

Under the Queen’s Umbrella Episode 11 spoilers:

The King will proudly congratulate his three sons to have successfully come so far in the competition.

Queen Dowager pleads to get Grand Prince Seong nam out of the competition and elect either Prince Ui-seong or Prince Bo-Geum as the Crown Prince. She has a motive to keep a such a person beside her who won’t retaliate to her schemes or won’t be a hindrance for her.

Won-Hyeong and Consort Hwang plead with Queen Dowager to side with Prince Ui-seong while Hwa-ryeong isn’t someone to accept defeat easily. Queen Dowager plots a plan to break into the Scholar’s decisions and get it her way.

The Queens umbrella episode 10 recap

  • Flashbacks of the Queen’s past and the history of Haewolgak and her retaliation to the relationship of her son with a courtesan.
  • Romantic confession of Seongnam and Chang Ho 
  • Consort Hwang fails in her plans to murder Gyeseong and cover it up.
  • Queen demands Consort Hwang to be demolished to lowest rank
  • The King outwitting the officials and appointing scholars to decide the selection of the crown prince
  • Hwang pleads the King to make her son the crown prince.
  • The fate of the princes is yet yo be decided.
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