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How many games can Xbox Series S hold

How many games can Xbox Series S hold?

How much storage does the Xbox Series S have and how many games can Xbox Series S hold?

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Xbox Series S’ capabilities at such a low price are praise-worthy; however, its low storage does become a concerning factor as newer games are becoming quite space-hungry. With that, there is always that question, “how many games can Xbox Series S hold?” 

If you’re a new proud owner of the digital-only console, worry not; we have covered you.

How much storage does the Xbox Series S have?

With the release of the next-gen consoles, we ‘gamers‘ have the opportunity to immerse ourselves in next-gen gaming at a very affordable price.

Obviously, pc-gaming isn’t going to be replaced any soon, but the cost to get a high-end pc that can run the latest games at a constant high fps becomes challenging. 

Microsoft’s Xbox Series S is a boon to casual gamers who want to enjoy all the latest titles without having to hurt their pockets much. 

However, the console does come under fire for its extremely low storage, which is a meagre 512 GB.

How to buy games for Xbox Series S?

How many games can Xbox Series S hold?

How many games can Xbox Series S hold?
Xbox Series S

Is the Xbox Series S storage enough? Xbox Series S comes with onboard storage of 512 GB, out of which you get only 362 GB to install games and apps.

With games averaging 50-60 GB nowadays, you can only store about 6-7 games at a time, considering that each game stays within that range. 

However, we have seen games such as Red Dead Redemption 2 crossing way over 100 GB. 

Additionally, the Forza series, the newest Far Cry 6 and newer AAA titles easily push beyond 70 GB of space. In such cases, the number of games that the Xbox Series S can hold gets ever lower.

The numbers in comparison to that of Xbox Series X seem highly underwhelming. 

How to change Nat type Xbox Series S?

Xbox Series X comes with 1TB storage, and you get about 802 GB of workable space, which is sufficient on its own. 

So, in a way, we can say that Microsoft has put a leash on the Xbox Series S’s full potential. 

If you delete any game on Xbox Series S that you’ve purchased, will you have to pay for it again if you want to play it? 

Well, new owners who jump into the console ship for the first time often wonder if they delete any purchased game, will they have to pay for it again to play it?

The answer is absolutely NO; you don’t need to pay for it again. Once you’ve purchased the game, you own it. You can delete it anytime to make room for other games and install it later.

Xbox Series S Additional Storage: 

One another way to increase your current storage of the Xbox Series S is to install the Xbox Seagate Storage Expansion Card, which is specifically designed for Xbox Series X|S consoles.

It’s the best bet to make room for additional games without compromising on the seamless performance of the newer high-speed SSDs under the hood. 

Obviously, there are other third-party USB external drives; however, the performance won’t be at par, chained with the fact that these drives might not even support all next-gen titles.

Xbox Seagate Storage Expansion Card’s performance is identical to the one inside, giving you a hassle-free experience dealing with any next-gen title.

But it comes off a bit costly at $219. The expansion card is almost as much as the cost of the Xbox Series S ($299). 

So opting to buy this one is like buying another console with a slight discount, which again comes with the question, “is the upgrade worth the cost?”

We suggest not spending an extra $219 for an external drive but rather playing a few titles at a time. Once you complete some, you can make room for others.

You can save the extra amounts from getting the more powerful console, Xbox Series X, which is a true 4K console.

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