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Why did Cristion Cole Kill Joffrey Lonmouth?
Why did Cristion Cole Kill Joffrey Lonmouth? (Image Credit: HBO Max)

Why did Cristion Cole Kill Joffrey Lonmouth?

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Why did Cristion Cole Kill Joffrey? One of the most asked questions from the fans after the conclusion of The House of the Dragon Episode 5 is Why did Ser Criston Cole kill Laenor’s boyfriend, Ser Joffrey Lonmouth, in the Royal Wedding?

Well, if you are also looking for an answer, then luckily, you managed to land on the right page. This article will explain the motive behind Ser Criston Cole killing Ser Joffrey Lonmouth.

Why did Cristion Cole Kill Joffrey Lonmouth?

At the Royal Wedding, When Rhaenyra Targaryen and Laenor Velaryon were performing the traditional waltz.

Laenor’s boyfriend, Ser Joffrey Lonmouth, prior to the dance, had informed him about the secrets of Rhaenyra, that he and Cole had intercourse with one another; as Rhaenyra knew Laenor’s secret that he is gay, so Lonmouth thought of informing Laenor about hers. 

But here, Joffrey Lonmouth made one mistake. Instead of keeping these between them, he provoked Ser Criston Cole about his and Rhaenyra’s relations. 

Joffrey points to Cole that he knows about his and Rhaenyra’s secret affair, and Joffrey also adds that just like Cole and Rhaenyra, he is also special to Laenor. 

So both should protect their partner’s secrets, so they don’t endanger them. 

Later on, Daemon also arrives at the Royal Wedding and takes his chance to impress princess Laena Velaryon. 

Soon Daemon gets an opportunity to confront Rhaenyra in the middle of the waltz and asks her if this is what she wants.

Rhaenyra challenges Daemon, telling him that if he loves her so much, he should slay all of her father’s Kingsguard, take her to the Dragonstone and then marry her.

As Daemon initiates to smooch Rhaenyra, Cole sees this and moves in to stop Daemon, breaking a fight between Laenor’s men and Cole.

Laenor’s boyfriend, Ser Joffrey Lonmouth, comes to save Laenor, but then Cole beats Joffrey Lonmouth to death till his face becomes completely unrecognizable. 

Why did Cristion Cole Kill Joffrey Lonmouth?
Why did Cristion Cole Kill Joffrey Lonmouth? (Image Credit: HBO Max)

As Joffrey Lonmouth dies, Laenor crawls over to his body and screams.

Later, the marriage party was called off, and a private ceremony was held where Rhaenyra and Laenor were married.

Ser Criston Cole now thinks of killing himself with the knife, but Alicent stops Ser Criston from doing so.

We will see more of Criston Cole in the upcoming episodes and seasons, as he will be one of the most important characters in the House of the Dragon during the Dance of the Dragons segment. 

Now, why did Criston Cole kill Joffrey Lonmouth? The reason behind that is that he was a ticking time bomb since the day he slept with Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen. 

First, he tries to approach Rhaenyra Targaryen in Episode 5, telling her to run away with him so both can get married outside the realm and live happily, but Rhaenyra doesn’t agree to do so and laughs at Criston. 

Later on in that episode, unknowingly without understanding the context of Queen Alicent Hightower’s questions, he revealed the truth to Alicent that he had slept with Rhaenyra. 

Later on, seeing the woman he loves getting married to some Laenor and Joffrey coming to provoke him further by again poking about his and Rhaenyra’s relations, he was a ticking time bomb. 

Why did Cristion Cole Kill Joffrey Lonmouth?
Why did Cristion Cole Kill Joffrey Lonmouth? (Image Credit: HBO Max)

Hence, when he went to save Rhaenyra from Daemon and Laenor intervened, he thought of beating him to death as he had enough of kingdoms, realms, and politics. 

He had so much anger inside him that he beat Joffrey’s face to the pulp until it became unrecognizable. 

Later, with all the humiliation, killing a knight, and losing the woman he loves, he thinks of killing himself with a knife, but Alicent Hightower stops him from doing so.

Alicent will bring Criston Cole on her side to raise her firstborn son Aegon II to be the King.

Plus, Criston Cole will also have a purpose in the series as he will be fighting from Aegon’s side in the Dance of the Dragon, i.e. the Greens, aka the queen’s party, the loyalist of House Targaryen who supports the ascent of Aegon II as the ruler of Seven Kingdoms. 

Not only that, Ser Criston Cole will personally place the crown on Aegon II Targaryen after he takes the crown and will also be at the hand of the King of Aegon the second. 

Later, Ser Criston Cole, for his service to the crown and Aegon II, will be known as Criston the King Maker. 

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