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All the Dragons in House of the Dragon: Who rides what dragons in House of dragons?
All the Dragons in House of the Dragon: Who rides what dragons in House of dragons? (Image Credit: HBO MAX)

All the Dragons in House of the Dragon: Who rides what dragons in House of dragons?

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House of the Dragon is the new prequel series of Game of Thrones on HBO Max, which concluded last week.

In season 1, we have seen ten dragons in total, but in House of the Dragons and during the civil war, aka Dance of the Dragons, we will see 21 dragons in total, but after the ending of the civil war, only four will manage to survive, and the rest 17 will die. 

The civil war Dance of the Dragons is the extinction of most of the Targaryen family.

After the death of King Viserys, Queen Alicent and Otto Hightower made Aegon II the King of the King’s Landing without informing claim Rhaenyra and stealing the birthright of Queen Rhaenyra, whom King Viserys had named as his heir.

When Queen Rhaenyra and Daemon came to know about this, they declared war against The Greens. 

The House Targaryen got divided into two parties. 

  1. The Greens: Queen’s party, the faction of House Targaryen loyal to the rise of Aegon II and Alicent Hightower
  2. The Blacks: The Party of the Princess were the loyalists who supported Rhaenyra Targaryen‘s claim as the Queen of the Seven Kingdoms.

King Viserys Targaryen’s death was just a starring of the Dance of the Dragons conflict. 

After the end of Dance of the Dragons, most dragons in the Targaryen family were extinct, and only four dragons managed to survive.

So as fans of House of the Dragons, I’m sure you would love to know all the Dragons and their riders in House of the Dragon and Who rides what dragons. 

All the Dragons in House of the Dragon: Who rides what dragons in House of dragons?
All the Dragons in House of the Dragon: Who rides what dragons in House of dragons? (Image Credit: HBO MAX)

All the Dragons in House of the Dragon: Who rides what dragons in House of dragons?

Below are the 21 dragons in House of the Dragon: 

Bonded Dragons

1) Vhagar-Deceased(Greens-Mount of Aemond The One-eyed): 

Vhagar (Image Credit: HBO MAX)

Vhagar was the largest and oldest dragon during Dance of the Dragons. 

Aemond Targaryen claimed Vhagar after the death of lady Laena Velaryon. Once Aemond claimed her during Dance of the Dragons, she fought many great battles for the greens and killed many dragons, such as Arrax and Meleys, during DOD. 

Vhagar was the fiercest and the most powerful dragon during the Dance, and below were the riders of Vhagar in her lifetime: 

  1. Visenya Targaryen
  2. Baelon Targaryen
  3. Laena Velaryon
  4. Aemond Targaryen

2) Sunfyre, The Golden-Deceased(The Greens: Mount of Aegon II)

Sunfyre is considered the most beautiful dragon of Westeros, and it is the amount of Aegon II, the banner of House Green; the golden dragon is made to honour Sunfyre; during Dance of the Dragons, Aegon II will going to ride Sunfyre the golden. 

3) Dreamfyre-Deceased(The Greens: Mount of Helaena Targaryen)

Dreamfyre (Image Credit: HBO MAX)

Dreamfyre was the mount of Helaena Targaryen, aka The Greens; during the Dance of the dragons, when Daemon and his men killed Helaena’s son Jaehaerys Targaryen to take revenge for Lucerys’ death, Helaena went mad and didn’t have the courage of riding Dreamfyre anymore. 

But Dreamfyre was a beautiful dragon ridden by Helaena. 

4) Syrax-Deceased (The Blacks: Queen Rhaenyra’s mount): 

Syrax (Image Credit: HBO MAX)

Syrax is a beautiful she-dragon ridden by Queen Rhaenyra Targaryen during the Dance. 

During The Dance of the Dragons, when the storming of the dragon keep incident happened in the King’s Landing, Syrax was killed. 

5) Caraxes, the blood wyrm-Deceased(The Blacks: Mount of Daemon Targaryen): 

Next to Vhagar, if any dragon, which was the fiercest and had the most battle experience, was Caraxes, aka The Blood Wyrm. 

