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How to buy games for Xbox Series S (Xbox Game Pass)

How to buy games for Xbox Series S? Can you play physical games on the Xbox Series S?

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Xbox Series S’ popularity has been growing since it came out, and being a digital-only console, installing games might be confusing. New users, who haven’t had a console before, wonder ‘How to buy games for Xbox Series S?‘ or can they use physical discs to install games?

With the rise in demand for digital-only consoles, Microsoft’s Xbox Series S has emerged as the perfect console for budget gamers. 

Series S provides bang-for-buck performance and seems to be able to stay relevant for at least a few years down the line. But with a low storage problem, you can only install so many games on the Xbox Series S at a time.

In this comprehensive guide, we will share all the details you need to know about installing games on your Xbox Series S.

How to buy games for Xbox Series S?

How to buy games for Xbox Series S
How to buy games for Xbox Series S? (Microsoft Store)

You can buy and install games on your Xbox Series S directly from the Microsoft Store or subscribe to the Xbox Game Pass and download directly from it.

You can buy and install games/apps from the Microsoft store at their original price or have a look for offers. 

How to change Nat type Xbox Series S?

Sale offers occur many times throughout the year when game prices are heavily discounted, making it the right time to get your game without burning a hole in your pocket.

Xbox Game Pass has been a serious hit, and it coupled with the budget Series S has been the choice of many. The Xbox Game Pass has three different plans.

  • Xbox Game Pass PC
  • Xbox Game Pass Console 
  • Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

The Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is the best choice for those planning to play games both on their PC and the Console.

The game library itself is a big win for the game pass and added perks like the same-day release of First-Party titles and EA Play for no added cost make it even more lucrative.

All that you’ll get with the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate:

  • Xbox Game Pass for Xbox Series S|X and PC
  • EA Play offering a library of top AAA titles from EA
  • Xbox Live Gold
  • Can access Xbox Cloud Gaming on Android devices
  • Xbox Game Studios titles the same day as release
  • Exclusive member discounts and deals
  • New games added all the time

The Xbox Game Pass Ultimate comes at $15 / £10.99 / AU$15.95 per month.

Does Xbox Series S Play DVD Discs?

No, you cannot play DVD discs on the Xbox Series S as it’s a digital-only console. 

Also, there won’t be any physical changes to the device in the future that will allow you to play DVD discs. 

However, you may convert your DVDs to digital media to use them in your Xbox Series S. This, however, is only limited to movies, videos, etc.

If you have numerous DVDs from the older generation, you can opt for the more powerful Xbox Series X console, which supports backwards compatibility.

Can I buy physical games for Xbox Series S? How can you use physical games on Xbox Series S? 

Despite the actual device not sporting any design change, Microsoft is already planning a way to let games use their physical discs.

According to the report from GameRant, Microsoft is working on a new patent that will allow gamers to validate their Xbox Physical disc on the Xbox Series S via an external disc drive.

No further details have been revealed yet. 

The major question will the game work only when the disc is being verified and used, or can Xbox Series S retain a digital copy of the game once the disc is verified?

For now, backwards compatibility seems to be the only option to enjoy your older games from Xbox One or Xbox 360 on the new Series X|S.

How do you check if the game is backwards compatible? 

  • Step 1: Navigate to My games & apps
  • Step 2: Click on See all -> Full Library
  • Step 3: Click on the Filter button 
  • Step 4: Change the All console types filter to Xbox or Xbox One, or Xbox 360. It should show you all the titles that are backwards compatible
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