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How to change Nat type in Xbox Series S? [Guide]

How to change Nat type in Xbox Series S? [Guide]

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How to change Nat type in Xbox Series S?

How to change Nat type Xbox Series S
Xbox Series S Setting Menu

How do I find my NAT type on Xbox Series S?

Before fixing the issue, it’s important you have an idea about the current NAT Type of your console. To do so, follow the below simple steps:

  • Press the Xbox button on your controller, which will bring up the ‘guide‘ menu
  • Navigate to ‘Profile & System
  • Click on Settings -> Network settings
  • The current NAT Type will be displayed under ‘Current Network Status

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What NAT type is best for gaming?

Out of the three NAT Types, for multiplayer gaming, the ‘Open NAT Type’ is the best type as it provides seamless connection with other players in any game, while the other two have their shortcomings. With the ‘Strict NAT Type,’ you can only connect with other players with the ‘Open NAT Type.’ ‘Strict NAT Type’ will also create problems joining certain games or connecting with certain players.

How do I change my NAT type to ‘Open NAT,’ ‘Moderate NAT,’ or ‘Strict NAT’?

Moderate or Strict NAT sometimes creates an issue with the connectivity; however, you can fix the issue by changing the NAT types by following the below simple steps:

How to Get OPEN NAT Type in Xbox series s

  • Navigate to Settings of your Xbox Series S console

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open nat type in xbox series s 1

  • In ‘Settings,’ go to ‘Network Settings‘ and click on Test NAT Type

which nat type is best for gaming

  • Refresh once and hard reset your Xbox Series S console
  • Once the console is powered off, unplug the cable and similarly turn off your wifi router
  • After a minute or so, power on your router and the Xbox Series S console
  • Switch on the controller and navigate to ‘Profile & system‘ -> Select ‘Setting
  • Go to ‘General‘ -> select ‘Network settings.’ The hard reset should renew the UPnP leases. You can run ‘Test NAT Type’ and ‘Test multiplayer connection’ to check whether the NAT Type got changed to ‘Open
How to change Nat type in Xbox Series S
How to change Nat type Xbox Series S

Following the above-mentioned steps should solve your problem. However, in case it’s not resolved, there is one alternate way. Navigate to Network Settings -> Advanced Settings -> Select Alternate port selection and change it to Manual. After switching to Manual, try selecting the second best port prior to the one you have selected.

Why changing NAT Type is important? Does NAT type affect Ping?

Selecting the right NAT Type is highly crucial to enjoying a seamless multiplayer experience. As discussed above, the ‘Open NAT Type’ is the best when it comes to gaming. Selecting the wrong NAT Type might result in lag, ping fluctuations, slow speeds and other issues that will hinder your online gaming.

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