Caraxes (Image Credit: HBO MAX)

Caraxes was used in many battles and were the most experienced and fiercest dragons in the whole of Westeros.

Caraxes was the one who fought with Vhagar in the Battle of above God’s eye against Vhagar during the Dance of the Dragons. 

This was one of the most gruesome dragon fights in history, and it ended with both Vhagar and Caraxes, along with their riders Aemond and Daemon, dying. 

6) Vermithor the Bronze Fury–Deceased(Initially Blacks: The Mount of Hugh Hammer)

Vermithor was again one of the most powerful beasts during the Dance of the Dragons; he was mounted by Hugh Hammer, a dragon seed during the Dance of the dragons. 

Why is Vermithor called the Bronze Fury? How old is Vermithor?  
Vermithor, the Bronze Fury (Image Credit: HBO MAX)

Vermithor had won the blacks one of the most important fights for the blacks that is the Battle of Gullet. 

7) Meleys, The Red Queen-Deceased(The Blacks: Mount of Rhaenys Targaryen)

Meleys, the Red Queen, was the mount of Rhaenys Targaryen, aka The Queen that never was. 

Meleys was the fastest dragon during the Dance of the dragons. 

In the Battle of Rook’s Rest, Queen Rhaenyra requested Rhaenys to fly over the Velaryon ships’ to stop the greens from attacking Rook’s Rest. 

But by the time Rhaenys appeared with her dragon, Criston Cole and the greens had already surrounded the Rook’s Rest, and they started shooting Meleys with the iron bolts.

Meleys, the Red Queen: Why is Meleys called the Red Queen? Is Meleys the fastest dragon in House of the Dragon? How strong is Meleys, the Red Queen? How does Meleys, the Red Queen, dies during the Dance of the Dragons? 
Meleys, the Red Queen (Image Credit: HBO MAX)

It didn’t do much harm to Meleys, but when Aegon II and Aemond Targaryen emerged with their dragons Sunfyre and Vhagar, Rhaenys, along with Meleys, went up in the air to stop them. 

It was said that Meleys would have easily defeated Vhagar/Sunfyre if the other hadn’t intervened, but as both Vhagar and Sunfyre were teaming up against Meleys, it was not possible for Meleys to fight both of them at once. 

Hence Meleys died during that fight. 

8) Vermax-Deceased(The Blacks: The Mount of Prince Jacaerys Targaryen)

Vermax is again one of the dragons from the blacks, ridden by Jacaerys Targaryen Vermax was one of the most obedient and attractive dragons. 

Vermax (Image Credit: HBO MAX)

During the Dance of the Dragons, Vermax was ridden by Jacaerys Targaryen, and in the Battle of Gullet, Vermax and Jacaerys died for flying too low while attacking a fleet. 

9) Arrax Deceased(The Blacks: Mount of Prince Lucerys Velaryon): 

Arrax was the mount of Prince Lucerys Velaryon during the Dance of the dragons. 

When Lucerys went to seek support from Ser Borros Baratheon for the blacks during that time, Aemond was also present at the storm’s end, and he had already made an offer to Ser Borros that he would marry one of his four eligible daughters and because of which Borros had sided with the blacks. 

Arrax (Image Credit: HBO MAX)

When Lucerys was returning back to Dragonstone on his dragon Arrax, he was attacked by Aemond and his dragon Vhagar and was killed. 

10) Seasmoke-Deceased (The Blacks: Mount of Laenor Valaryon before the Dance and Adam Valaryon during the Dance)

Seasmoke was another legendary dragon who fought for the blacks, initially ridden by Laenor Valaryon; after his death, Seasmoke was riderless. 

When the Dance of the dragon began, the blacks understood that they would need more dragon riders; during that time, Seasmoke bonded with Adam Valaryon, a Dragonseed. 

Seasmoke (Image Credit: HBO MAX)

Seasmoke ultimately fought for the Blacks and died during the Battle of Tumbleton II. 

11) Moondancer-Deceased (The Blacks: The Mount of Baela Velaryon)

Moondancer was a young she-dragon ridden by Daemon’s daughter Baela Velaryon during the Dance of the dragon. 

