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Once Upon a Small Town Episode 3 recap and ending explained

Once Upon a Small Town Episode 3 recap and ending explained

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Episode 2 ended with the cliffhanger ending of Han grabbing Ahn’s hand after their struggle with the local thief. With the thief in custody, we have more drama between the pair in this week’s “Once Upon a Small Town Episode 3.”

The drama has been amazing so far and provides a fresh refreshment, and we hope it to get only better from ‘Once Upon a Small Town Episode 4‘ onwards. With that being said, let’s dive into the recap of today’s episode.

Once Upon a Small Town Episode 3 Recap:

Once Upon a Small Town Episode 3 recap
Once Upon a Small Town Episode 3: Dr Han (via Netflix)

Episode 3 begins with Ahn and Han at the police station with the thief. We come to know that the thief is Ju-ho’s friend (Gi-taek) and is a resident of Maejong.

He reveals that he would stop after 200,000 won, and he did it to buy a gift for his girlfriend.

They took the appropriate measures, but things got heated up when the women’s association members came. 

Choi Se-ryun didn’t leave any chance to have her go at the Gi-taek’s mother since she is one of her staunch rivals from Maejong town. 

Se-ryun even requested Dr Han to punish Gi-taek; however, he declined as nothing was missing from his house.

Once Upon a Small Town Episode 2 Recap and Ending Explained

Seeing his kind gesture, the thief’s mother insisted he shift to Maejong. The conversation soon moves to Han finding his love in one of the two towns, which erupts in a fight between the two parties.

Irritated by all this, Han stops them by saying that he already has a girlfriend and has no plans of settling down before storming off the police station.

Ahn follows him outside and asks him why he hates the town. He tells her he hates Huidong, has no fond memories, and just wants to have some boundaries.

The scene shifts to Sang-hyeon and Ahn talking about their memories at the cafe. Ahn mentions about not reminding her time in Huidong. However, the former manages to brighten her mood.

Once Upon a Small Town Episode 3: Ahn and her mother

Han runs into Ahn the following day, but she gives him the cold shoulder.

Ahn’s life hasn’t been easy since her mother abandoned and hasn’t seen her. Han, on his way, happens to tumble upon Gi-taek’s mother and Ahn.

He overhears the conversation regarding Ahn’s mother and feels bad for her. Ahn leaves after seeing Han, but he follows her in his cycle and offers to give her a ride, but she refuses.

Han visits the cafe and meets Ahn, who is there to help work at the plantation. Han gets involved in working with Ahn on the plantation, but she continues to tease him in a friendly way.

Han realised his mistake in his previous speech about boundaries and asked Ahn to stop her teasing.

 Ahn had a good laugh and told him to rely on her till his stay in Huidong.

After work, Han reveals that he came to meet Sang-hyeon about his grandfather’s truck as he didn’t want to ask Ahn to avoid misunderstanding.

Once Upon a Small Town Episode 3 Ending Explained

Ahn points out offering Sang-hyeon’s truck to Han, which he wants to get rid of. However, the former charged 10 million won for that, and we get to see funny banter between the two parties.

Finally, Sang-hyeon decided to close the deal at 4 million won. 

Ahn revealed that Dr Han was her secret friend from her summer break when they 12. She explains her reason to Sang-hyeon and asks her not to get riled up over nothing.

Once Upon a Small Town Episode 3 ended with Ahn pondering over Ahn’s question, “And who do you have to rely on?”

Once Upon a Small Town Episode 3 is available for streaming on Netflix.

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