Baela was a fearless rider and a faithful wife. She stood with Jacaerys Targaryen till the end and died during the Dance; Moondancer was able to injure Sunfyre gravely. 

But Synfyre was able to kill Moondancer was still a young dragon compared to Sunfyre. 

12) Tyraxes-Deceased (The Blacks: Mount of Joffrey Velaryon)

Tyraxes was the mount of prince Joffrey Velaryon during the Dance of the dragons.

Tyraxes didn’t fight much during the Dance as he was used most of the time times as a messenger; during the storming of the Dragonpit Tyraxes died as he was bound in chains. 

13) Silverwing-Survived the Dance (The Blacks: Mount of Ser Ulf White)

Silverwing was a she-dragon ridden by Alysanne Targaryen initially. Still, Silverwing bonded with Ser Ulf White during the Dance and fought for Rhaenyra’s party, the blacks, and the Dance of the Dragon. 

Silverwing survived the Dance of the Dragons and died in 153 AC. 

14) Tessarion-Deceased (The Greens: Mount of Daeron Targaryen)

Tessarion was the mount of Daeron Targaryen, the youngest son of Queen Alicent Hightower. 

Daeron Targaryen hasn’t been introduced in the House of the Dragon so far; he will probably be introduced in the next season.

Tessarion fought for the greens during the Dance and died during the second Battle of Tubleton. 

15) Stromcloud-Deceased (Bonded with Aegon III)

Stromcloud was the mount of Aegon III, aka Aegon the younger. 

Stromcloud initially bonded with Aegon, the younger but was never ridden during the Dance of the dragons and during the storming of the dragon keep, Stromcloud died. 

Aegon III has never ridden any dragons after he got the iron throne after the death of Aegon II and Stromcloud. 

16) Morghul-Deceased(Bonded with Princess Jaehaera Targaryen)

Morghul bonded with Princess Jaehaera Targaryen, Aegon II’s daughter but was never ridden by her; during the Dance, when the dragon keep was stormed during DOD, Morghul was killed. 

17) Shrykos-Deceased (Bonded with Jaehaerys Targaryen)

Shrykos was also another dragon never ridden by Jaehaerys Targaryen, son of Aegon II. 

During the storming of the dragon keep, Shrykos was killed. 

18) Morning-Survived the Dance (Bonded with Lady Rhaena Targaryen)

The Morning was a she-dragon that bonded with Lady Rhaena Targaryen, the daughter of Prince Daemon Targaryen and Lady Laena Velaryon.

The Morning was the only Targaryen dragon left in King’s Landing after the Dance. 

Some people thought Rhaena should take the throne over Aegon III since she still had a dragon and Aegon’s Stormcloud was killed during the Dance.

Unclaimed Dragons:

All the Dragons in House of the Dragon: Who rides what dragons in House of dragons?
All the Dragons in House of the Dragon: Who rides what dragons in House of dragons? (Image Credit: HBO MAX)

1) The Cannibal-Survived the Dance (Unclaimed): 

The Cannibal was one of the legendary dragons, and as the name suggests, he was famous for devouring his own kind; hence he was named The Cannibal. 

The Cannibal was as big as Vhagar but was never claimed by anybody, and whoever tried ended up dying. 

After the Dance of the Dragons concluded, Cannibal left fled and was never found. It was considered The Cannibal died due to old age. 

2) Greyghost-Deceased (Unclaimed)

Greyghost was another dragon who no one ever claimed; although Prince Jacaerys wanted someone to bond with Greyghost so that Greyghost could be used during the Dance against the Greens, no one managed to bond with Grayghost. 

3) Sheepstealer-Survived the Dance (Initially unclaimed till the time Dance of the Dragons concluded, later bonded with Nettles)

After Dance of the Dragons concluded, Sheepstealer was last seen with Nettles flying over the Bay of Crabs; the northern shore runs along the Vale of Arryn.

One of the old mountain clans of the Vale, the Painted Dogs, is said that the clan used to worship some fire witch and her dragon. 

It’s possible that Nettles hid out here, and the fire witch might be Nettles herself and her dragon Sheepstealer. 

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